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@zenat: I use back of a tea spoon to lever the lid. Works pretty well most of the time. It just has to have right shape.
I know of an Elf that fooled us all...
I wonder if he'll throw himself at her. Although even if he did I think he would get his ass handed to him XD
'The ability to go full villain myself' & 'Consequences' :D Not good combination if you want to survive XD
Seems that she accepted his challnge XD

@Charil: I'm happy that you and your baby are fine :) I wish you all the best.
You are alive!!! Unfortunately I don't know any artist that could help :( Good luck with finding one though.
Also: Hi Alex :)
It's like in one of those ghost stories. Disappearing cellar. XD
Plot twist: it's not a cave 'for' someone. It's a cave fortress! :D
Congratulations on the new job \^o^/
Good for you :) I think that they are forgetting about psychological damage. Even if she was being prepared to deal with this kind of stuff she already seemed to have some bad memories and now she was teared apart. I'm pretty sure that should leave some kind of mark on a person.
Wow the glasses make Gabriel seem quite a bit older.
@MetalPorSiempre: Do kids need their parents to accept their friend requests on fb?
He must feel like a person that after losing their newest laptop was left with one of those early '90s model. :D
I hope that you are ok.
PS So Gabriel does care. :D <3
@IMONFIREGUY: More people to witness his loss? That'd be bad for him.
@Venalitor: In boxing shorts and with the gloves :D
@wedward45: Yeah. See the door in the bg? I'm waiting for them to slam open and for Dragonthing to come in.
That's sad I really liked King's art. However since I started worrying that something really bad happened (especially when you said that you can't contact King) I feel relieved now. Hope you'll manage to find a good artist for the comic. :)
Is everything ok?
Did the older brother (forgot his name) seem worried on previous page or am I seeing things? Because here he surely looks like he's going to jump on Gabriel with fists.