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The world needs more of this
Thanks for all the time, effort, and work you put into giving us this blast of fun. You've got a well-developed plot going on here, fantastic humor, and clever plot twists, so don't abandon it for good!
Quality SM fun is hard to come by. Judging from all the comments, clearly you've brought smiles to many people's days, and I'm sure there are tons of fans still awaiting your continuation of this webcomic, so please resume it when you have a chance.
I completely understand having to take a long hiatus and life stuff happens, but we're not going anywhere and we're looking forward to your return whenever you can. No pressure to stick to a schedule, just hope that you'll add to it from time to time as you're able.
Bookmarking and favoriting now. Thank you so much for such a fun ride.
Nice twist!
Didn't expect that to be Ryo, very creative! Nice work! Good to see more of the minor-characters-are-back goodness you've got going on in this comic!
the sort of brutal jab only a SM fanatic could do to another SM fanatic
::raises hand:: Wow, congrats, that was painful. So it's been 3 years for them but almost 20 for the rest of us, and then you did that. Dang. I'm not even a strong Saffir/Petz shipper but that was a very well-implemented kick to the shins.
But so, Petz is just *dating* somebody, she's not even engaged, let alone tied the knot. Hard to picture anyone else being better for her than Saffir, so it'd be nice if you could bring these two back together after she breaks up with whoever. Take your time.
I know, I know, I'm suggesting this 6 years after the fact: I just came across your webcomic yesterday and am reading straight through. I think I might have read its name referred to once before on MoonSticks or somewhere but since I've never been much into the Shitennou (I'm mainly a fan of Sailor Stars) I didn't even think to click on it, but I found your comic this time by Googling "Ittou Asanuma" (*love* Asanuma! How the heck is he so under-appreciated?! By the way, some good Ittou/Mako romance in this comic somewhere, please! That's my main request! It's so hard to find someone who's even an Asanuma fan, let alone writes anything that includes him [btw, if you know of any Ittou/Mako fanfics out there, please let me know; I haven't found any...]) and I was very delighted to find such a funny gag comic, that also has an intriguing plot going on to boot. Wish I'd known about it sooner. Excellent work so far, fabulous imagination, great comic timing.