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Yes, Silverado, we know you're a god.
Kill 'em and then beat up their ghosts.
Kirby not being able to do anything is really starting to annoy me.
Let's hope nobody thinks that Nick's trying to knock him into the ground or something...
How to get away without doing the job you were forced to do: burn off your arm.
And we're back! You'll notice some major changes:

- Wheel is now Red-Blue instead of Yellow-Blue
- Jet is now Laser
- Fighter is now Aqua-Orange instead of Olive-Black
- Hammer is now Stone
- Cutter is now Orange-Orange instead of Yellow-Orange
- Tornado is now Purple-Purple instead of Blue-Purple
- Crash is now White-Black instead of White-White

I'll remake the earlier pages at a later date, as well as the title. But for now: Kirbility is back!
Let's see... I'd name them (from left to right) Kiria, Lavender, Haley, and Tiana
Hey, let me just MOVE THIS BUSH real quick!
Volt, why are you so silly?
@Aura flame: It is pretty abrupt in the games, too.
@Aura flame: Don't worry, things will start to be explained soon.
Thanks for the review, especially for the constructive criticism. I know that this being my first (real) try at a comic with a good narrative doesn't excuse its faults, and I strive to improve from what it is now.

Up until now, I haven't even realized that the "mystery" elements I'm trying to convey are actually just confusing moments that lack context. I could say the obvious excuse of "it will be explained later", but I should try to explain more. The characters don't question enough of what they should, yet sometimes they focus too much on another thing.

However, the main problem that I don't know *how* to fix is the placement of the text. Since I am barely able to change how the sprites look due to how terrible I am at it, the character close-ups at the bottom give their only expressions of emotion. If I put the character close-ups and dialog all in one image, it becomes too crowded, even if I did increase the size. But if I don't, you still become disconnected from the visuals above by having to look down at the bottom. And since I lack the artistic ability to instead draw the comic, I have to pick one way to do something even if it it's the best.

Still, thank you for the review. Most of the feedback I get is completely positive which, though nice, doesn't help to improve the faults. After all, if you build a table that tilts but nobody ever tells you about that fault, you're just going to keep building tables that tilt.
@Shard: A *scorching hot* fight?
@Shard: Aw, there's no need to get *all flared up*.
@Shard: What? Are these puns getting *too hot to handle*?
@Snurple-the-Hedgehog: They'd better get *fired up* for a fight
Yeah, we were all pretty sure that Wes would be out there.
Just remember that nobody likes the freshmen. (Even if they do. Because high school.)