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@AkumaTh: Of course! She was a phenomenal character, glad you applied with her!
@dat4yc: Part 2 lol

5. Raiza – This is basically what Josh could have been if put his mind to it and listened to the advice he gave Raiza all those weeks ago. Raiza was just a ton of fun in the early stages of the game, with her over the top antics and borderline suicidal stunts. Her storyline of not being able to feel pain was awesome enough, and I thought that was all we were gonna get. But, then we began to see hints of broken psyche, one that was damaged by years of being told she was less than she was. And the Ex-Machina was both a curse and a blessing for Raiza, as it both broke her emotionally and led her to re-examine herself and what she brings to the world. Her story of self-worth issues, coming to terms with her own faults, and overcoming them in the end was very uplifting, and her relationship with Josh was a great vehicle for this story. If only her new boyfriend was as successful as she was in this regard. Raiza was my favorite for much of the season, and the fact that she didn’t last as long as the next four is the main reason she isn’t number one.

4. Jenny – I came into the FTC thinking that she was a great character and a decent winner (always though Parm would be a better one, and this was before I realized Ollie’s perfect winner story) but I have never seen such change in a single tribal council than I did with Jenny. All her insecurities that were hinted at but never explicitly shown throughout the season came to light and it completely did her in. It showed her crippling fear of being perceived as the villain, even though most people respected the moves she made coming into the FTC. And man did she make some moves this season. The Bulu sabotage to change to a different tribe, manipulating the Ex Machina and Ollie to benefit her game, utilizing a bad situation in Kade to the best of her abilities, forming the Four Arms and making sure she was never at the top of the hit list, and then winning out in the end to the make it to the final. Only to completely blow it in the end, in one of the worst FTC performances I’ve seen in both this comic and the actual show. While her story throughout the season was pretty phenomenal, it was even better to see the downfall happen. And I’m realizing I didn’t even mention her great relationship with Derek, but I guess that was more highlighted in Derek’s entry. Great character and decoy winner, loved her.

3. Jeannie – I don’t really know what to say about Jeannie that won’t sound like it was lifted from someone else’s comments, because all that there is to say about her has pretty much already been said. She was an extremely positive presence on a season that had a pretty negative tone most of the time. She was an underdog during Kade’s ring story and your heart broke for her every time something bad happened to her or her allies that she couldn’t control. Almost nothing went her way the entire time she was in the game, with her losing her closest allies one after another. But, she was easily the most positive person in the game despite being through the wringer more than any other contestant. While Josh combatted his terrible situation with a negative attitude, Jeannie never let the game get to her. And I can’t help but thinking we need someone like this on every season, just to show how much fun this game, and this comic, can be.

2. Ollie – Ollie was freaking phenomenal every step of the way. And I didn’t realize what a great winner’s story he had until he was about to win! I know people have problems with the way he started in the game but I thought he was both hilarious and interesting in every part that he played. Comedy is obviously subjective, but he was easily the funniest character of the season (except maybe Quickscope), but that wasn’t even the main draw of his character. It was his relationship with his creator, Jenny. From fawning over her and just doing what he was told, to being the main strategic force that caused her to lose power in the game, his relationship with Jenny was one of the most dynamic relationships of the season. The way he completely dominated the end game with the misfits alliance showed how much he had learned and changed throughout the season and made him more perfect of a winner than I could’ve expected. All in all it was a treat to have him on my computer screen, and his win was a great end to the season.

1. Parmesan – I know I just gushed about Ollie and it may seem I should put him as my number one, but I can’t help but put Parmesan in this top spot. He was easily the most unique character of the season in that he was essentially a two for one deal. The conflict between Parm and Ghost Bro was some of the best interpersonal dynamics in the whole season. The disparity between everyone loving Parm and everyone disliking Ghost Bro (as well as Parm liking everyone and GB disliking everyone) was both hilarious and compelling. The comedy moments GB had in the early game with nobody knowing his existence and his ‘relationship’ with Naomi was great. The early parts of the game that had Parmesan shrouded in mystery were interesting and intriguing. Ghost Bros fights with other characters, particularly Josh Raiza and Ollie, were some of the best conflicts of the season and showed great insight in the ways GB and Parm look at the world and how they get through life. I especially loved GB’s issues with the way Raiza kept saying she was better off dead. It showed a real deep characterization that can be rare in these kinds of mediums. I will say that SWSU’s character writing these past few seasons, in this ‘Golden Age’ of SFC, has been phenomenal, and I would say Parmesan is definitely one of the best examples of it.

