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AKA JudaiKitsine, I’m here to make Survivor Fan Characters contestants.
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Hey, You, Get Off of McCloud
I didn’t think I’d ever come across someone that I could describe as “insulting my intelligence”, but here we are. Putting aside the fact that Frysk was exactly as much of a self-righteous circlejerk as Kitsunie was (and it’s only slightly better here since he eventually came to realize it), we already had one blind and/or dumbass follower. We didn’t need two; we didn’t really need the first one, but I digress. And as to that big move he pulled last episode, it may be in character for him, but I just hate it. The only thing it proves is that Frysk is the same smug twerp he’s always been.

Shin: “Mrs. Puff? I think I’m cheating.”


Clarissa > Kasai > Lady Bit > Ernest > Ria > Nolaa > Nayla > Claire > Ethan > Atlas > Sprinkles > Deimos > Frysk > Kitsunie
Shin, going for the Jacques Berger approach.
Out of Business
Look, Kasai was one thing. Him being the perfect submission for one of my favorite games was never not going to make me happy. But Clarissa is far and away the best character of the season. I’d best describe her as Brian Heidik with a soul- she’s running her whole operation like it’s a business trip, but with the added benefit of taking every social cue she’s ever seen from high school and using those to read people. It’s genius, and I’m glad we had her on this season.

But on the other hand, I can’t see myself rooting for any of these finalists. Sagittaria comes the closest to being a satisfying winner, but I don’t think she’s in a position to justify her win. Yessi and E.T. just seem extremely safe, but I’d at least be a teensy more satisfied than I was with Ollie winning. Shin, no. This game is being set up for him to crash and burn at the FTC, he’s not winning. And Frysk... well, we’ll get to him.


Clarissa > Kasai > Lady Bit > Ernest > Ria > Nolaa > Nayla > Claire > Ethan > Atlas > Sprinkles > Deimos > Kitsunie
Coward the Duck
Ria had an interesting transformation out here. It’s not so much the growth arc she got, but rather her “growing” backward into the person she once was, and as a result becoming a bit more cutthroat in her last days, no doubt thanks to Sagi. It was a nice touch on the Past and Future dynamic on this season.

Yeah, I know. I’m super late on this. Chalk it up to kinda running out of things to say.


Kasai > Lady Bit > Ernest > Ria > Nolaa > Nayla > Claire > Ethan > Atlas > Sprinkles > Deimos > Kitsunie
And now for the awful joke everyone’s been waiting for.

Hey guys, E.T. just phoned home. A-hyuk.
“Sagi, doing to me what everyone wishes they could do to me!”
YES. This is what I want from the writers.
Shin has just enrolled in the Chris Underwood Institute for Perfect Gameplay.
I’ve Been Through the Portals On a Lion With No Name
I know SWSU’s taken in a lot of criticism during this season, and I didn’t want to add any more to the lingering negativity, but I also have to be honest in my assessments. I want to say that I do have a high respect for experimentation and willingness to take risks, so there’s a limit to how upset I can get in this write-up. With that said, Atlas didn’t have enough going for him outside of being nice and essentially being used as an extra vote. His background was already explained by Deimos episodes earlier, so there was never any buildup to the big moment, and the fact that he negated all that development by putting the headphones on... look, I get it, I’m sure it makes better sense for the story, but it doesn’t work for me. The whole Atlas/Deimos storyline, in my opinion, was a misstep that I’m not sure could’ve been pulled off well.

Eh, would’ve liked to have seen Kasai in the Cinderella outfit, but he’s already satisfied me enough this season, so I guess I’ll take it.


Kasai > Lady Bit > Ernest > Nolaa > Nayla > Claire > Ethan > Atlas > Sprinkles > Deimos > Kitsunie
I sincerely hope Atlas didn’t just retcon a whole comic’s worth of development. He HAS to be faking it. Watch it turn out those headphones are battery-operated and have an OFF switch.

If he actually did erase his memories, I’m gonna... do nothing because I have no authority over SWSU.
Wohohohohow. Frysk got beat by Yessi. If anything in these last few episodes could delegitimize Frysk’s threat status more than this, I will be amazed.
I’m sorry, we all already knew everything that was explained here. I just can’t see this as some major development.
Even when he’s getting legitimate development with some real weight to it, Frysk still continues to annoy the living hell out of me.
Wow, someone actually kept a Reward promise on Survivor for once.
This is just about the only thing he ever puts effort into. Denying he used to be Kitsunie.
I think that’s actually going to be the title of Frysk’s autobiography.

Frysk McCloud - A Real Friend (superimposed over him crushing robots)
OG (Originally from Ginza)
Alright, cue the obligatory “HE VOTED OUT HIMSELF” comments.

Kasai may have gone out in 9th place, but going right after Ernest was probably the best time for him to go in this sense. He may not have lasted the whole game, but he ended up becoming everything I ever wanted in a Yakuza rep. Now all you have to do is make him wear the Cinderella costume and he will achieve SFC Martyrdom.

So I’m betting that whole letter fiasco was staged. It had to have been, right?


Kasai > Lady Bit > Ernest > Nolaa > Nayla > Claire > Ethan > Sprinkles > Deimos > Kitsunie