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I'm just here to leave me support on the comics I enjoy
Carry on my fellow humans
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February 21st, 2019
why does Des' face look sorta like this :3c
Kylee emits big dick energy
February 7th, 2019
AH! ma heart
you're so attractive and you know it so please TxT
tag yourself, I'm Coach Anderson
hope you got some strong cologne
WAIT!!!! *concerned screaming*
these aren't friends
get ride of them
January 14th, 2019
Vicky can charm a city
excluding one
can the doctor come and help me too? i feel my heart has stopped working properly
another golden page for the books
....does that sentence even make sense
December 31st, 2018
I mean he's not wrong :T
Also happy new year to you too!
Happy new year to you too! ^x^
This page is so good but it's so bad, I hope that makes sense TxT
HA! no dicky for you! XD
The smiles~!! TTxTT my heart~
I mean if he was dancing before he had the "life-changing epiphany" then things would be gucci but because he damn well knows he's basically flirt-dancing with Eli this is in the cheating zone
is it friendship??? :D
When you only wanted a hat and now people want you dead¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i like how the child look just mildly irritated in his arms