So, thank you again SWSU, for another wonderful season of the best comic on the web, and I look forward to SFC18 (hopefully with my character included :D). I hope you enjoyed writing this season as much as I enjoyed reading it.
I know I have said this a lot the past couple seasons, but phenomenal job SWSU. I guess its expected when we are in a SFC golden age. Here are my SFC17 character rankings and boy are they a doozy:

20. Charity – I really don’t have much to say about Charity, which is more or less the reason why I ranked her here. She was kinda there for the first few comics, then got slightly nasty and arrogant when talking about her power, then left in a hissy fit when Amadeus awesomely idoled her out. Her whole purpose in the story was to just immediately leave, and I can’t say I missed her in the slightest.

19. Nezumi – The problem with Nezumi was she had the unfortunate combination of being pretty unlikable and not very important to the story. She had arrogance to spare and an obvious superiority complex with regards to her ‘lesser’ alliance members CeCe and Jahira, and it just rubbed me the wrong way most of the time she was there. And of course, she was Ollie’s first major obstacle, which is an automatic knock against her cause I love that animatronic. So yeah, she wasn’t an extremely large presence in the season, but when she was there she was pretty unpleasant.

18. Tony – Tony was… just an asshole. That was pretty much it when it came to his character. And if that’s all to the character, I’m sorry but there’s not much for me to like. His constant berating of Josh never came across as even remotely funny or entertaining, and his presence dragged down another character (Kade) while they were aligned. His early hatred of Amadeus culminating in him stomping the Pikmin was mildly entertaining at time but was not enough to redeem Tony as a character. He was mercifully eliminated before causing too huge of an impact on the game, but his presence was an overall black mark on the season.

17. Naomi – She was probably the most boring contestant of the season and if it weren’t for her returning as a ghost to yell at Alfredo and screw with Lester she’d probably be last on the list. She was pretty bad at the game while in it and had no real discernable personality traits until her post elimination rage. That’s really all I have to say about Naomi.

16. Joy – Ah Joy. She was good for what she was intended to be. I had a good kick out of her boot episode when I began to realize she was leaving and it really was going to be in the nonchalant manner that she had been playing up to that point. She gave a good bit of entertainment in her own way while she was here, but ultimately nothing to write home about.

15. Lester – This is the character I wish Tony had been. Still not particularly interesting or likable, but with a little more OTT comedic edge and a knowledge that they would most likely not be in the game for very long. The way Lester talked and his design was probably the best part about him, and that part never really got old. But, him getting an idol and orchestrating Naomi and Joy’s eliminations sort of made him into a threat which I think worked against the likability of his character. However, he left before overstaying his welcome too much and you always had the knowledge in the back of your mind that he wasn’t lasting too long, so he ended up being fine.

14. Josh – Hoooooo boy, I’m sure a lot of people have a lot to say about Josh. I actually rather enjoyed him as an underdog in the early stages of the game. I was definitely rooting for him against Tony and I loved the relationship between him and Raiza, especially when he encouraged her to get back up on her feet after losing the Ex Machina. However, Raiza leaving was a huge blow to his character and he quickly delved into a downward spiral. And you know what? It was a fascinating spiral. It was interesting to see someone implode so completely into their own self-pity. It was especially interesting when Raiza basically said the same thing Josh said to her earlier in the game during the reward, only for him to continue his downward spiral and almost completely destroy his game in the end stages due to his constant negativity. His desperation for the win to an almost psychotic degree in the FTC was fascinating to watch. Unfortunately, this downward spiral took an immense toll on his likability and rootability, until it almost irreparably damaged my view of him as the underdog that I saw him as earlier in the season. He certainly worked well as a losing finalist, but I can’t put him above any of the next 13 contestants.

13. Jahira - For me, Jahira had the potential to be a much more interesting character than she actually ended up being. I really liked her up through the Nezumi boot, because she had a cool narrative of being a generally pleasant person that just needed to expel her emotions every once in a while to maintain a cool exterior. And her feud with Nezumi was pretty fun too. But then she seemed to just turn into a generic scream-heavy character that I feel we’ve seen a lot of in the last couple of episodes she was in, specifically with regards to yelling at Raiza and then out of the blue when she threw CeCe under the bus. So in the end, I’m not entirely sure what to think of Jahira, so that’s why she sits here in the middle of the pack.

12. Amadeus – He is a very good early boot, not quite Xeradonus tier, but pretty good nonetheless. He had such a profound impact on the game by idoling out Charity early and giving the game the Ex Machina, without which we would not have the great character arcs of Raiza and Ollie. As a character he was pretty insufferable, but in an almost entertainingly over the top manner, and the method of his elimination was shocking, kind of sad, but ultimately fitting. Overall, he had one of the better early boot arcs I’ve seen in this series, and his presence won’t soon be forgotten.

