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Man I really love Raiza's whole self esteem issues arc, though I wish Josh would buck up and let her know how he feels, cause she certainly isn't aware of it lol.

Man I hope Ollie recovers, cause I'm not ready to lose him :'(
Well that went about as crazily as I expected it. Jahira was a decent character but I think she totally had this coming. When you play as aggressively and with your heart on your sleeve like she did, it's likely it will come back to haunt you. Crazy shit.


Raiza > Ollie > Mele > Parmesan > CutieCat > Jeannie > Jenny > Slash > Josh > Derek > Kade
I think this is a pretty bad call by Derek, and it may end up screwing him in the end.

Also Ollie is amazing and I won't hear a word against him lol.
That was great. I'm absolutely ecstatic that Tony left over Jahira Jeannie or Kade. And I don't even know why I worked myself up over this vote so much, it ended up being much simpler than I imagined. Very glad everyone was able to get their shit together and stick to the plan. And the season will be better for it.

Tony was a complete dick, and I never really enjoyed it. I was worried we were gonna be stuck with him a little while longer but I'm glad it ended quickly and relatively painlessly. I'm also now excited to see how Kade will be without Tony.

Rankings: Raiza > Mele > Ollie > Parmesan > CutieCat > Jeannie > Jenny > Josh > Derek > Jahira > Kade
OOOOOOOH that got intense. Jahira certainly had a point but she needs to calm the hell down lol. Raiza seemed really affected by Jahira calling her useless, hope she can take this argument and turn it in to a growth experience for herself.
Raiza has been my favorite for a while so I'm excited that we might see her take a more prominent role in the season. Also, Josh's crush on her is pretty sweet and her obliviousness is hilarious.
Wow, smooth move by Kade, that definitely changes things. Now I’m really worried for Slash...
Yeah Mele is really starting to shine, hoping her and Josh can do some damage and take down the asshole duo.

Loved the ending, was wondering when a danganronpa reference was gonna pop up lol
Parmesan is such a great character, glad he has this extra protection. I'm just hoping he doesn't leave a la James at this point.
Raiza and Ollie are hilarious, Jahira is extremely interesting, and CutieCat and Jenny are adorable. This tribe better not lose anyone else for a while.
Wow, Slash and Derek's acting was so good I almost believed Jeannie was going to leave. That was a very well executed simultaneous idol flush and elimination by the Lele tribe, very smart keeping Jeannie in the dark about the plan.

Lester was fun at times, annoying at others, but him leaving is no great loss. Probably a good time for him to go.


Raiza > Ollie > CutieCat > Parmesan > Mele > Josh > Jenny > Jeannie > Jahira > Slash > Derek > Kade > Tony
That was a great way to execute a fairly obvious boot. Nezumi has been fairly arrogant these past few comics, but this is the first time she came across as a completely over the top asshole.

It was a pretty risky and not the smartest move from CeCe and Jahira, but in the end it was Nezumi’s fault for being so arrogant and standoffish that they were unable to trust that she didn’t have an idol. See ya Nez, won’t miss ya too much!
Oooooh this tribal is fixing up to be mildly more interesting than I initially thought. Still think Nezumi is toast though.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: They think Nezumi has an idol, so they are trying to get Nezumi to play her idol (cancelling out Ollie Jenny and Raiza), then have Jenny play hers (cancelling CC and Jahira), resulting in Ollie leaving with one vote and two idols flushed. Unfortunately, Nezumi doesn't actually have the idol so their plan won't work and Nez would leave.

That's what I think at least.
Wow, Mele really shined in this comic. I figured she wasn't as on board with the scummy treatment of Josh as Kade and Tony, and this certainly proved it. Glad she was able to take the ring from them.

Speaking of Kade, what a diiiiiick. He hasn't shown a lot of his personality so far this season until now, and I am not liking what I'm seeing.

Also I'm liking Derek more and more. He can be a douche at times but he's a really great guy at heart. Definitely more complex than I initially thought he was.
Raiza is a complete joy, she keeps getting better and better. Hoping for a final three with her in it.

This seems like Nezumi’s downfall episode, which I’m fine with, she keeps targeting by faves
Damnit.. I knew it was happening but I'm still incredibly upset about it. You will be missed Quickscope.

Now I'm fully behind Josh and hope he finds a way to make it out of this horrible situation he's in (even if he was super naive thinking Tony was with him this whole time). Tony is such a little fuck, I'm getting over his asshole behavior. Here's to hoping Josh finds and idol and is able to get that loser out of here!


Raiza > Ollie > Jenny > Parmesan > CutieCat > Josh > Jahira > Jeannie > Mele > Kade > Slash > Derek > Lester > Tony > Nezumi
It looks like it’s gonna be between josh and Quickscope, which sucks a LOT. It’s probably QS but I’m really hoping it’s Josh. Nothing against him, I just love Quickscope too much.
Hell yes, I’ve been waiting for this from the moment the comic began. Finally Ollie is here and hopefully her for a while.

Also I don’t blame Nezumi for being pissed about this because this basically screwed her if Koko ever goes to tribal.
This might be the most fun I've ever had reading a SFC comic. So much awesome shit happened, and we FINALLY got a great moment from Ollie. Looks like Jenny finally got him to work during the day and I'm extremely excited for it.

As for the vote, I'm really worried for Josh and Quickscope but I'm thinking it'll end up being Tony. Though, it would be smartest for Kade to get rid of Josh.