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Oh Really!?
That's too bad... It feels like the ending just cut off...

Well, it's still a very incredible story, and such beautiful art too. I really like this one!
Please, continue to make wonderful pieces like these in the future!
Wait so... the princess is having a incoherent dream for the moment?
Does it still signifies something in the future?
Hi! It's been a while since I comment on your comic here!

It's a cool twist with the prince.
He gets more scene time now.
I wonder what happen to the weird uncle...
This scene is really cute!
The giant's expression!
It's really good.
I just learn this by studying this page but it seem so much better to have simple poses in serene scenes like this.
Wow amazing perspective!
By the way is he the same giant from when she first arrived in that country?
I've been meaning to ask, is he an relative of her?
(I hope it doesn't seem stupid, I might have missed some information...)

There was a page awhile back about them looking at a family portriat.
Oh, Look ! She befriended the mouse!
The cage looks uncomfortable.
Is the princess wearing bandages on her head?
Another great pose and expression!
She's starting to look more anime-ish.
I love her expression here.
She looks fine to me. It seemed like she had been starving for a while though.

The guard looks like he's been asleep on his job.