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I really do...
Hey everyone, here's another random filler comic from me while Tannie is getting settled into his new home.

Okay, as the title says, I HATE photoshop. This thing took me forever to do. I can never really do anything I want in it. I should find some tutes or something, but I can never bring myself to do it.

None of the characters really appear in this strip cos, well, I can't draw them. I did spend an hour and a half trying, but it looked a bit terrible, and was a bit of a blemish on this fine piece of work (well, for me anyway). I did learn a lot when making this though, so not all was bad.

Anyway, enough from me. Let's all hope Tannie gets settled in well, and let's also hope he's back next week to bring us the characters that we all love, and that I can't draw.

Best wishes to my buddy, Xave.
Okay,well, here's the deal. Basically, the reason why everything looks so different (and cruddy) is that I did the comic this week (Tannie has exams and stuff... I do too, but mine are a lot more spaced out). The original drawings weren't too bad, but when I came to putting them into photoshop, I realised I had no idea how to do anything. IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK TO JUST HAVE BOXES WITH BORDERS DAMMIT?!

Anyway, I got the idea for the comic from Kyo's recent solution to the spam problem... I had a solution of my own, but Kyo's will likely work a lot better.

Well, any suggestions would be cool I suppose... I know that I could improve everything, but yeah. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this likely one time only drawing by me... unless I can find that pic of John Howard riding a dragon that I drew in one of my sacs... it was awesome.

Anyway, thanks for reading everyone! PEACE!
Yay! We've finally reached 50! Thanks to everyone who gives helpful tips and constructive criticism!

Also, no, I'm not bald... WHOO FOR 50!!!
The cake is just a sponge cake with purple icing. Originally, the cake was green. Looked somewhat mouldy...
Well, it's quite simple really.

The boxes contained nano-bots, little robots so small that they can't be seen by the naked eye. When Tannie pushed the button, approx. ((3671998021!)^42!) nano-bots activated and begun tearing the boxes to shreds on a sub-atomic level. The atoms in the boxes were altered to just plain old hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and other element atoms. This is why they just seem to disappear.

So in answer to your question, they don't really go anywhere. They are just broken down into their base elements. Or something...
Correct you are Kaichii.

Mr. Spikey does indeed have such an attack. Though it's more like a fireball that he spits out of the mouth in his chest... it's annoying to deal with. He just teleports backwards, just enough to get out of the way of any attack you might be throwing at him, and then BAM! You're suddenly lying on the ground as a smouldering corpse.
I wonder how you apply for the research team...
Haha, glad i'm not the only one who likes that song Joff... anyway, just add an "r" to Tannie's name and see where that gets you...

But no, I don't think he would do something so extreeme...
I was stupid enough to introduce my sister to that game one summer holidays... i never got to use the computer again...
The one in the status bar.

I used a little javascript. You can find heaps of free ones online that do some pretty funky stuff.

Anyway, glad you liked the comic.

I saw a poster for it, but that was about it.

And thanks about the site. He did a good job on the buttons. Just have to center the jump box now... and fixed up the weirded news page... tannie! what did you do?!
she has a great personality too
Thanks dude. Glad you like it! We're open to any tips, constructive criticism, etc, so if you think something could help, just let us know
It's spelled "grammar"

hehe, nah, you're cool dude. My spelling sucks in general. I only remember stuff if i'm corrected about 100! times...
February 3rd, 2006
yeah, well, I dont have photoshop on this computer, and I can't be stuffed going to my room
January 31st, 2006
I think what was meant was, are you Xave aswell as Tanis... as in user accounts... or people... anyway, your reply didn't really answer it I don't think...

Anyway, no. And really... I am the short haired one... haven't had a hair cut in months and he still beats me...

I just realised... my avatar sucks...
January 29th, 2006
You could have at least made up some excuse about keeping with the main theme... that being neutrality... and so thus they have neutral expressions...

But yeah, thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated!
Great artwork. Almost looks like it was done with charcoal or something. I really like it. You have a good writing style too.