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Parmesan: This guy seems like he is gonna be a HUGE part of the season, and I am all for it. I think he will orchestrate a lot of mayhem in his initial tribe and I cannot wait to see how that may happen (Endgame)

Quickscope: First of all, awesome name and awesome design. Secondly, he will probably go one of two ways. Either he actually is a badass and will be a major pre-merge character, or will end up being similar to a stereotypical call of duty player and flame out completely. Either way, I see a good bit of entertainment in him (Late pre-merge)

Raiza: Holy shit she is gonna be a handful. Hopefully in the best way possible, as she has the potential to be either one of my favorites or one of my least favorites (Mid jury)

Tony: Hoo boy, he kinda strikes me as a potential fail villain, someone like Diego except considerably less likable. I think he'll bumble along in the game trying to be a mastermind and failing miserably until he is finally cut. At least that's my hope lol (Early jury)

And with that, the cast has been revealed! Pretty wild cast this time around, which is always a good thing. So many big characters and not a lot of duds that I can see. Here are my rankings on who I'm most looking forward to based on first impressions:

1. Parmesan
2. Ollie
3. Mele
4. Kade
5. Derrick
6. Raiza
7. CutieCat
8. Lester
9. Jeannie
10. Josh
11. Amadeus
12. Jahira
13. Quickscope
14. Jenny
15. Tony
16. Charity
17. Naomi
18. Derek
19. Joy
20. Nezumi
@TJBambi93: Considering Foxy was one of my favorites in your series, I'm hoping Ollie will be of similar quality!
Mele: Aw she seems like she'll be a delight, potentially a fan favorite character. Cheerful and funny characters usually end up being some of my favorites so I'm psyched to see how she is this season (Late jury)

Naomi: Her power will be extremely interesting to see how/if it comes into play. Will she be able to potentially communicate with people after they have been voted off? I dunno that might just be my imagination running a little wild lol. She seems like she is probably gonna be a gimmick character that lasts a bit but ends up leaving before the game really picks up (Late pre-merge)

Nezumi: Not getting good vibes on her, I think she'll be the definite odd one out on her tribe, maybe a victim of Jahira's craziness. Not a fan based on first impressions (Early boot)

Ollie: Hellllll yes he looks amazing. I hope he is sufficiently creepy and unsettling, but lasts a little longer than anyone would expect. Considering the tribe he is on, that is a definite possibility (Mid pre-merge)
Josh: Hm his placement on the leaders tribe may end up being problematic but that might not be true considering the two others currently confirmed to be on that tribe. I have a feeling he's gonna play a major role this season (Late jury)

Joy: She strikes me as a possible 'hidden villain' this season, but that may just be a red herring. Either way she'll probably last a while (Mid jury)

Kade: I'm excited for him, he sounds like he has real potential to be a powerhouse this season. However, there is also significant potential that he plays too hard. Here's to hoping its the former! (Endgame)

Lester: He seems like he'll be extremely entertaining for an episode or two and then he'll be outta here. I'm excited for the time we will get with him but I have a feeling it won't be very long (Early boot)

Also, I absolutely love that the tribes will be living in different terrains, it will be great to see added variety to the season's locale.
Derrick H: I always like to root for the older contestants right off the bat and he seems like someone that's easy to like. I am worried about the fact that he's on the Beast tribe though, as even the slightest show of age might be enough to get him booted (Mid pre-merge)

Jahira: She seems to have definite potential to break out of the normal trappings of her archetype. I find myself very interested to see if she'll be the flameout everyone is expecting her to be or a major player (Early jury)

Jeannie: Hoooo boy, this ought to be interesting. Seems like she could either end up being a Luna-like player or a Gril'ara that doesn't really do anything. I think it might depend heavily on her tribe makeup (Late pre-merge)

Jenny: I can't tell if she's gonna be an awkward character that doesn't fit in with her tribe or a straight up villain considering her upbringing. However, if it's the former I can see her becoming a major character this season (Endgame)
Helllll yes cast release time.

Amadeus: I am pretty excited for him. My kneejerk reaction would be that he's an easy first boot but I'm willing to bet he'll find a way to weasel his way past a view tribals. (Late pre-merge)

Charity: Really don't have much to say about her, seems nice enough. Curious to see if that power of hers has more to it or if she is just gonna be kinda there for the ride. (Mid-jury)

CutieCat: I'm pretty psyched to see her, seems like no matter what her role in the season is she'll be massively entertaining. I'm betting on a pre-merge flame out though. (Mid pre-merge)

Derek L: Yeahhh not super excited for him right now, seems like kind of a douche, as I thought in the season preview. He may surprise me but I'm predicting a shocking early blindside for him. (Early boot)
Three cheers for Doris! Glad she got this much deserved win, a fitting end to an amazing season! These past few seasons have been such high quality, so happy this series exists. Now for my incredibly long winded character rankings!!!

