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I like yaoi and... Yaoi X3!
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    Tsurai Tsumi
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Oh, gosh, Helios and Selene, and Eos too! They're so cute! This page is awesome! I love what he said!
Really like it! Would love to see more of this and to know more too!

Thanks for sharing!
My poor Herzchan! He's so cute even in this situation D':! Hope his bro can fix him~</3!
Don't know if you are overdoing it with them but I love gettin' a overdose of Herz! So~ keep going girl ♥!
I'm one of the bad guys who never comment, but I want more of Herz-chan D: He IS SOOOO CUTE. You really should do a comic for him only ♥. And I want more pages, and more often D:, maybe that's why there are fewer comments. This happened to me once, with a story I was writing; I was late with the chapters so fever persons comment on the last chapters D: It's horrible. Keep going! See you later :).
I LOVED THIS STORY! Need to be more like this, please do it ;3;~♥! I love this couple, and thank you!
Genderbender and romance, two words awesome together 83333, I'll be waiting for the next page~! Haruhi is really cool and Minako too, so sweet :)