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*Wily Coyote Ugly*
Jenny falls into the same category as Derek with me. I get her appeal, I get why she’s popular, but I was personally underwhelmed. Though she was at the forefront for the entire season, I never really got invested in her as a character... until the finale, where she became my personal (and only acceptable) pick to win, and you know what? She blew it at the worst possible time. But I guess there’s no use complaining about it.

*Open Meowth, Insert Foongus*
I think it goes without saying that I don’t like unnecessary whining, which was unfortunately a big problem I had to overcome over the course of this season. And even more unfortunately, someone decided it was a good idea to have Josh be stuck on the SS Wangst’s autopilot mode for most of the second merge. I didn’t like it. However, as weird as this may sound, I will say my opinion of him improved after his FTC performance, where we witnessed him at his most desperate. It was better than what we got from him the previous three episodes, that’s all I’m saying. Still not big on him as a whole, but he’s far from the worst this season.

*Koko, Friends & Ollie*
I’ve noticed that I can’t keep a solid opinion on Ollie to save my life. He started off at the bottom of my rankings entirely for his first few episodes. Then I started warming up to him. Then I started hating him again once I realized he had a chance at winning. Then I realized he actually has been playing a good game and I got over much of my negative feelings for him at the eleventh hour. So how do I feel now? Well, to be honest, no, I’m still not exactly a fan of his. He had a few moments that made me chuckle, but that’s it. Jeanie, Mele and Quickscope filled the comedy roles better. But more importantly, even though it was a major part of his personal growth, I’m never going to get over the fact that he was a paperweight for the first few days. Had he not started out like that, I wouldn’t have been so bothered by him winning.


This was certainly one unpredictable season. I’ll have to think about this ending for a little while longer, but regardless, this is probably one of my favorite seasons.

Here’s a question to the winner: what’s the best way to go about killing somebody? Oh, and I guess Kade and Tony can answer as well, since they’ve had similar experiences murdering things.
I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I won’t be disappointed with Ollie winning anymore, assuming he does. Not sure what the reason for that is, but I can’t lie about it.

Also, wonderful job with Kade’s speech, SWSU. About time the knives showed up.
So this whole journey, the same journey in which you made a girlfriend, will be a complete waste if you don’t win? ...Okaaaaaaay.

Actually, if you ask me, the boys are coming across infinitely better than Jenny is despite doing pretty badly themselves. At least they’re being honest!
Congratulations, guys. You’re about to create the worst combined Final Tribal Council performance in the history of the comic.
Now it makes sense. Those coins were what was making him so wangsty.
Baka Flocka Flame
I came to a big realization over the course of this season. It was that I love Mele’s archetype- the person who’s all smiles despite being very obviously crazy and/or bitchy. Even when her words scared me enough to think she was Ultimate Despair (by the way, wow, did we all fall for that or what?), most of the things she said and did were still very entertaining to watch. Bye-onara, Mele! Save one of your girlfriend’s ice sculptures for me at the reunion!


This Tribal did not make me feel any less tense about the final outcome. I swear, if Ollie actually manages to win, I’M GONNA not do anything, because as a commenter, I don’t have much power.
I think this is where we lose Ollie.
Jeez, with the way they’re acting, Jenny’s name may as well be Ben.
Huh, I assumed most of the pre-jurors would be in the hospital given what happened with Jay.
It’s “renege”, Jenny. R-E-N-E-G-E.
Wish Wish, Bish
Jeanie’s the best character of SFC17 I love her so much she’s my waifu yadda yadda yadda. Yeah, it’s no secret I was also on the Jeanie bandwagon, and this entry was only going to be repeating everything else that’s been said about her and how wonderful she is. So I probably don’t even need to say anything. I could just end the review right here.





It’s taken way too long, but we finally have some character development for the Meowth. It may not have been much, but you know what, it’s a step in the right direction. I hope it sticks.
Well... this vote could go any way. So nothing new.
Damn, Jeanie just got Charlie Brown’d.
That’s nice and all, but... Ollie can’t do a blood oath because he’s a robot. I mean, I guess he could substitute blood for his oil, but that might actually kill Josh and Mele.
The Im-Pastas
I didn’t talk about this often in the comments, but Parmesan and Alfredo were one of my favorite characters/duos/whatever this season. In fact, I liked them a lot more than I realistically should have. Alf is normally someone who would bother me a lot, but the fact that he’s speaking for both himself and his brother somehow lessened his negative qualities. It probably helps that I’ve had experiences with this gimmick in TJ’s series with Amaterasu and Issun, and I loved them, too. The banter between these two, even when one of them was silent, was one of my favorite aspects of this season. Really hope these two get another chance to play.


It’s an all-applicant Final Five this season. Let’s weigh in on everybody else’s chances.

Jeanie: Look, I love Jeanie, but let’s be real here, she’s the biggest Jury threat of the season. Nobody has a bad thing to say about her, and everyone’s taken notice. It would be a *big* mistake to take her to the Final Three, but if for some reason everyone else thinks they can beat her, they’ll deserve their consolation prize.

Jenny: Back when Derek was most people’s winner pick, Jenny was seen as having a FTC loser edit. While some of those traits are still present, I do think she’s the most likely winner at this point by sheer process of elimination. Seriously, no one else makes sense to me, except maybe Ollie- oh, we’ll get to him. While she has gotten some people mad at her what with the whole secret alliance thing, I think she’s made enough friends that her bad moves won’t make a difference.

Josh: It’s not hard to figure out Josh’s position. He has connected with Raiza and only Raiza. With only one definite vote, he has no shot at winning, but he at least seems aware of it. Raiza said last episode that she wants him to keep fighting even if he thought he couldn’t win, and if he’s going to do that by causing more damage, I’m all for it. It may not earn him any more votes, but it’ll probably lift him from this major character slump, at least with me.

Mele: Mele does have a point when she says finishing the game can be more important than how you start the game. That said, she’s nowhere near the mastermind she thinks she is. One move does not make the winner, and all four people basically took credit for that move anyway. With nothing else under her belt, she won’t win the game. In fact, even though I think she’s going out before the Final 3, I don’t even think she has anyone’s vote to win.

Ollie: I have to admit that Ollie has a genuine chance of winning, and no, I’m not happy about it. Seems wrong, doesn’t it? Someone who was basically an oversized paperweight for over a week can actually win the game? Damn right, it annoys me. But he has quite a few votes in addition to becoming such a master strategist who can get himself out of most situations. Then again, he’s made his fair share of enemies along the way. We’ll have to see if the abandoned metal Matt von Ertfelda expy can run away with the win after all.
With all the chaos going on within the majority alliance, I’d actually be surprised if they managed to get rid of Jeanie or Jenny.
Jenny pulls off a V-Consent with Ollie for that lie!