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Pokemon Fun and Craziness
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No! Not a innocent little Skitty!
Mina! You done goofed!
Oh, Mina, what have you done?
Mina, my baby!
It's my babu! <3

The best way to win
Take my sassy girl, Mina. png

Sassy little Skitty.
That Magikarp looks like it wants to slap someone.
Wait, Sasha is also a girl name?
First panel: Cute little smile
Second panel: deadpan serious expression

You okay there, Static?
She probably thinks that she can hold it over him or something. Yeah, right!
Hobo, what are you up to?
Yes, Silverado, we know you're a god.
Kill 'em and then beat up their ghosts.
Kirby not being able to do anything is really starting to annoy me.
Let's hope nobody thinks that Nick's trying to knock him into the ground or something...
How to get away without doing the job you were forced to do: burn off your arm.