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"Now what?" More crying obviously, he's crying i'm crying few other readers are crying
This just breaks my heart
I knew that's why i never trusted that door!(it wasn't locked >:( )
The author's breaking my heart Nathan so same
Welp! My anxiety is acting up again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Everything i know of is a lie
Have a nice rest, maybe drink some tea or something :3
I guess running with a crinoline is tiring XD
Please rest well and take care of yourself!
*permanently distressed*
Before the flashback, can we appreciate that hair! Look at that floof!!
"Fucking up Nathan's life" says the 'man' who threathens to beat his family
September 14th, 2017
Don't worry dude, that lean on tree thing is a great move!
Okay, i guess that's a nice reality check but i prefer Eli got it for someone that isn't him
Like a friendly hobo would do
This page is the highlight of my day! XD
Okay, the second panel is nightmare fuel
Really amazing looking nightmare fuel
Last panel is me reaction right there
This man is beautiful in every way
I feel so distressed, so much suffer everywhere
These kids can't catch a break
Oh good he didn't eat it, nasty little hand that thing is