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*Ill-Gotten Rogaines*
Brandi already interrogated Vinnie on how he wasn't setting a good example for his daughter, so I don't have to bring that up here. But still, right? You don't simply forget someone offering his opponents to a hungry werewolf, even if he didn't mean it. It's a shame, because I love Vinnie a lot, but after the countless personal attacks on Brandi and Lewis (even though Lewis deserved it), the aforementioned Kopeii moment, and a completely trivial "strategy" from someone who's capable of much better, what we're left with is a colossal disappointment from one of the biggest icons of the series. Sorry.

*Sierra Alone*
Sierra played a bad game, and that's putting it lightly. But to be honest, not all of it was her fault. It was mainly by sheer coincidence that she always ended up in the middle. Sierra is basically what happens when someone who is too nice for a cutthroat game like Survivor tries to play as hard as they can. What really caused her wishywashiness was her desire to please everybody while playing with Thorne's best interests in mind. That's why she always kept flipping- she thought she was keeping everyone cool, but never realized she was doing the exact opposite the entire time. If she didn't have Thorne to look over, maybe she would've fared better.

*Doe I Kissed*
Yes, we all knew her win was obvious, but I hardly think that matters. Doris wasn't a *great* player, but she wasn't bad at all, either. Having good connections does help you, after all. And yeah, her win could be attributed to the better players leaving earlier in the merge, but it's not like that's never happened before. We always make sure to have a handful of people to root for, after all. Plus, looking at whom she's sitting next to, she absolutely deserved this win.


And with that, this awesome season has finally come to a close, and in its place, we get to wait in anticipation in hope that our characters get accepted into next season. So, how long will we have to wait this time?

I've got a (virtual) Benjamin on the preview comic being released in November. Anyone else want to make a wager?
Probst used witchcraft! For that, he will be burned at the stake!

You know, for as awesome as this was, I think it would be even better if it was the Pringleman genie from Mario Party 4.
Well, that was... underwhelming. All I gotta say is Jeff better have a good exit this season.
"I was able to disguise certain strategic moves as personal grudges. Eli, Lake, Brad, Damon."

"Eli, Lake, Brad, Damon."



Oh, you FUCKING liar! Yes, please take credit for the Damon vote! It was very easy for everyone to notice it was YOUR ingenious idea, as evident by the multiple angry glares you gave Bowser Jr!

I'm gonna enjoy writing my piece on Vinnie...
I hope so too, Doris. I hope so too.
@SWSU-Master: Flawed characters are always better.
Shadow Mario On the Noose
Up until the moment of Angelo's blindside, BJ was my main pick to win. But ever since then, I ended up liking him less and less with each passing episode. It's not just the fact that he was being an immature brat, although that certainly did not help. It was the realization that, for all of the praise we've given him, he wasn't that great a player. Sure, he pulled off some complex moves, which I can respect, but when you get down to it, all he did were petty revenge moves to avenge his father. I'm sorry, but as a strategic mastermind, Bowser Jr. was a letdown for me.

However, looking back now, I will say that the *character* Bowser Jr. is something I can totally get behind. And yes, I know I just called him an immature brat, but you know, all that tough kid talk had some charm to it. I'll admit it, he's cute and enjoyable. He's definitely one of the high points of the season.


To all y'alls complaining about this final vote being predictable, here's what I say to you: it's still not as predictable as last season's final vote.
Hrrrrrmmmmggghhhh... I don't know. My gut is telling me that Doris is the clear winner, but then again, we haven't had a "negative" winner in a while, so she could leave from out of nowhere.

It looks like, yet again, it's all coming down to Sierra. Kill me.
You're PITIFUL, iiiiiiiit's tr-ooh, pretty colors!

Also, since Scott and Iyzebel left prematurely, that means they don't get any money and they don't get to appear at the reunion show, right? That's actually kind of sad.
Aw, and I was just getting used to petty, emo Sierra.

*snicker* No I wasn't.
Kopeii Insurance
One thing I like about the Riley/Kopeii arc is that it's kind of a weird take on the Jekyll & Hyde and Wolfman stories. Riley, of course, is the adorkable nice guy. Kopeii, instead of being a monster, is, to put it lightly, an idiot who's easily swayed by the promise of food. That's pretty funny, although, it also feels a bit too real. The unfortunate thing is that Kopeii will never get his hands on some meat.

By the way, remember when we thought Riley and T were into BDSM? Those were some weird times.


Man, Sierra's going for the jugular now. If she were any old trickster and not... what she is, I'd actually support this.
What's with the Elmer Fudd title? And for that matter, why is it only done halfway?
@Guest: I don't think he'll have a problem with that. Especially since we had a gender-bending character before.
Bye Riley. Thankfully, you won't get to witness your horrible ejection.
Sierra, in the words of one obnoxious Khurainese prosecutor, you need to let it go, and move on.
@Tailslover13: Yep. You're not gonna like my submissions.
See, everyone? Thorne has some decent human qualities after all! But even so, we didn't have any buildup to the reveal, so her heartwarming moment at the Reward is kind of lost on me. If you stay a garbage human being for most of the game with no storyline tying you and your loved one together until one sudden shift, I'm sorry, but that won't work for me. And this is coming from someone who's swayed emotionally pretty easily.


We're down to the wire, guys! That means it's time for my analysis of the Final Five.

Bowser Jr.: The biggest thing that Bowser Jr. has going for him right now is that, to my knowledge, he isn't considered a threat by his peers. It's very obvious to us readers, but I don't think any of the other castaways left in the game see him as a dangerous player, but that might be due to the fact that he's also been pretty arrogant since the merge began. So if he brings only a small fraction of his ego to the Final Tribal, I think he could take it.

Doris: Thanks to her idol, Doris is guaranteed Final Four. After that, I'm worried that she'll be at the top of everyone's radar, but honestly, I think she'll be fine. If it comes down to endurance, I'm very confident she'll have no trouble against an impatient child, an old guy, and a timid wolf who will most likely turn into a werewolf again very soon. If she makes the FTC, I'm certain she'll win.

Riley: There has to be one more transformation in these next two days. When it happens will determine how far Riley goes. Now, if he does manage to make the Final Three, I don't necessarily think it will matter whether he turns into Kopeii or not, as the majority of the group seems to like Riley anyway. But I don't know if he'll get that far. I think his transformation will be at the final challenge, and I think that'll be what makes him lose in the end.

Sierra: At the end of the day, I can't feel sorry for Sierra here. She's been asking for it. Not one move she's orchestrated has done anything to help her game. It's always back and forth with her, like a Survivor metronome. Her best bet here is to get eliminated before the Final Three, but that's only if she's lucky.

Vinnie: You know, I get what Vinnie was trying to do. Pairs have more power when together, so it's best to get rid of them when you can. I get that. The problem is that Vinnie has played one of the worst social games in recent memory. I don't care if you're still bitter about what Lake did, you cannot take your anger out on whomever you please. Vinnie, you're better than this.


1. Bowser Jr.
2. Doris
3. Riley
4. Vinnie
5. Sierra