Here to make Survivor Fan Characters contestants. I may be a crazy person.
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Uh, *horseshit*, Vinnie. You were 45 in Season 2. There is no way that this show's broadcast is slow enough for you to be older than 60 by Season 16. You're lying about your age.

Now that we're done with that tangent, I'm ready to send Eli out the door. Lake's such a disaster that Vinnie has no reason to send him home on an idol play, and besides, with Eli being this clueless in the current situation, why wouldn't Vinnie take out the threat when it's least expected?
God, I hate it when people throw challenges. Hate to break it to you, Vinnie, but since it was *you* who lost the challenge, guess who's further up the chopping block than Lake now?

Wait, he still has his idol. Okay then, carry on with your plans, Vinnie.
This is why your friends back at the police force call you "Dick Gumshoe", Lewis. What, you thought you daughter was the only one with a demoralizing nickname?
It's the Ricco Harbor blooper that never dies, isn't it? He's probably going to live through being eaten, too.
@Tailslover13: Um... "monster"?


...You know, I sometimes wonder what would happen if you met Eli in real life and told him your story. Maybe he'll offer to slave himself for you until he receives 100% of your forgiveness.

Hope you enjoy the next 28 years of your life!
"Not as focused on the edit this time" my ass, Vickrum.

Vinnie's looking an awful lot like Brandi right now. Could someone photoshop both of them in the same shelter together?
TMI, Angelo: 11 (+1)

Also, "Getting his game on"? You make me want to throw down a face-down on you.
Say goodbye, Lewis!
"Goodbye, Lewis!"

Brandi's safe this episode, right? This might mean we'll be merging with ten or eleven people instead of twelve.
Maybe you'd want to try Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock?
Is this Sierra's character now? The Twihard?
@SWSU-Master: The one and only Nico Bizzle the Dino Sizzle.
@Tailslover13: That's great. It starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes and aeroplanes. And Lenny Bruce is not afraid.
Pitiful Therapist
Remember episode two, where we all thought Bonnie had gotten tame? We were dumbasses.

Sarah!Bonnie was my favorite Bonnie. I know, I know, you all think I'm saying that because we had much less of her this season. And that is absolutely true. Not only did she not make the halfway point, but darling Skippy Peanut Butter actually decided to focus on some other people for a change. You deserve a paycheck, dude.

It's all downhill from here.


Brandi and Thorne are gonna GO FOR IT! CONNECT FOOOOOUR! It's so heartwarming to know there's at least one person associated with SFC that knows how to think logically! I mean, not better than me, of course. Everybody always calls on me to make decisions for them, 'cause I'm a god of logic.
(Translation: I'm an arrogant dickcheese)


1. Bradley
2. Vinnie
3. Thorne
4. Brandi

1. Tialayla
2. Riley
3. Sierra
4. Lake
5. Eli

1. Doris
2. Damon
3. Angelo
4. Bowser Jr.

(no change this week)
Plot Twist! It's Clydia again! Once Bonnie found out she was in danger of going home, she called on Clydia to ambush Sierra, and Bonnie took her place while Clydia became the new "Sarah".

...Wait, that was supposed to be a secret? Well, it's not anymore.
Well, now we know which Survivor contestant Thorne's been paying attention to. "FREEZE, ACE!"
I'm putting my money on Eli being the first one eaten by Werewolf!Riley.
@Tailslover13: It's supposed to be Japanese. Judai Kitsune translates to Teen Fox.
@Tailslover13: Call me Kitsune. "Judai" means "teen", which I haven't been for... (*looks at watch*) about five months.

Calling myself Teen Fox at age 19 was a mistake in retrospect.
@Blastoise_FTW: Brilliant idea. Let's give the castaways eye strain and headaches.
@Tailslover13: I think he means it in the mental sense.