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Glad you're back
I'm so happy to see a new page from you <3

The real life is more importand than a Comic. But i can understand that it helps to get some distance. Have the same thing with my crafts.

Your situation does not sound so well... i hope you can get anything in order soon.
Don't stress yourself with the comic :)
September 10th, 2017
Yeah long time no see ^^"

Don't know why the quality is so bad. i'll try to fix it
Just like me every mornig XD My hair is sooooo curly but i want it straight X(

By the way Ethan, your "bad" morning hair does not look so bad ;P
When i first saw Ethan in chapter 1 he was not as good looking as the reaper I had in my mind

in the new style he clearly is!!
I like the new hair! And his outfit :D

I can't wait to
Oh and you get better every page^^
what if...
Then he fall down the stairs and momo feel really bad... i hope that my brain just went crazy o.o
Awesome :D
not even he can resist the uniform! can't wait to see where this is going^^
I'm not a fan of Photocomics, but after i try this one i have to say this is the first one i really like and i love it <3

Just have one question. Did i see it right that you can move the eyes?
Sutekh looks sooo cute X)
Can you add him to Charakters please? :3
just want to know more of him^^
I can't wait to see Trevor's reaction to this o.o

By the way. When can we buy the first and second volume again? or will they stay sold out forever? ;(
March 15th, 2016
Page 24
So i got my motivation back, here you go with page 24 ^^
March 8th, 2016
Page 1
Page one... let's go
March 8th, 2016
Page 2
Here you go with Page two
~minecraft bowl~