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I love your comic so much please never stop im so in love with their love
I love how Kylee is starting to use the words like "yer" because he spends so much time with Kimrick and others at the farm, that he develops similiar ways of speaking
It's a detail but oh my god i adore it
Thank You. I really didn't mean to offend anyone. Im really sex positive and would never shame anyone for wanting to have sex and/or not. All that matters for me is the consent and communication with your partner.But you are right about the tumblr hate. Despite everything i really like this website because i could express myself in queer culture in a ways i couldn't anywhere else and im grateful for that. But as you know about "the ace discourse" on tumblr well... Do i have to add anything? Once i saw a discussion about not wanting to date ace person just because you can't have sex with them and it matters to you makes you a shitty and worthless person. So yeah. Not cool
@CatPerson: Oh no, no. Sorry love i didn't mean to make you feel that way.That was not my intention. Im really just speaking for myself that for ME sex is really important in a relationship. But i don't believe it should define anyone worthiness. We should never shame people for having and not having sex. Not wanting to have sex is just as valid
Maybe some people that are ace can still enjoy sex. Like yes, some might be sex repulsed but some may not feel any sexual attraction but still enjoy a psychical act? Just like with masturbation? Im really not sure but i guess we'll see. Im sure Maria will never do anything that she doesn't want. And will never force anything on her. But still i wonder how is it going to work out?
Ah! Im so curious about what's going to happen!
Especially because im a lesbian and i can't imagine being with someone who is asexual. I fully support all the ace's but i know we would have different expectation about our relationship and i would never ever want to make someone i care about uncomfortable. Sex is important part of a relationship for me (please don't start the hate but that is true, it's not the only thing but for many people it's still a huge part). We are of course all different and im not saying relationships like that are always going to split but mine definitely would.
I wonder how they manage to make that work. Communication is the key!
March 20th, 2017
Nothing helps better at making up from a fight than joint :D
Plus it's really bonding. Hope that helps.
Maybe they will be able to overcome the awkwardness and continue their friendship?
But im so curious how the hell are they gonna become a couple? Like i have no idea where this is going and it's stressing me out. Just want my babies to be happy.
Thanks for the amazing page!
You are such an amazing person and inspiration for me. Im not trans but cis lesbian living in a really homophobic country so im constantly afraid that someone will hurt me if i say too much or something like that. It's so tiring. But Your story never fails to make me smile and remind me again that IT GETS BETTER. It really does. Thank you so much! Go Rain! I will support her forever
November 23rd, 2016
Hi! Im reading Your comic for a while now and I thought it's finally about time to comment. I just wanted to let You know that You are doing an amazing job, and im so thankfull and happy to be able to expierence this amazing story. I fell in love with the characters and Your drawings are just so perfect. As a lesbian living in the really homophobic country people like You making comics including lgbtq+ representation realistically is so so so so important to me and it's making me so happy i could cry. I can't wait till I will be able to support You on patreon because im definitely going to do that. I love this page and i feel so sorry for Kuro but at the same time im glad that even after being with this fucker he remained good and gentle guy that he always were in the bottom of his heart and we as a readers can see that now with his interactions with Momo (the contrast You have shown between sex of Kuro and Damien and then Kuro and Momo is amazing). Can't wait for the next pages! Have a great day :D

P.S Im really sorry about my english, still trying to improve my skills ;w;
I love this page so much!
And it made me ship Kim and Russel haha
I really hope that Wheaten will begin to understand Russ a bit more or at a very least they will be able to successively work together
But omg Arco is so cute and excited, he and Brynn are so comfortable with each other. Can't wait for them to kiss! Im curious if they will be open about this relationship once its going to be official

Btw I adore Your comics! Characters are so well written just like storyline and art. I don't think I was ever fangirling about anything so much. You are my favorite artist. I talk about every update with my friends and even if i don't comment often im always checking and re-reading every little thing (In your livestreams my nickname is "Luna" :D) Im so thankfull for Your hard work and creating this amazing world that you share with us!
Also super sorry for my bad english, its not my first language and im still learning
Have a good day :))
I think she is intersex though o:
Im so glad to have her back, hope she will be just fine
Amazing page as always <3