TacoMisaki (SuperBatachuEvan)
Mayor of Evanville, owner of Evanville comic.

I own the youtube channels SuperBatachuEvan and SuperBatachuEvanGaming... I just got into reading comics and my favorites so far are Stupid Adventures in Nintendo Land, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Saga and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Victory Fire.
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Guess who's back
back again
Kenshi's back
tell a friend
Question: Do you watch "It's always Sunny in Philadelphia"?
Taking triggered to the next level, damn.
He's Cosmo
You never know what he's gonna say next
He's Cosmo
"All I know is that I'm wearing a shirt and pants!"
I love the new comic profile picture!
Waggly needs his beauty sleep!
What kind of cookie? Chocolate chip?
Chrr chrr chrr!

Translates to: Always happy to see an update :D
My bet is that most citizens are in the basement floors of Wigglytuff's guild. We've seen pokemon sheltered in those floors in Sky.
Wagglytoof: Do you know the Wigglytuff from Explorers of Sky?

NeatoranMale: What is your opinion of all the Mystery Dungeon games?
Down they go
down the rabbit hole