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I'd say Bowser Jr. was a hero for this, but it's very likely Bonnie has brain damage now. Actually, you know what, GOOD. Maybe when she wakes up, she'll turn into a decent human being.

Also, Eli and Cassidy are making Vickrum noises.
Card games on _____.

Fill in the blank!
Even though I've been off the Sierra hate bandwagon for quite some time now, I'm sorry, but she totally had this coming. I just wish this speech happened a little earlier, when she wasn't my only hope to get rid of her other allies, who are *much* worse than her.
Aw crap, it looks like SWSU handed the keyboard to Barney from Season 4 this chapter.

Also, is Sierra like the anti-Rodney now?
Thanks, Vinnie. You managed to ruin the positive character development you earned from this chapter at the very last second. Had I not have this trusty mind reader switch turned on, I might've had an aneurysm from the sudden change in personality. So thanks again, Mr. Reid.

Oh, and go suck one.
I'm still not too sure that Sierra's going to win this game, but I'm glad to see her evolve into a genuine game player.
You're My Boy, Bleuth!
I was originally worried Damon was going to be the exact same person he was in SFC13, but I was surprised to see him given the Papa Wolf trope to play with. Sure, he was always a nice person, but I wasn't expecting him of all people to be the one to call out Lewis on his bullshit, especially since he's proven to be useless at reforming Iyzebel.

Damon Bleuth is the best, and anyone who argues against it... well, I have no authority to change your opinion.


The stars (my winner predictions) lied to me. Now I'm sad.


1. Sierra
2. Doris
3. Tialayla
4. Riley
5. Bowser Jr.
6. Thorne
7. Vinnie
@Tailslover13: That is a good point. We'll just have to see how this plays out if the plan goes through.
Looks like it's actually gonna be Damon going home next, which freaking sucks. All Bowser Jr. has to do is play his idol on Vinnie and Damon's gone in the revote. Unless, of course, Bowser Jr. decides to be a moron and not play his idol.

But let me just say, I have no idea what Jr. expects to gain from this. At the end of the day, all he's doing is making another petty revenge move, and I really don't think Vinnie's gonna let it slide again, even if he *is* about to save Vinnie from elimination.
And the story of the sisters finally advances! Sadly, it looks like Thorne won't be lasting much longer. At least we got some real human emotion from her for once!
Doris, please. You're not Tony Vlachos. Take the idol off.
HELL. YES. Dungeon Duos is my favorite minigame in the Mario Party series. Thank you so much for making it into a challenge! Now, if you could also make a Pushy Penguins challenge...
@Guest: Seriously, man? Fuck you.
Normally, I'd be annoyed that it looks like Sierra's considering flipping again, but since half of the majority is full of unlikable jackasses, I'm alright with this.
The Stagg Convergence
I had a feeling Brad would do this. Putting his wife first till the very end, I see. You know, despite going into iffy territory these last few rounds, I really like Brad a lot. I was always rooting for him and his wife to succeed, even when Brad kept messing up. And who knows, maybe this will be the move that wins his wife the million dollars.


Now that we're down to eight castaways, it's time for me to announce my top three winner picks!

1. Damon
2. Tialayla
3. Doris


1. Vinnie
2. Thorne
3. Bowser Jr.
4. Damon
5. Tialayla
6. Sierra
7. Riley
8. Doris
Now it looks like Brad has one more chance to play an idol correctly. After one failure and another close call, if he guesses wrong again, I think it would break him.

But who knows? The preview did suggest something unexpected was going to happen, after all.
Vinnie's right, he *does* look like a boy band member. Wackstreet's back, alright!

Speaking of wack, we have to address Vinnie's performance here. Maybe he *did* seriously hurt his leg, but considering he's still holding his own in challenges while in his sixties (which I still refuse to believe his actual age), I think he's just turned into a whiny prick.

By the way, I wonder what it would feel like to use the metal cap...
That's a great social game you're playing, Vincent.
Okay, Bradley, also known as Sgt. Stagg. I know next to nothing about what goes on in the military, but, um, isn't backing out of risky plans to protect you or your friend the one thing you're *not* supposed to do? You of all people should know that.

Oh, my mistake. He's not wearing his uniform.

Brad. Buddy. That should not make a difference.
@SWSU-Master: She'll probably have to kill Eli for that to happen.