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Oxygen? In my lungs?
I don't think so!...i'm panicking
That one pig with its head tilted to the side? Not a fan TxT
No, not that plan
Another one
I'm so nervous i',m feeling sick
Why you do this to meee!??!!?
I really love this dialogue
It's super unerving but yet so good, i don't know what to do with this feeling
Ssshhhh you're gorgeous~ and lovely~
The background is fantastic
There's so much going on but it doesn't look cluttered
Demon eating? That does not sound like a healthy diet
Also don't know if it's weird to say thank-you-for-posting-a-page-even-though-some-comments-are-driving-you-up-the-wall- or atleast-that's-what-i-think-the-thing-was..but thanks~ >_>
This comic has got me really invested and i am absolutly enjoying where it's going, this is great! (I dont comment like at all but jeez is this one long)
All this sounds very hopefull but i'm still feeling hopeless, you have filled me with worry TxT
Also Alfred is an amazing name
Uuuggghhhh this makes me physically sick
February 15th, 2018
This is a good page
This is a really nice great page
You drained all hope from him TxT

Have a wondeful and relaxing trip, hope you'll better!
February 13th, 2018
The link~ XD such beautiful sketch TxT
I love this
There is a dagger floating above my heart and in the next page or so it will stab my heart with no remorse
If i were sitting i'd be falling of the edge of my seat!
February 6th, 2018
Honestly same reaction
The way he ages going from the 4th to 5th panel is heart clenching
I'm just wating to be stabbed in the heart
I can feel it coming and this cuteness won't soften the blade