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Dark Mistress Of The Light
Yes... the pants in the icon are mine. GOt a problem with it? *Shakes fist angrily*
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not to sound nit-picky, but "Have" would be more appropriate than "has" *runs away shouting- "I LOVE THIS COMIC!"*
I have a bunch more to post, I found one's that I made ages ago. But this one's new. Creepy Crawler by ZOmbie Girl. A fan vid for it can be found here since there isn't an actual music video for it.... I's pretty well done too. ^^

Now, I'm sowwy for the bad quality, but I kinda did it as a pen doodle in my ginormous graph paper notebook... so it wouldn't fit on my scanner so I had to take a bad quality pic. XP
How can you not like eet?! The cuteness is burning my eyeeeesss! (in a good way....)
That's friggin hilarious~! You are nto alone. ^^ This is an awesome collab so far. I hope you all keep up the good work~!
Sure. ^^
That'd be awesome! Haha. I dunno If I'll do your characters justice though. O-O
Oooh Ooh!
Next page! please please please please PLEASE! T-T Transition pages are THE WORST cliffhangers EVAR! Loverly art as always... Idunno if I've ever commented before, but I really like your style and the layout and colouring of you pages. ^^ tata~!
Dunno why the other page wouldn't scan properly, but this one did so yea. Her mom has an epic thought process.
Sorry for disappearing on y'all for so long. I broke my promise too. Well, it's blue/green. Because it wouldn't work correctly without altering the colours soooo... yeah.... Another page in about an hour.
I LOVE THE LORAX! Totally the best Dr. Suess book EVAR! Haha. Unless you fail at second languages and your spanish teacher makes you read it in Spanish, then it's really not fun.


I like this page, tree inculded(of course) I can't wait to see where this story GOE~S!
Does that book say "How To Get Rid Of Attractive Strangers?!" EEEEPPPPIIIICCCC! Haha. I love you like so much.

So don't be afraid if you hear your door open in the middle of the night... It's just me... coming to rape you. XD
Moar fanservice~! YAYS! ^^;
It's been done for 3 days except for the last panel, the shading only took 3 minutes (If that) but I just.... couldn't do it xP. And this weekend I'ma have to break my promise again, I'ma be with my Dad's Fiancee's Family about 2 hours from home withut a scanner and small children that don't know about homosexuality so even drawing pages will be hard. T^T

sowwy for the late update
Although according to smackjeeves it's still yeasterday! (gets shot)

I'll try to update another page today, but I couldn't get to a computer to scan this in and resize it yesterday soooo.... yeah. XP
Miri fanservice that you didn't know you wanted!
Info/overveiw of next chapter:

1) Intro of new characters (WOOT!)
3) Funny Things
4)Serious Things
5) Furthering love triangles

Overall, it's gonna be a fun chapter. AND IT'S ACTUALLY GONNA BE LONGER THAN TEN PAGES! YAAAAAAY! XD

Hope you guys look forward to it. ^-^
so I'ma TRY to update a page EVERYDAY (yeah that's right EVERY-DAY) over the next two weeks.

On the note of this page I like the first panel, and the "*brush*" panel, but the rest is meh.

IAnd I dunno why the text in the last panel is so high up, but I'm too lazy to fix it. Another page to be update FO' SHo' tomorrow evening. It's also the last page of this chapter (soooo... that's about 8 pages in this chapter. XD). THe next chapter is gunna be the best, more info on that tomorrow. Till then, Tata~!
Last year my spanish teacher was telling me about how this other spanish teacher dude used "Bizcocho" as cake (cause apparently that's what it's used as in some countries) and these spanish kids in the back of class kept laughing when he was like "I love bizcocho. I used to eat it all the time on my birthday! and stuff" XD Anywho~! (there's a point to this i swear) so he pulled the kids aside after class and was like "why were you guys laughing?" apparently, where aTHEY were from it was used as slang for penis.
~End of storY~
XD So pointless. Love this comic by the way. I'm addicted. XD
Only 7 pages so far. XD
The only thing I like about this page...
Is the second panel. Ignore the rest of it. Also, only a few more pages till the end of chapter 2 (what is this chapter, like, 10 pages. xP)
Another page to be updated tomorrow.
A five minute pencil sketch that I liked to much to ink. XD It's to Nightwish's "Nemo." Great band. Love them (not the new vocalist though. She's sucktastic. xP)
Song can be found here-->