Here to make Survivor Fan Characters contestants. I may be a crazy person.
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Okay, Bradley, also known as Sgt. Stagg. I know next to nothing about what goes on in the military, but, um, isn't backing out of risky plans to protect you or your friend the one thing you're *not* supposed to do? You of all people should know that.

Oh, my mistake. He's not wearing his uniform.

Brad. Buddy. That should not make a difference.
@SWSU-Master: She'll probably have to kill Eli for that to happen.
Detective Ronin
We've come a long way, haven't we, Brandi Lake? One year ago today, I left SFC15 hating your guts but feeling sorry for you at the same time, because I knew of the inevitable verbal slaughtering that was just around the corner. I never expected it to be as bad as it was.

Yeah, I like Brandi again. I'm happy she redeemed her character, especially since it's her archetype that I root for most often. Come to think of it, that's probably why I came to despise her so much last season.


Brad is not going to have a good next few days. I get not wanting to risk drawing rocks, but I don't know what he expects to gain with this move. By the looks of it, he doesn't look too happy with his decision either.

And what's this? Is that Bowser Jr. pulling a Saionji? Well, it's been nice knowing you. Hope you enjoy the jury. (Little bitch.)


1. Vinnie
2. Thorne
3. Damon
4. Sierra
5. Riley
6. Doris
7. Bowser Jr.
8. Tialayla
9. Bradley

P.S. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Thoooooorrrnnnne.
Willy Wonka must be pissed that they're swimming in the liquid chocolate.
Damn, Vinnie survived the Shane Powers Detox Plan twice?! He deserves the million dollars for that alone.

And yes, I *am* still alive. Thanks for asking.
Brandi's on a hot streak with these predictions. I guess it's time to increase her approval rating.

@Yumichika Time: Not sure I'm going to like what I see, but sure, I'll see what Sierra can do.
*long, tired sigh*

Sierra. Honey. Pick a side, for Christ's sake.
Mozzaratti GranTurismo
Serious question: what purpose did Angelo serve out here? Even as a less positive version of Damon, Angelo didn't bring much of anything to the table outside of being way too open about his personal life, and the times when he's not doing that is just full of him being a second Damon. Angelo was, hands down, the most pointless player of the season.


Man, I didn't even know about Bowser Jr. hiding in the background until after I posted my comment, and I still called it! It's good to be awesome.


1. Bowser Jr.
2. Riley
3. Doris
4. Brandi
5. Bradley
6. Tialayla
7. Thorne
8. Vinnie
9. Damon
10. Sierra
Look at Angelo, raising good points for once! It looks like he might actually serve a purpose in this game after all.

I seriously doubt this note is legit. A real clue on Survivor would be on parchment, not written in the goddamn sand where everyone can see it. It's probably Bowser Jr.'s half-assed attempts to cause drama just because he knows he's safe.

Unless he wants Damon and Angelo out right now...
Nice going, Sie... actually, I don't know whether to blame Sierra or myself for her game seemingly blowing up in her face. I mean, I believed very strongly that Sierra needed to do something strategic this episode and quit playing safe, which she did... until she ruined it in her conversation with Tialayla. So even though I wanted her to do something productive, it doesn't count because she messed up, right...?

Nice going, Sierra.
The greatest editing joke in the history of Survivor Fan Characters. I can't wait until Mario Lanza writes his piece on this!
@Yumichika Time: That's my problem with her. She hasn't done anything. If she doesn't commit to one side, I can't support her.
Well. Sierra has finally given me an emotional response. Too bad that emotion is hatred.
It annoys me how easy it is for people to flip just because their alliance targets someone they like. I'm not a fan of this alliance, but if there is any opportunity for Sierra to fulfill even the tiniest bit of her potential, it's by making the logical decision and taking out Tia.
@Tailslover13: I was more annoyed that they ended the movie by concluding the Ethel Merman subplot in the laziest way possible. Like, you really had to end the whole movie with that weak bit of slapstick?
@Misterjakester: I saw it in a film class in high school. I remember really hating the ending.
TMI, Angelo: 14 (+1) [Sidenote: Nekomaru and NCS would be proud]

That poor, poor doorma- I mean, wolf.
It's the Blood tri- no, we already had that. It's the Blood *Red* tribe. Okay, for real, what's with the sudden red tint? Is a Speedy Comet passing by?

Doris could use some Raine Sage about now.