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Aww butterscotch! Well, it was good while it lasted, so thanks for doing it for as long as yall did!
You'd think she'd have noticed earlier, what with the scorch marks and burning clothes and such. SILLY LADY.
Aaaaw yus, things are about to get REAL
Fffffwhaaaa-- THIS JUST GOT REAL. :o Goodness, those dudes are like the Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Sketchyville!

Also hello nice layout, how are you today.
Heeeeeeeeee, you are so sneaky there, Ninja! Soooo sneaky! :D

Oh geez oh geez this is INTENSE let me tell you! Oh geez!
AHHHH DL IS TERRIFYING. Hold your breath until you pass out, Alex! IT'S THE ONLY WAY. AHHHH.
Hells yeah Biotechnology! -highfive- But it's kinda a boring class, actually! We're, uh, looking at yogurt now. Bluuh.

GLORIOUS. AND the three best characters, to boot! What an anniversary indeed! Good show. -golfclapgolfclap-
Dang that's a mighty fine sword.
So hey, Alexander is now my second favorite character. FACT.
That's...that's /ridiculous/. xD Thanks so much! -highfive-

And I'm good with this resolution, thanks! -now has it as her desktop-

Edit: ...Several hours later, I now understand why there's a cactus in the picture. @_@
...Well that's just about the most badass thing I've seen this week. o_o
1. 1680 x 1050
2. Safari...And now you all hate me.
3. Naw, I got a scroll bar.
4. No preference, really. S'all good.
5. Snazzy!
6. The first font is good.
7. Ninja. He's ever so versatile!
8. I dunno...
9. Sometimes between the two main chicks...whose names I don't know. @_@
10. I know the writers! HI GUYS.
11. Really nice! It's vurry pleasing to the eyes.
12. Is that a new layout I detect? Ooo, things are looking good...
13. Sometimes I dunno what's going on, but that's okay! It's still an enjoyable story!
14. S'all good.

I would like a picture of a pathetic-looking bunny rabbit, with maybe an owl trying to EAT IT :O. Or Ninja trying to be a bunny rabbit! Basically I like bunny rabbits is what I am saying here. Whichever you choose is fine, and black and white is fine too! =D Awright.
Mission...COMPLETED. Then imagine Commander Khan from Elite Beat Agents going "YEAAAAAH!" and giving the thumbs up sign.

Oh, Ninja. You so crazy! =D
Why must you make Ninja so adorable all the time? I mean REALLY. It's unnatural! Just look at his bedtime hat! Ridiculous! @_@

Marvelous job. -nodnod-
That is the most intense car I have ever seen. AWESOME. -highfives-
Oh nooooeesss, Pyrooo~! DON'T DIE, KAY? CUZ THAT WOULD BE LAME.

Anyone else freaked out by that little kid in the second to last panel? It's like...It's like he knows all your secrets, and judges you for them. ;_;