11. Slash – You know, Slash is interesting because while I thought he was a pleasant presence in the season, I never thought he was particularly interesting as a character or had a significant role in the story/gameplay of the season. His role as the tribe dad was well performed but he never really was enough of a presence in the season for me to have a strong opinion on him. I guess a low-key player in a season full of stand outs can be a good thing, but it never really did too much for me. I absolutely understand the love he gets from the majority of this community, but for me he’ll being hanging out here in the middle of the pack. However, considering the caliber of this season, that may not be a necessarily bad place to be.

10. CutieCat – I loved CeCe at the beginning but as the game went on she became much more of a background player than I thought she would end up being. In the end, she ended up being relegated to the position of sacrificial pawn to the Four Arms alliance, which was a little disappointing, but it really had to be done in the grand scheme of things. I really liked her development that she had when she was isolated after the merge split, even though it felt a little rushed at times. And her FTC speech roasting Jenny and Josh and praising Ollie was a definite highlight for her character. Overall a good character that definitely got less visible as time went on but was overall a net positive for the season.

9. Derek – Derek was definitely a surprise hit for me this season. Seeing his character description in the reveals I was expecting to be mildly annoyed at best with his character. And initially, I didn’t particularly care for him. I found him to be slightly worse than Jenny during their initial feud and found myself rooting against his alliance. However, after the first swap I began doing a 180 on Derek. His friendship with Jeannie was absolutely a huge boon for his character, as it highlighted the aspects of his character that are more interesting and relatable. While at first it seemed like he was a douche, in actuality he was just a bit of a meathead. He shone more in his interaction with other characters than anything he did individually, particularly with Slash, Jeannie, Kade, and especially Jenny. His and Jenny’s relationship was one of the absolute best parts of the season and both characters would be worse off without the other.

8. Kade – If there is anyone who I did more of a 180 on the Derek, it’d be Kade. I went from being wildly indifferent to him, to despising him, to enjoying him immensely. And that, my friends, is the hallmark of a well developed villain of the season. He was kinda just unpleasant and there in the early parts of the game, then went full blown total asshole during the whole ring debacle when he went against the purest and most likeable being on the face of this earth. These dark ages of Kade’s storyline established him as a strategic force and someone to root against. Then, when he formed the Four Arms alliance and gave up the ring, he became more complex as a character, even if you still wanted to rip his head off every once in a while. In the end, he gave us a great meltdown and an even greater FTC question session and was well suited to his villainous role.

7. Mele – Mele was an interesting one, considering she was rarely ever in the forefront of the season’s gameplay and was essentially a non-factor for the early to mid-game sections of the season. And even in the late game, when her alliance of misfits took control, she took a backseat to the antics of Josh Parm and Ollie. But through it all, she was just a lot of damn fun. Her method of speech, both cheerful and brutal simultaneously, was always fun to read, and it was a lot of fun to hear her verbally dismantle her opponents, particularly Josh during the late game phase. I still think her best moment was when she took the ring back from Kade and Tony in that one immunity challenge. It showed that while she could seem cruel at times, she was a decent person at heart. Overall, the snarky nature of Mele’s personality combined with the subtle strategic prowess she displayed made her a unique and fun addition to this season’s cast.

6. Quickscope – Legendary. Absolutely legendary. Definitely in the Xeradonus tier of early boots for me. Perhaps one of the funniest joke characters in SFC history. And, for a moment, I thought he was gonna be a real character! With like development and everything! When SWSU hinted at a tragic past I thought he was going to bumblefuck his way through the game and we were gonna watch his life unfold through the comments he made while playing the game. Kudos to SWSU for faking me out on that, and kudos for making a hilarious parody of one of the most easily parodied groups in history. Every time he spoke was gold and he lasted just long enough before the joke got old. Legendary.

Lol my comment is too long so I have to split it up XD
This was the best FTC in SFC history and it may have resulted in an Ollie win. And man will I be happy with that.
Hot daaaaaaaamn what a great start. Everyone had a terrible performance and I'm living for it.
It is most likely gonna end up being Mele because voting out Ollie would be muuuuch riskier for Jenny since Mele is most likely more respected than Ollie on the jury and she'd be putting a vote against her on the jury. But it might be a more intriguing final tribal if it was Mele vs Jenny instead of Ollie vs Jenny..
And with that, Jeannie has exited the game, and what a fun run it was. She was an all around delight to have this season, and I wouldn’t have minded her pulling out a win. However, her leaving here definitely makes for a better and more intense conclusion. Here’s hoping Jenny or Ollie can pull off a win!

I’ll wait til the finale to do a final rankings of the entire cast!
Really not digging the self deprecating side of Josh, hope Jenny and Jeannie can snap him out of it! Though I suppose that would mean Mele going home which would be sad..
Awwwww man I was hoping for a Parm win this season. He was an absolute delight this season and I was convinced of his win for a while now but I guess I was wrong.

