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Hey there! I'm Kai, or aKira on DA.
Not quite sure what to say, but thank you for stopping by!
Sorry for the no page last week! There's um...some things going on. I'll talk about it soon.

Anywhoosie, thank you for reading!!
@SmallCactaceaePrince: I have it on DeviantArt, but life has been a bit unstable so I'm not too sure I can manage it on a third site. But I'll definitely try adding it in those comic listing sites where it has a blurb and a link and all that? Let's see. ^^;
Thank you for reading!
Whelp, Giggle doesn't seem to like questions.

What a simple page to return with, huh.
Well, a day late, would ya look at that.
As much as I love this project of mine, it's been difficult to do with my dumb computer and drawing tablet, and just, ughh... I'm going to save up for a better tablet, but in the meantime I'm afraid I might need to put the comic on hold. Let's see what happens.
Another miraculous finished-in-a-day! Also I really like Apricot over there, what a cutie.

(I'm working on exporting the pages in better quality until I can afford any membership to raise the size limit, please bear with me. c': )
Jeez sometimes it's like everyone tries to suck away my time. Anyway, I had a job interview today, so let's hope I get it! I'm pretty excited about an afternoon job, because then I can work on my stuff every morning as I used to, rather than wake up at six am, work, then return to deal with everyone who's now awake and then try to see if my plans can get through. *sighs*
Oh jeez, this week flew by. I hope everyone else enjoyed it, though.

Thank you for reading!
Wow, I uploaded this super late. But at least it's still on schedule, hahahhhh.

Thank you for reading!
Here we go!

@SmallCactaceaePrince : Oh jeez, thank you so much!! That really means a lot! And one reason may be because I
haven't been able to do much (if any, at all) advertising, haha.