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isume rosea
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i wonder how alexe's sister is going to react once she knows about andrew having the seal off trust
they both seem pretty apprehensive about this now.
i jusst started reading this book an i love iti hopr i will be able to read more of it
@potatoe1988: I agree he could have played it off really well but insted he was just like mom get out ma room im trying to figure out my sex life
this is one of those rare cute momments thats mixed in with all the awkwardness
andrew you have to get the seal

jake you have to also so now is not the time for you to be a stuborn pain in the ass
so many questions
ijust started reading this book and i really like it alot.

why were falko's eye blue?
who is the woman in red ? i get a red riding hood vibe from her

so many questions this story is sooo good i really cant wait to read more of it
well that eexplanation would make mme want to get the seal
isume rosea
July 16th, 2016
oh i wonder whats going to hapen

i really want to read more
i had a feeling something bad wasgoing to happen an i was right kylee an need to just kiss an ake up literaly this love fest needs to start soon
i love this page
isume rosea
June 23rd, 2016
from panel 2 down is really funny
welp your a litle bit fucked

might wanna come up with an extremely good explanation barry quick

(heheh barry heh cause hes the flash ..... no... wellll uummmm *cough* i uess this joke waas too funny for you to understand)
i feel like he is goin to break a bone or something
i thought you said you had neighbors?
@SerenityBaby: if you told them that kae would porbable blush.
inori would probable just look at him with a slite blush an a smerk on his face.
i think she just officialy snaped
his face is just screams nervous snd slitly scared
im getting a sence that engel is top dog around there
isume rosea
June 19th, 2016
there the cutest cuople ever sadly i enve them