The tribals this season have been freaking craaaaazy. Definitely one of the best seasons for unpredictable tribals. Also, Ollie has been freaking KILLING it in the late game. Too bad no one will ever vote for him even if he essentially controlled this vote AND got rid of Jenny's idol. I almost hope he doesn't make final tribal cause I don't want him to get reamed by the jury lol.

Heading into the final, I'm expecting a Jenny win, but hoping for an Ollie or Mele win. Can't wait to see how it plays out!

Ollie > Mele > Jenny > Jeannie > Josh
Yes, I both thought and hoped this is what was going to happen this tribal. Kade was set up too perfectly for a downfall so I’m glad this is where it happened. Especially since Jeannie was the one to seal his fate in the end.

Kade was pretty great as the villain of the season. I know a lot of people were bothered by a ‘lack of personality’ but I didn’t really see that. Some people are just subdued and analytical by nature and that was obviously what Kade was (until these past two tribals obviously). He was threatening enough to be a believable villain but didn’t last too long to outstay his welcome. Glad for his role in the season even if he wasn’t my favorite.


Ollie > Mele > Parmesan > Jenny > Jeannie > Josh
Dear god please be Kade, this is too well set up for it not to be Kade...
Holy fucking shit I had a feeling something fishy was happening but didn’t think anything would actually come of it! Derek was great but mannnnn was it awesome to see the Four Arms get so heavily played by the ‘side characters’. Kade’s reaction was absolutely priceless and of course I’m absolutely ESCTATIC that Ollie stayed. Really unsure of
how the rest of this season will play out, I just know this is gonna get several more rereads before the night is over haha.


Ollie > Parmesan > Mele > Jenny > Jeannie > Kade > Josh
Yikes. That was a breakdown for the ages and, quite honestly, not a great look for our Meowth friend. I hope he can bounce back from this pretty quick, because him yelling at his allies isn't gonna help his game position.
Another doozy of a tribal with a bunch of idol plays and a perfectly executed plan by Jenny and Derek's secret alliance.

SO much stuff happened this tribal, like Parm defying Ghost Bro, the conclusion of Raiza's story arc, idol plays, subtle manipulation by Derek and Jenny, so GOOOOD.

I absolutely loved Raiza to death, definitely one of my favorite characters of the season. Loved the fun OTT parts of her personality and enjoyed the depth of her flaws and attempts to overcome them. Super sad to see her go as I wanted to her to outlast Josh for a bit but it totally makes sense for her to leave here.

This is obviously gonna very much negatively affect Josh and I'm intrigued to see if he can make a run for the end game or if this implodes his game.


Ollie > Parmesan > Mele > Jenny > Jeannie > Derek > Kade > Josh
Hmmm I feel like it’s Parm or Josh, and I’d much rather it be Josh cause I’m a huge fan of Parm and Alf’s dynamic and I would like to see how Raiza fairs if Josh isn’t there. But there are so many factors going into this tribal so it could any of the people listed as possibilities... crazy awesome possible tribal yet again.
I'm scared for Ollie now... I feel like Josh is gonna win and Jenny will be convinced that its time to kill her creation before it takes over the game.. :'(
@Guest: lol yeah, on a second glance it didn't completely show my opinion on the comic so I figured I'd edit it a bit haha
Can't say I thought Josh came across too well in this comic, though I'm glad he's successful and continuing to impress Raiza. Here's hoping Parm can inject some chaos into this tribe!
Oh Ollie, sweet Ollie, I really hope you succeed in your conquest against Kade. Unfortunately, I fear this spike in visibility may be a death knell for you..
Wow. What a play by Kade. This could be extremely beneficial for Jenny or a big mistake. But it definitely sets up her Jeannie Derek and Kade as a power group if it works out. I'm psyched to see if this will work out.

Kade has honestly improved so much these last few episodes and has grown into a really intelligent and interesting (albeit still a bit of a prick lol) villain. I'm so looking forward to see if he keeps his word or if Jenny and Derek just made a huge mistake.

As for CutieCat, I really liked her. She was a little gimmicky at times but in the grand scheme she had a nice arc and was really endearing and funny. It was pretty clear she did have much to do with the rest of the season's story, so this is a good time for her to leave, but she will be missed.


Ollie > Jenny > Raiza > Parmesan > Mele > Jeannie > Kade > Derek > Josh

I just wanna say, I actually really love all of these characters, which makes the rankings really difficult and potentially misleading haha. It hurts me to put Derek and Josh so low, but I really just thought Kade has been getting so much more compelling and I have just loved everyone else too much. What a damn cast.