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Thank you everyone for reading!
Just remember that nobody likes the freshmen. (Even if they do. Because high school.)
Well, that looked far too easy...
@WiispNightmare: Sorry, but you are not allowed to sue for dying eyes. :P
I couldn't find the old font I used, so I had to download a new one to use instead. And just to be rather odd, this font is called Pokemon X and Y, so that's that.
I'm using a new "starting battle" design. Do you guys feel like it's better than the old one?
I think that they forgot that Pokemon fight each other...
This is how you make it very obvious that you have bad intentions.
Daaaw, Umbry looks adorable! (And actually way better with rings!)
Well, this just got real!
Oh noes it's the bad guyses
What Blaze is saying is that a legendary shouldn't be exploited, but even if that is the case of what happens, Flit will always be safe in the ruins.
We interrupt chapter two to bring you another story!
Just a short one so I can get back into the swing of things. Sorry for no updates!

Also, hey look it's Flit!
Ooh, I'd like a cameo! My character is Umbry, an Eevee who's Umbreon-colored.
To give Lombre and Butterfree some credit, they do look a bit worried in the last panel.
Jen, I'm not sure that stick is helping as much as you think it is...