20. Rosella - Not really much to say on Rosella. She was only there for a few episodes but while she was she was completely unbearable. The tribal where it was between her and Riley was a harrowing experience but I'm glad it ended with her leaving.
19. Cassidy - Gimmick character with a gimmick that I wasn't a big fan of. Always knew she wasn't gonna last, but didn't make the time we had with her any less painful.
18. Clydia - I have little to no opinion of her considering she was never really playing as herself. Just goes to show how much I dislike the first two.
17. Bonnie - Her arc this season was absolutely my favorite of her three attempts, likely due to the fact that she was caught much earlier and at a moment that felt much more satisfying than when she made it to third place twice. However, she is still Bonnie and Bonnie is the devil.
16. Angelo - He had his moments of hilarity but while Damon was fun and boisterous, he was kind of cringey and even mean spirited at times. His elimination was one of my favorite votes and is one of the many examples this season of someone leaving at the precise best time they could leave.
15. Iyzebel - She fulfilled her purpose this season and solidified that, while a capable player if she makes it far, she is not able to control herself enough to win the game. Her ejection episode was massively entertaining, so I'm glad she went out with such a huge bang.
14. Scott - He was an interesting mix of both enjoyable and dickish that we don't see too much of. I initially thought he was making it pretty far, but using him as step one of Bonnie's downfall was a good choice. If he was there without Iyzebel, I think he probably would've been higher on my list.
13. Sierra - Yeahhhhhhh not the biggest fan of dear old Sierra. Granted she wasn't inherently an asshole like some people in this comic are, but she was an archetype that I very much dislike: the player who constantly talks about doing something but never really follows through. I get that sticking with Vinnie as long as she did was good for her game in terms of getting her farther, but her constant "almost flipping" and hypocrisy towards Doris after the Thorne boot really rubbed be wayyyy the wrong way. I'll be the first to admit that I get overly angry at characters while the season is airing even if they are actually not that bad (see Brandi v1), which may be the case with Sierra, but I don't see myself turning around on her in the offseason the way I did with Brandi.
12. Eli - Was excited to see him come back for a second go, but he was ultimately pretty disappointing. His boot episode and the way Vinnie fooled him into ignoring his boot flags was INGENIOUS writing on your part SWSU, so that definitely gives Eli some bonus points in my book. All in all, him being a relatively low key character with an awesome boot episode, after being such a high profile character in SFC11, was almost refreshing in a sense. I'm glad this season wasn't just the Eli Show 2.0.
11. Lake - Ahhh Lewis Lake, you drove me up the wall so many times this season. However, in doing that, you gave us perhaps the most compelling character arc of the season. His relationship with Brandi was absolutely the highlight of the pre merge, and the resolution of their arc together was wholly satisfying. However, the reason he isn't higher even though his characterization was pretty great, was the downright frustrating amount of mistakes he made. He was a definite mixed bag, but the way he ended his run with admitting his mistakes and sacrificing himself for his daughter was enough to put him past all but one of the pre merge characters.
10. Thorne - Thorne was, for the most part, relatively similar to the Thorne of SFC14. She was abrasive and unfeeling in a sometimes endearing and sometimes annoying way. Though, in the end, I found her endearing moments edged out her annoying ones. She also gave us perhaps one of if not the best scenes in the season when she and Sierra went on the reward and she got drunk. As much as I wasn't a Sierra fan, her and Thorne's relationship was another highlight of the season.
9. Bradley - I will always have a soft spot for Bradley because I absolutely adored him in his first season. Besides maybe Diego, he was my favorite from SFC14. This time, he was a little different due to Doris being in the game, and it ended up making him a little less awesome than his first go. Although Dad Stagg was still a great character, I preferred Sgt. Stagg a little more. Glad he was a part of SFC16 tho!
8. Tialayla - I wasn't all that excited when I saw she was coming back, but I was pleasantly surprised at her impact on this season. By far, the best part of T being here was that we were blessed with Riley's presence, but she was still a great character in her own right. This was due to her intense fighting spirit and her blunt way of telling people (mainly Sierra) how it is. She may not be the best at survivor, but her physical prowess and willingness to fight were very endearing qualities.
7. Damon - What is there to say about this lovable lug that hasn't already been said? He's loud but not obnoxious, ferocious but not mean spirited. He is potentially one of the nicest players to every play SFC. He was just more of the same lovable Damon from SFC13. The only negative was that he was a little less enjoyable with Angelo around, but anytime he wasn't with him he was great. Also, him telling off Lake was probably one of the best moments of the pre merge, if not the whole season. Really thought he was gonna end up winning, but I'm glad with what he brought to the season.
6. Doris - If there was one word I could use to describe Doris, it would be..... pleasant. She was pleasant pretty much the entire time she was on screen. I can't really think of a time where I was angry with her, or disliked something she said. She was just really pleasant. Sure, she wasn't the most flashy or exciting winner, but her underdog gameplay (combined with a lack of social gameplay on Sierra and Vinnie's part) netted her a well deserved win. Though I would've loved to see a Vinnie win, Doris winning was just as satisfying and I was immensely happy for her.
5. Bowser - Best. Pre-Merger. Ever. I was sooooo psyched to see Bowser back this season as he and Enter were some of my favorite parts of season 12 (I know, someone who likes Enter, weird huh XD). And maaaan did he not disappoint. His early interactions with Junior were hilarious and his "realization" about Damon and Angelo was even more hilarious. The big loveable Koopa King left at precisely the right time for the season's story, even though at times it felt like he was gone far too soon.
4. Brandi - Her redemption arc was one of the best redemption arcs I've ever seen/read. I had hated her during SFC15, though most of that hate died down when I realized what a great character she actually was. All of that was amplified even further this season, as her ability to read situations in a CORRECT manner was highlighted much more prominently. Her takedown of Bonnie was legendary and I was so happy for her the moment Thorne told her she was right. Her antagonistic interactions with Vinnie and Thorne, as well as her broken but healing relationship with Lake and "buddy cop" relationship with Bradley made her one of the highlights of the first 2/3 of the season.
3. Vinnie - I was extremely excited to see the great Vinnie Reid play live for the first time. He was my favorite SFC character before this season and I gotta say he did not disappoint. His low key early gameplay leading into the explosive eliminations of Eli and Lake was nothing short of electrifying. His open hostility towards Brandi and others was extremely entertaining. His brutal gameplay was just extremely fun to watch. Even though I never thought he had a chance in hell to win, I am so glad he was finally able to get to the end. I'm sorry his daughter was such a disappointment to him in the end, but I'm glad we were able to get another full season of the greatest character in SFC.
2. Bowser Jr. - Junior was probably the most fun character of this whole season. Everything about him was hilarious and intriguing. His early happiness about feeling the experience of winning for the first time was both funny and heartbreaking in a way. His admiration of his father was pretty awesome, but once he left was when Junior's awesomeness came to the forefront. His blindsides of Angelo and Damon were spectacular, even if they were purely for revenge and didn't have the most strategic value. He became a great strategist in his own right and his realization at becoming the final boss of the season was really great, with his final words being some of the more heartwarming final words in the comic's history (at least to me XD). I understand why he couldn't win in the end, but this is about the most perfectly written kid character I've seen.
1. Riley - I'm sure it's obvious from my comments this season that I have nothing but good things to say about Riley. He is the most purely nice character I've ever seen. He isn't an incredibly complex character, which normally is what I like more, but there is just something about him that made me fall completely in love with him. I have a soft spot for both dogs and lovable weakling characters, so Riley was a perfect storm of amazingness right from the get go. His relationship with Tialayla was great and believable, making them my favorite couple of the season. Notice I haven't even begun to talk about Kopeii, which added another layer to Riley's character. His struggle with his dark side made me even more endeared to him, with Kopeii's more comedic moments being the cherry on top. Everything about Riley was perfect, end of story XD.

