Hello, I'm De-Lerias. I make comics and do a variety of digital art. I currently have a job as a photographer and am working on converting a bus with my spouse so we can travel doing our job without actually leaving home. Other than that I'm into tea, anime and comics.
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This is far from over....
Sneaky lil...
It's about time ya?
Oh boy
And she down for the count!!
It looks like Stan really did have candy...It also seems Mel's trying to escape again. But will she get far this time?
Oh jeeze, here we go.
Together again! Kinda?
Bout time right?
Early post I know. Why? I'm at Heroscon sellin the first issue of Shurale! Click the link for the Deets!
He just might...
Meanwhile back at Baba Yagas
Don't do this.
Seriously, if there's something wrong and I don't care what it is. You shouldn't keep it to yourself. Find someone or call a hotline. There are people out there that do care and will do all they can to help.
early page update because I'm
March 30th, 2017
Finally Melrose gets her chance to flee from her captive. But for how long? And is Granny really helping Mel?
Oh shit...
Yea I went there.
And thats the end of the Patreon fanserve comic! Wanna see more? Donate and I'll keep it going.! Also I have some interesting developments! CHeck the link below for all the details!
Big News
I've in FL for the last 2 months for photography work and we had just gotten back last night. We've been busy cleaning up and upacking for today. I know it's late in the day, but hey it's still today! I haven't missed a scheduled release in awhile soooo. Here we go! I've also got some news I'll share in the last patreon comic page!
Page 2!
First Patreon Comic
We interupt this plotline to bring you some fanservice! Finally I get to post the first patreon comic! Many thanks to the kind soul who anonymously contributed!! I will keep posting here till the story is completed.