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darlit glitch
Yo, I'm Darlit and frankly, I just enjoy reading a lot.
Might make some comics in the future, might not.

Anyways, I have an DA account called
you can check it out if you want.

My old DA accounts are
I couldn't help but laugh, especially on the internal screaming of ket.

also what's this fusion called?

Also also, Dark are you ok with this?
@D-Ranokai: Maybe. Just in case it does start doing it at some point, I suggest you take the boxes apart and use them to reinforce it.
Dark, how are you keeping his dead body from decomposing? Just curious.
Can someone please get me a one way ticket to the letter 7? I think it's me homeland.

Also I wish I wasn't so late to reading this.
My thoughts:
It's looking pretty good!
Could do with a theme though, unless the simple look is the theme, in which case you nailed it.
I can('t) wait for the glorious shit posting that will be the sevening.
since I don't like soda in general, I'm siding with akuma on this one.
This looks pretty cool.
Heck, I even have an idea for what a classic announcer might say before it kicks off.

Empathy and Simplicity clash to spark up the fires of this match!
well no duh it was pure luck, she practically controls it!
dude's a moron.
yet again, some chilly spacial shenanigans.
anyone ready for some chilling spacial shenanigans?
I have to wonder real quick, what room is shady in?
I don't understand a single thing about it, and yet I somehow find it amusing...
I can always count on these random ass comics to help make my day better.
I'm such a pool for diving for it.
dang it.
And just when i was interested in joining.
But hey that's life.
TBH though, I'm kinda sad to see this go. It was a good comic with an interesting idea.
But maybe one day it will be started back up again by the next generation of spriters.

Also, linky kong, for something like this you need more then just one person updating to keep it going.
@TimeSceo No I don't, I was just surprised I got the reference is all.
@Benkay: The dude that shot him also shot the arrow straight through the chameleon crystal and metal collar that held it, which probably kept it from burrowing in deep enough to hit any vitals.
Main reason why: It bites.