Wow, 9 of my top 10 were in the actual top 10 of the season. Great boot order haha. I kinda got carried away with the length of these rankings, guess I was really into this season lol.

Can't wait for SFC17! Hope the character I submitted for SFC16 will be able to compete!
@SWSU-Master: Good point! Hadn't thought about it that way!
@ChronoAlone: Sorry to hear it. Hope things get better!
@ChronoAlone: Hey, the winner may be obvious but at least we get to see Sierra get chewed out by the jury in spectacular fashion! XD
As I expected. Congrats, most likely, to Doris! I really don't see how she doesn't win this at this point she has wayyyyyyy too many friends on the jury.

Bowser Jr. had one of the best arcs this season, and his little comment about being the final boss was really quite heartwarming in a strange way XD. I was a big fan of his this season, but I do think it was his time to go.

Can't wait to see the grand finale!

Also lol at Sierra making the stupidest move possible. Clearly she just wanted to defy Vinnie.
@anime9001: Yeah alright I gotcha and I agree. I'm glad he was able to make it to the end because, even though it's gonna be almost impossible for him to win, he definitely deserved to make the finals for his masterful control of this season.
Holy shit this is awesome!!! Are we about to get a fire making challenge between the two contenders? That'd be a great end to a great season. I definitely would rather have Doris come out on top but Junior is a worthy contender as well.
@anime9001: Vinnie's game? Near flawless? I dunno about that...
And here we go!! So psyched going into this finale because the only I really don't want to win is Sierra. The other three would be great winners for this season.

And I feel ya Vinnie, I hope you can make the finals this time, though I don't think winning is an option for ya at this point.
Wow Sierra is getting more and more absolutely unbearable as the season concludes. Shut uuuuuuuup.

Anyways, goodbye Riley. I am supremely sad you weren't able to pull out a win this season, it would've been awesome. Riley was my favorite player the whole season by a pretty big margin, I'm just a sucker for his type of player. Here's to hoping Doris pulls out the win!


Doris > Vinnie > Bowser Jr. >>>>>>>>>>> Sierra
Riley nooooooo... this season was better for having you in it...
Man I wish one of Doris or Riley could have pulled this out. Oh well, I'm ready to be sad tomorrow...

Also, how about Bowser Jr. the low key challenge beast!
@ChronoAlone: I feel like Bowser Jr. is set up to be a FTC loser, someone who could possibly win because of the moves he made but who is ultimately just too unlikable in the eyes of the jury.