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i want to but i dont know how. i rlly want to, im a mess im sorry
being a confused alcoholic weirdo n mess that doesnt know whats going on just like quinn i feel complete tbh
what happened? who squeezed and who squeaked? daniel noticed louis was having bad thoughts again so he squeezed and louis squeaked? idk
October 23rd, 2016
im listening to okay by slow hollows n it suits this page?? idk maybe.
is naith the hot dog cook? lmaoo
October 4th, 2016
is Pas talking about furries. i stg lmao.
October 4th, 2016
aww so focused on consent, i need someone like this! im always asking if people are comfy/uncomfy, or having or not a good time and such, and people are always asuming for me and never ask, rude :/
September 3rd, 2016
ahh "im okay" is not easy to say either, specially to the one u love! idk what more to say tho but i fucken love this comic
August 28th, 2016
thanks for answering June! hm i dont think its obligatory but if it doesnt hurt to put a warning id put it! or at least put Pas's age in their character about. in my case im really uncomfortable with gore so every movie, series, comic etc that i watch i look up its description to see if it has any, i think everyone with triggers does that so it should be fine with just putting the age in the about or just a lil warning wherever if u want.
August 27th, 2016
awww i hate big age gaps like this!! but Pas seems so nice so hopefully it'll be nice but.. hh aw
this got me fucking emotional im crying. im usually p emotionless so what the fuck. i feel like louis is gonna cry because of conflicted emotions. idk i should go to sleep gg
August 17th, 2016
FFuck, with bailey and gannet i was like 'wow im gay' but with jamie its like '!!!! WOW!! IM GAY!!!!!!'. also i want to look like him. Trans Icon, Trans Inspiration.
gay boys in nature thats my!!! type of shit! reminds me of this post i rebloged not long ago: ster
i hope we get to see baby gannet up close he must be so cute............
he... hes straddling him. louis's face. im dead goodbye.
March 20th, 2016
awww sooch's face on the forth panel is so cute and sleepy and clueless <3
March 13th, 2016
hmm i think i know whats going on.... i dont wanna say anything in case it spoils anyone. but maybe its obvious tho lmao.
February 27th, 2016
i just began reading this comic and i love it so much, its so original and the art is so nice!! im really in love. i specially really love this page because i relate a lot to it. could i upload it to tumblr if you haven't already? if u have please link me and i'll reblog it from there! i'd obviously credit you, by putting a link to the comic itself. if you are not comfy with it its totally okay tho!
and keep it up with this amazing comic :)