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I’m pretty sure Kade is safe this episode. That said, I’m wondering what Derek and Jenny’s argument for keeping him would be after what happened here.
That “shutthefuckupachu” line was much funnier to me than it should have been.
Oddly enough, Mele probably is the most dangerous player in the game. And I don’t mean “she could win the game if they keep her” dangerous, but more like “I think she’s going to kill someone” dangerous.

Actually, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all a big red herring setup.
Holy crap, did Ollie just assault someone? I think everyone on Koko was right to be afraid of him, what a monster!

I’m glad Alfredo has gotten over his pissy argument with Parmesan, but at the same time, I’m wondering whether or not he’s going to mellow out with the other castaways, because that last comic made me realize he can be a real dick when he wants to.
Daredevil May Cry
I know some of us may have, shall we say... complicated feelings regarding Raiza. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t bothered by all of her negative traits. I’ve already made it clear what I think about overwrought whining, and I don’t need to go over it again. That said, all of these negative traits did well to establish her as a character. Comic relief characters don’t usually get a lot of depth, so I don’t expect them to ever become major characters or anything. And Raiza did subvert our expectations, even if at some points she got a little grating. But I can’t get too upset about that because we weren’t really supposed to side with her during her bad phase. And you know, you can’t feel too bad for Raiza. She became a stronger person through this, and she got a boyfriend.


Damn, that sprite of Josh crying is *heartbreaking*. I hope he recovers and doesn’t start acting like Raiza did in this position.

Top 3 (incredibly unoriginal) Winner Picks
1. Derek
2. Jenny
3. Parmesan


1. Jeanie
2. Parmesan
3. Mele
4. Derek
5. Kade
6. Jenny
7. Ollie (+1)
8. Raiza (+2)
9. Josh (-1)
Okay, all my prior thoughts about Parmesan leaving here are out the window. There’s no way they’re going to reveal the alliance this early by voting him in a possible revote. So it’s either Josh or Raiza going out this episode; leaning toward Josh.
Be back in a minute. I have to clean out all the milk I spat onto my laptop.
So there’s valid reasons for both Josh and Ollie to be taken out. Though we still have to consider the possibility of Alfredo doing something stupid enough to sabotage his and Parmesan’s game.
Urgent Message to SFC Discord Users 03315
Mele doesn’t see Josh’s wealth as a factor because she knows someone else who *definitely* has more money than him. Also, why would she vote out someone with whom she maxed out a Friendship Fragment with?
I wonder how Tony feels, knowing the guy he bullied is more successful than he will ever be. I think you can actually hear him screaming and taking a sledgehammer to his TV set from here.
GREAT... AETHEEEEEEEEEEEER! It’s too bad no one was given the opportunity to name the tribe. But this is nice.
Alakazam likes to green egg and ham it.

When exactly did Ollie invade the Discord? I feel like I should’ve known when that happened.
Oh, Ollie can scream now? Has he finally upgraded from Dial-Up?
Jeanie... you’re too innocent to pull that off.
Eleventh! (voted out)
I’m not one to judge characters based on how “real” they may be, but I think her realness is why I ended up liking Allison/CutieCat/CeCe as much as I did. CeCe coming to terms with the fact that she’s been putting on this mask the entire time kind of connected to me in a way I didn’t think was possible. I’ve watched many an internet personality, and it never really occured to me that they could also be playing up their personalities in times of inner turmoil, and I really liked that about this character. That said, I do wish she would’ve seen some more development with this.


That was even more chaotic than I imagined it would be. Probably the most eventful Tribal yet. I might need to reread this a few more times to fully understand what’s happening.


1. Jeanie
2. Parmesan
3. Mele
4. Derek (+3)
5. CutieCat (+1)
6. Kade (-1)
7. Jenny (+3)
8. Josh (+1)
9. Ollie (+2)
10. Raiza

Gasp! Ollie has escaped the bottom spot! Not like it matters much, because all of these people are much better than the earlier boots. But still, progress! Hopefully Raiza can get out of this new gutter as well with her new character development. No more emo moments!
Once again, I am completely stumped. Who do I think is going home? Uh... CeCe, I guess? Whatever happens, I expect it to be chaotic.
@anime9001: You’ve been a day late to all of these. Is this some new schedule you’re trying out?
Well this just shot all of our theories down. Tricky tricky, SWSU.