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Hah! I’d recognize that dumb nerd anywhere. It’s... *gets squirted by Darkwing Dude for commmedic effect*
@Marshal Banana: Hah! Clearly! I bet her “wife” must enjoy her “no-fun-allowed” antics then ;-)
Wait, wife? Daughters? Something fun going on behind the scenes?
Woo! I photobombed the GOAT!
@Marshal Banana: Hehe yes you do
For New England!!!!
Not make a stink? Those three snakes have no idea who they just pissed off: all of New England
@tazel: How about some raw mint leaves then? That way you can make anything minty?
*flips up and falls on my back in a coma, much like Peter is gonna do* @_@
Well, so far Nick is having the hardest reaction by far. God help Reece when she goes home alone with him again, now that the whole truth is out.
Five bucks Shelia and Will get into an arm wrestling match even still. My money is on Will!
Unfortunately, I think the risks of being an enchanter are a bit higher than being a normal fur, but that doesn't mean a normal fur cant get hurt just as easily. I mean, car crashes kill right? Enchanters just teleport.
Grammar Error
Lol, first comment on here, and what is it? A grammar mistake. Her last line either has an extra "There's," or is missing a "that."