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i hate it when he trembles like that TxT
just keep doing what you're doing, it's so not good when you get stressed ^x^
15 chapters zombie free, woohoo
could you please rest!!?!? honestly all that sounds bad :(
i thought the page was basically colourless because of the fact Mr Ass Wrinkles was in this page
this boi goes down fighting though
they're so cute! >x<
Ben would definitely get a studio applause and some whistles
also did Ben forget Ethan's name?? XD
@AphroditeB%W: exactly! i see a change, for the better, in the newer(? or so i think) mangas i've read but because of this...formula, it's gonna take time for it to go away
i think that mostly comes from the yaoi mangakas not viewing their characters as people? like i've read a whole bunch of dub-con manga(that wasn't supposed to be but by this point i sadly expect it) and the characters are treated as things who if something traumatic happens they just don't see it as traumatic, it's just something that happened on chapter 3
sorry i sorta went off there >x>
Eli looks gorgeous in the first panel!
Bless Dana's soul
honestly a very sweet and super funny story, it was fabulous!!
Ahhh a good old punch in the heart, thanks i needed one
But you did a great job on the background anyways!
Gosh dang! These boys be like magnets XD
If you just stab him? Wtf would you think would happen!? He'll grow wings??
The 3rd panel is funny to me