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Hey guys! I'm new here, I'm a Grade 10 student and I'm 16.
I like decorating, baking and mostly drawing (especially in digital)
I'm saving money to buy my own drawing board because I'm only using mouse to draw in my laptop.
Please read my soon-to-be works. Thank you!

I'm a Filipino XD and my co-author is my younger sister (although she only helps with the highlighting of lines when I'm bored) and my other co-author is kalvinie.

Collaboration with my sister and her.

My dream is to publish my own manga here in my country and make it famous around the world where it will turn into an animation from Philippines that is known for the whole world. Well, in my dreams.

If you want to know more about me:
Here's a link to my deviantart account:
You can see different arts and character profile in there but not yet because I'm just starting :33
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    Beatrice Anne DG Rempillo
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Please support us!
Hello! sorry for the very very late update. Me and Mandy are making this webcomic so please support us by rating, commenting, favoriting it~! It's always appreciated.

We also like expanding in Tapastic so we hope you that you also support us there ^^
Please support us!
Many and I are making this webcomic together, please support us by rating, favoriting and commenting it, it's always appreciated! Thank you!
Thank you!
@Kyoko Tsuruga: Thank you so much for the compliment, I wouldn't have done this if it weren't for my awesome co-author Mandy!
Please support us!
Me and Mandy are making this webcomic together. Please support us by rating, favoriting, voting and commenting on it! It's always appreciated!

Reminds me of Junjou Romantica! I can't wait to read it~!
Here comes the ICE QUEEN~!
@kalvinie: Cool! As expected from you hehe :))
Looks like a hot guy is appearing~! <3
AWESOME! Can you tell me what kind of software are you using to draw this?
More...(T o T) BTW love the new banner! ^^
oh yusra
oh yusra! how can smile like that?
It's rushed! and horibble, especially the background sorry kalvinie...everyone
April 21st, 2016
What's wrong Charlie?
Another hot male character! *Q*
Can't wait
This is interesting! Can't wait for the next page! ><
Totally love
OMG, I think it's not infatuation anymore! I'm inlove with Luke!!!!
Art is cool
@Kleddyne: Crappy? It's actually nice and beautiful! I think I started to have an infatuation in Luke <3