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September 19th, 2017
This is pure genius.
September 18th, 2017
This pages gives a great sense of the in-betweenness of their lives. Meeting on a playground they've long since outgrown. Cort being in such a hurry he not only forgot his shoes, he didn't notice later he had. And then there's Ian checking the coast is clear before moving in close. Even then, the affection is understated and deniable/explainable. The past is closer to them than their new selves but they can sense where they want to go, and that they want to go together.
@memoryERROR-13: I suspect it's because Lunge has the same feelings for Herz and can't act on it.
I'm curious if Avery's power is what caused Owen to snap out of it. The clouds were forming just before he did.

There's also a difference to the last time. Avery is focused and angry in defending himself and Richey. The hardness of his face in panel 3 is something we've not seen before. There seems to be a real danger about him now and I think Owen has picked up on it.
Reading is easy. Finding the time and motivation to write and draw this comic for two years is the real accomplishment. This is one of the comics where I look forward to exploring the art as much as the story; where I find myself reading it over every few months to get familiar with it and see what is different with new knowledge of the future. Thank you for creating something I not only want to read, but I want to savour.
I'm more surprised that Tomo asked. He is truly on his best behaviour today. Which raises the question of where his emotions fall. His actions have been entirely selfish and inappropriate so far, but he seemed genuinely upset when he told Briggs he'd already blown his chance with Rago. That of course did not cause him to consider an apology to Rago or not sleeping with Briggs. Now that he has another shot (at sex, not a relationship) he is at least learning from his mistakes and trying to play nice. It is a tiny change, but nevertheless a change.
September 8th, 2017
I don't think this *has* to be a problem. After all, the snakes only reach so far and I'm sure Lilu could find lots of ways to play safely out of range. Unless, of course, Asper has snakes for *all* his hair.
September 6th, 2017
As a recovering perfectionist, I hear you, man. I like this story so I'm glad to see pages when they arrive. I hope you are able to like the comic lightly so it doesn't become a drag.
It rather seems that they have not yet fully comprehended the truth of the situation.
Trofy emergency! Call Melissa!
I was wondering how to read Tomo's use of couple before I read your comment. Rago and Tomo will get what they want right now, but my sense is that they are both using each other. Rago has experienced Tomo's insistent desire and he's also heard from Briggs that Tomo isn't really a relationship kind of guy. So Rago gets a fun time distraction and Tomo gets what he's wanted all along. And that's enough for now. But while there may be coupling, I don't believe there's a couple.
September 2nd, 2017
Keep yourself sane and solvent. This is a cool comic and worth the wait.
What an incredible way to set a scene. We can all but smell this toilet. Thanks to the wide view we get the industrial design along with the cigarette butts and used condom wrappers. The splatter suggests Damien missed the first round. And yet, even here Quinn pulls him close and smells his hair. I could lose myself in that last panel as it is. But knowing the setting makes it more poignant.
You've got to really give Rago credit here. He's decided to take a big risk with Tomo when he's just barely holding it together in the first place. That wavering upper lip in the third panel says so much. Rago is growing up fast. Now we will see if Tomo does the same.
Oh no! The pattern repeats itself and Quinn has a terrible sense of deja vu. Soooo much in those middle three panels.
I'm always delighted to see an update to this comic because it's a sweet story.

And, I am in awe of your patterned hexagonal tile floor.
That stream of spittle in the third panel is a perfect touch.
You make me wear a pointless towel when you could have given me something useful like shoes...
Someone has been in Merritt's toy box. Naughty Pogo.
And now the skeletal imagery is explicit. You do a great job with the imagery and symbolism. Not only is the rendering beautiful, but it's layered in from the beginning and then we slowly build our understanding as the story moves. And so much of it, like this, is visual rather than verbal. A fact which makes me spend more time with it because I can't say "I know what's going on" in the same way I can with words and text. You make me live it and feel it more, like in the contrasting reactions in the last two panels.