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Happy Birthday
She's holding out for a hero!
Can't she regrow her limbs or otherwise reform her mass so that she's got those lost limbs again?
Panel placements
The lower half of the page with the 2x3 small panels are placed so that I am inclined to read "At least everything makes sense now..." before "I could say the same for you..."

I suppose I never really learned the right way to read manga style panels...
@DarkmasterN: No need for consistency in chaos
It seems to me to be quite inefficient that they would need to re-merge to gleam information from an offshoot.
Are they unable to control and receive information from it without physical contact (or close proximity)?

For example like a wireless camera.
Flag, no flag
I think there's a small consistency error between this page and page 4 of the same chapter.
Reading direction
The last few weeks, I've been confused as to whether the reading direction for the panels is left-to-right or right-to-left...
Fake Shakespeare Book
Wow, to think that William Shakespeare used a printing press!
And spelled his own name wrong, among other typos...

EDIT: Or could it be that those f's were the way to spell it?

EDIT 2: Was the spelling standardized at that time?
Oh, she didn't nom a metronome
Heh, Laila gobbled up an electric guitar.
Will she eat one of those metronomes too?
Barrel (roll)
It seems like the contents of those barrels are flammable.
404 - Page not found

Ayaka Not Found