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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday David

Yo Ho Ho an' a bottle of appletinis
Oh yes..
Oh yes, that's a Pangolin...
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The Guysiedogg Quote
Wondering how Guysiedogg got himself quoted? check it out. I felt it was too good a line not to use.
Page number
That's supposed to be page 9... I forgot to edit that. Oh well. Page 9 not 7.
text in [text] brackets is translated to english.

If you can't read what the one with the white hand is saying, he is saying this:
bubble 1: "My servant is dead, i have not attained another... You interrupt my ceremony, wolf father, with your howling.. I am set with an elder flame, not you.."
bubble 2: "You speak my true name? I know yours as well, Lychan Strangecastle, pity you are just mad wolf father now, your true name means nothing without an elder flame."
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If anyone doesn't remember who Julianna is, go to page 1 of 'Of Lutes Unstrung and Songs Unsung' and read a few of those pages.
Why thank you, it's nice to get comments like this, makes my day!
I thought it was good. The first drawing of Gallus became the 'Skeletons are full of lulz' drawing because of the pose, didn't seem like it would be on a poster. Then I did this one.
dude.. Our comment convo is essentially a shoe talking to a fox
Nice to see yer back ter postin! Tara looks pretty cool in that first panel. I like it
Leo Rocks
I'm so glad I was right next to you as you designed these characters.. elaborating to me their secrets.. But worry not, for I shall tell no one! Lest you find out something about Waterhorse eventually, since I'll most likely need you to help me once or twice... haha
Foot sword
That foot sword looks paaaainful.. I like this progression in the comic, with the mysterious cure..