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I'm just here to leave me support on the comics I enjoy
Carry on my fellow humans
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*shocked Pikachu face*
this is amazing
the door opened outwards!
that perception roll was fatal
ah yes, arson
it's not Halloween without it! ^x^
I only know one emotion

fudgin knew not to trust the calm after a storm
good for him, he's found his voice
bad for me, I'm scared to death
congratulations for your wedding! ^x^
they're so sweet TxT
thank you for the obvious version
I am very slow XD
two first panels made me burst out laughing for a solid 4 minutes
aw that's too bad, the story had so much depth and though at times it was hard to keep up it was really fun:T
but I wish you luck in whatever else you do/have planned!
this is wholesome
why did you bring everything there you dumbass???
February 21st, 2019
why does Des' face look sorta like this :3c
Kylee emits big dick energy
February 7th, 2019
AH! ma heart
you're so attractive and you know it so please TxT
tag yourself, I'm Coach Anderson
hope you got some strong cologne