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@SWSU-Master: Yeah lol I thought the same thing when I was doing the rankings XD. The only character I truly dislike is Sierra though!
Aw man I thought for a second we were going to rocks and Thorne would've gone home. Still a fan of Thorne but I would've preferred that result to this one..

Brandi was pretty much amazing this season. I was not a fan of her at all last season, but I came to appreciate her character by the end of the season. However, this time she was undoubtedly one of the best characters in the game. Her arc with her dad was awesome and inspiring, and her level-headed game play was very refreshing. Sad to see her go, but I'm excited Bowser Jr is still in and Vinnie is in control again!


Riley > Vinnie > Bowser Jr. > Damon > Tialayla > Bradley > Thorne > Doris > Sierra
@Guest: Alright man, I get it you like Sierra and a lot of the commenters don't. But I'm really tired of you constantly judging and hating on people just because they don't share your opinion on her. Some people just aren't gonna like her, get over it.

I'm sorry, I usually don't like confronting people like this on comments, I just don't enjoy being mocked when all I do is dislike a fictional character.
I'm honestly really worried it will go to rocks and we'll lose someone like Riley. I dunno maybe that's irrational, but I can't help but feel very concerned that it will happen...
Ooh we're leading up to a Brandi vs Bowser Jr. showdown! That is a hero-villain matchup that I can get behind.

And yeah, Brandi is on fire with these predictions as of late. Take that Lake!
@Guest: Yeah I agree, since she wasn't much of a character before the merge hit it's a little easier for people to dislike her now. In any normal season of SFC I wouldn't dislike her too much, but since I enjoy literally every other character still in she kinda becomes my scapegoat lol.
Just wanna preface this by saying I'm fine with you defending Sierra, fans have the right to do that if they want. But as a big Riley fan I wanted to defend myself too.

Your comparison to Riley doesn't really work because you are just assuming something he could have done. He wasn't wishy washy, therefore you are just spreading conjecture on how people would react to it in the form of a quote that no one has actually said besides you. His character so far has been nothing like Sierra's character, other than that they are nice people, so currently it's unfair to throw around words like double standard. If he did something similar to Sierra, I would still like him more because he is an established character that I like a lot more than I did Sierra before she started acting wishy washy.

P.S: Who the hell has said Sierra's as bad as Bonnie? I certainly don't believe that lol XD
Holy crap, this boot order! I can't remember a season that has kept this many characters that I absolutely love! Angelo wasn't a horrible person or anything, but he was cringey at best and disgusting at worst, won't be too terribly sad that he's gone. Plus, now Damon can be in top form without his lesser half!


Riley > Vinnie > Brandi > Bowser Jr. > Bradley > Damon > Doris > Tialayla > Thorne > Sierra
Ohhhhhh shit Bowser Jr. I see you hiding there! This ought to be interesting! I'm hoping this ends up with Angelo or Sierra leaving, the rest of the cast is just so much better than those two. Also calling out Sierra ended up being a pretty good move for Tialayla, since the target ended up shifting off her back!
This comic was straight gold, made me even find Angelo more bearable (though I will say he didn't really say much lol)

This comic really affirms to me why Damon is so amazing. His positivity is so damn infectious!
Yeah not a fan of Sierra right now... these kinds of wishy washy players are always among my least favorites. Really hoping she goes over to Tialayla and Riley's side because they are my preferred alliance currently. Seems this sentiment is shared by a bunch of people lol
Dooooo it Sierra.. DOOOOOOOOOO it!!!

Man if Angelo actually leaves next I will be a happy camper. Come on Sierra, I believe in you!!!
Lake was a huge character this season and led to one of the more meaningful relationship arcs of this series. Lake was a major douche this whole season especially to Brandi but this final moment was extremely meaningful. It's obvious that despite everything Brandi really does love and respect her father and I hope this revelation helps improve an obviously fractured relationship. Brilliant writing SWSU, this arc was definitely the highlight of the premerge.


Vinnie > Riley > Brandi > Bradley > Bowser Jr. > Doris > Damon > Tialayla > Thorne > Sierra > Angelo
Woah round of applause to Damon for finally telling Lake what I believe this whole community has been wanting to tell him for a while. Good stuff.

Looks like Lake is gonna probably end up voting for Vinnie, sacrificing himself for his daughter. At least I hope that's how it happens, really not ready for Brandi or Vinnie to leave.
Brandi, vote off your dad!!! But seriously I really hope Lake ends up leaving, everyone else is too awesome...

Also, the challenges this season have been on point SWSU. Nice job.
Hoo boy! Either one of these tribes would be super interesting going to tribal. I'm hoping that T and the Staggs would come out on top of this tribe though, cause as much as I love Thorne, I very much dislike Angelo XD
Damn Vinnie's getting aggressive. Hope this doesn't lead to him leaving that would suck..

I'm hoping that the 2-2-2 split almost happens, but then Damon votes for Lake in a 3-2-1 vote instead to save Brandi. This tribe is really great, with the exception of Lake, and even he isn't all that bad.

Also, lol at scared Riley. He's adorable.

Edit: On a reread, I saw that Vinnie was having Riley and Damon vote for Lake, so the 3-2-1 thing can't happen. Damn, Vinnie is a genius XD
Hmmmm if Angelo of all people is the one to take down the Staggs, I will be quite upset...

Angelo just knows how to push my buttons. He says things that rub me the wrong way, and even if he is tolerable (like in this comic) he starts targeting some of my favorites. He has got to go XD.
Daaaaaamn Vinnie is cold. And I love it XD

I just hope that he doesn't target Brandi to hurt Lake, which I'm kind of worried he will. I also hope that he doesn't get to emotional about this revenge, or it may backfire on him. Either way, man it's good to have the real Vinnie back!