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O F to the B
I like video games...sadly I am stuck with N64, so I must be content with getting schooled in all other forms of higher gaming by my good friends who never fail to rub it in my face (luv ya guys!).
My life basically revolves around two things...God and Music. If you've never expericenced God, you need to. Period. If you've never experienced've been living under a rock. Oh, yeah, my family's important to me too. Almost forgot about that. Oops.
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    Olivia from Bolivia
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ohhh the desperation of the small child in fear for his life
and i was gonna have a thought bubble above jeff (the blonde one) saying "oh, imma kill you so BAD"...but i didn't really feel like that worked. meh
you probably won't get this unless you've actually heard the song. It was listed as #1 on VH1's top 100 most awesomely bad songs. I grew up on this, so i adore the movies-or-books-you-used-to-love-but-watching-or-reading-them-now-you-realize-they- suck way.

ohh childhood.
why is wolverine not being plagerized???? i demand a plagerization of wolverine!!
i realize that this should i put this.......bad. but i'm on vacation and i'm putting off writing a paper, so i think this is fairly decent for google images and paint. eh? eh?
(oh, and pay no attention to the new avatar that i was able to find while making this crappy comic. i spent more time on that than the comic itself...heh heh heh)
i love her reactions to his rantings, first it's the *gasp!* i'm getting yelled at by a stranger! then it's the *tear* my world has been shattered.

it makes me chuckle.
haha, the fraction's illegit babies was a nice touch.
haha, the only one i got was zelda cuz...never mind. but hilarious nonetheless

oh skala, you make me chuckle
That's amazing! At first I didn't get it, but then I read the article...favorite lines include:
He said Boll, 41, had told him it was just a joke, a public relations stunt.
~"Then he started beating the crap out of my head," he said. "I think he's a jerk. This might be PR but I don't want to keep getting punched in the head."
~"It was my Jedi mind trick to try and disorient him."

You'd better watch out...he might be after you next!! Rofl
Screw it all...I'll try and get a newer, bigger version up. Bear with me.

Okay. So I had to do more reformatting goodness, but now at least you can see the words.

please disregard the fuzziness of the coloring and all that jazz.
I LOVE that movie!!
I just watched that with the Karow boys!
What is this?
Do I see the Superman "S" on Craig's shirt? (Slightly obscured by the ammo belt across his chest) Did I get one?

And I still hold that it is the Burning Bush of God.
i love the expression of glee on jake's face as he holds up the horse genetalia
aha! i found them! where's waldo...?
and another thing...
i wish they had a "win" button on all controllers. panel two is genius.
and i see Gabe in panel four...he's to the right of craig? (well, our left..his right). where is tycho? he's with waldo, isn't he. i knew it. cheating sonofva
more room for...............thoughts...?
okay, call me a nerd (this fact has been accepted) but did you intentionally use fibbonacci numbers? i count 1,2,3,5,8,13. i'm choosing to ignore the 21 and 55...cuz i'm not sure if they're actual fibbonacci numbers...
technically i'm a 'she' and drugs give me hives.
you can never have too much coffee....
i personally love the first line...heh. baby jokes. correlates nicely with the newest robandelliot comic.
i love it.

ps...i ADORE House. I feed off of the sarcasm.
Yes, I know...
I know there are some issues with this one, but it was my first time with da Photoshoppin'. Panel three's gradient is...well let's just say I'm working on getting better.