Someone has been in Merritt's toy box. Naughty Pogo.
And now the skeletal imagery is explicit. You do a great job with the imagery and symbolism. Not only is the rendering beautiful, but it's layered in from the beginning and then we slowly build our understanding as the story moves. And so much of it, like this, is visual rather than verbal. A fact which makes me spend more time with it because I can't say "I know what's going on" in the same way I can with words and text. You make me live it and feel it more, like in the contrasting reactions in the last two panels.
@Huntik13: I'm guessing Annie stole the sock and Pogo just wasn't picky about provenance.
I'm guessing Aiden will pass the sound effects off as a difficult bowel movement. From outside the stall that would seem to match up. After all, he only needs to buy a few minutes so they can come out separately.
I think he can walk and he was just going in for the hug.
I like how Pogo gets his own blasphemous church with Samsid and Merritt as his disciples/saints.
@Tamerlane: If you're dreading this next bit, I'm really worried for Mars. It's bad enough that he can't see how Nate has lied to him and used him without any consideration of the impact on him, and so internalises the guilt for everything that happens. I hope he's able to turn the corner and see himself as someone worthy of love and respect whether it's from humans or skonomans and regardless of whether he is a trofy or zoipan or just friend or lover.
Rago's expressions in the last panel here and on the previous page dovetail perfectly. On the previous page he looks anxious and worried. Now we know he's working up his courage to talk to Tomo. Yet, when he does, he can't meet Tomo's gaze and crosses his arms defensively, but the attraction is still clearly there in the blush. Looks like he's taking Mom's advice to heart.
I'm curious about our new character. Is this a trans guy? In panel 4, it looks like he's wearing a bra as he puts on his shirt but Quinn refers to him as 'dude.' The 'bra' could be a binder. Now, it could be that dude is now gender neutral in this part of the country (or in general US usage now, I'm probably too old to be up on current usage), so I'm not sure if I'm reading the clues or just making things up. I certainly can't rely on on Quinn's preferences or boundaries to tell me anything.
Those top panels are brilliant. The transition from the pivotal night at the lake into Quinn's morning is perfect. Then you contrast and echo with parallel panes of sunlight on the wall. I like they way they walk us into the main panel. Your panelling and composition are just so good.
Oh no, are those cuts on his hands? I hope they don't get infected...
This is a nice bit of writing. It brings us back to the title without drawing attention to itself and is fully integrated into Logan's character and interaction. At the same time, it points to the challenges ahead. It's an excellent pivot for the story to turn on.
I like the colour work in the first panel. You've painted a great sunset with the gradation in the sky and the brightest light low on the horizon. The clouds are highlighted from he bottom and that spot of pinkish red in the centre evokes that cloud perfectly without needing line art. That you've put the roof in the frame (I guess we're on the deck) provides emphasis for the sunset by anchoring the shadows. And after all that, you've got at least three shades of green in the trees, with highlights showing though the shadow side facing us. I may cut this panel out and use it as my desktop background for awhile. That, or I'll have to see if I can duplicate this composition.
July 19th, 2017
The paneling on this page does a great job of letting us get glimpses of Cort’s back story by hearing the voices of the past. And it does it without distracting from the flow of the page itself.

The other powerful thing about this page in the ambiguity. You’ve left us a trail of bread crumbs but it’s up to us to work out what they mean. Cort wakes up hung over, clothed and alone. He talks about choices, but we don’t know if it’s his own, Ian’s or both. We see the part of the price of a choice in the way he cradles his injured hands and in the visible scars as he adjusts the shower. But why would he choose a COLD shower? Does the language in panels 6/7 and 9 indicate that Cort is …impatient… to move the relationship forward, or am I reading that in? The writing and the art really come together in a nuanced view that forces us to engage as storytellers as well. I think it’s much more powerful than a more direct or explicit rendering of the scene would be.
July 19th, 2017
Congratulations on all the life changes. I hope things are going well for you. As far as Ofia goes, I'm happy to see updates when you can. This is an interesting world and I'm curious to see the story develop.
Good luck with your classes. I'll be looking forward to seeing how Matt adjusts to full participation affection and how Levka keeps throwing him off guard.
This exchange intrigues me, because Mom is more encouraging than you would expect (of course, she's not met Tomo yet). I think that Mom is aware that she doesn't have much time and Rago isn't really ready to be on his own yet. So she's giving him a push to start taking chances and dealing with consequences rather than waiting to be told what to do.
Hearing "Paging Dr Milk+Assassin. Paging Dr Milk+Assassin." would be a truly surreal experience in the hospital. I'm sure I would put it down to the meds. Congratulations on completing medical school and good luck on the rest of your training. I have even more admiration for this comic knowing that you have been writing it while completing medical school. In fact, I apologise for any angry thoughts regarding late updates.
You've just got to love that glow in the second panel. The fourth panel is brilliant (pun intended) at letting us know that this is gonna hurt Daniel. And then, COLOUR!
July 5th, 2017
@Yaa: An e-book gives you the entire comic in a complete package. This allows you to read it off-line and gives you some backup against the web site or web archive disappearing. Depending on your PDF reader, it can also be easier to navigate compared to using the archive on-line. Finally, some people might buy an e-book to support the author but not want a physical copy for either space reasons or because they are not out enough to have it on their bookshelf.