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If you're gonna start something you better bring the right weapons, not petty words(also feel bad for Denise)

And yea, you go and beat bronchitis' ass(it doesn't have one but you know)
I pray for him
Sofia is straight done with this
Is the school nurse in to take care of that SICK BURN XD
This is exactly what i expected when i read the title XD
This is slowly bringing me to tears and i can't handle that but it's also close to rage on how Eli was treated
But glob knows i would act the same as him if i were in his shoes
Happy date of birth Katie! Hope you have a great time ^x^
I desperately want her story
Yes 'cause Kaidou is clearly a bald and eyeless figure XD
Why did she have to say it's weird~ TxT
Lightsaber cencorship is what i call that
This was beautiful
@Seve: ....g-good for him....?? (・・;)
So no one knows about Cake Boss yet or~??
So no one knows about Cake Boss yet or~??
Okay these two are too cute but i am absolutly in love with the way you colored the pages TxT
Ding ding motherf*cker
Everybody's hand holdn and that's lovely ^//x//^
@Mccull61: that was lovely and dramatic OxO
Before i even clicked the page i was thinkin 'bout how he's still doing his music video
Now i wish that this was actually a music video so who would have a spare TxT