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Take care of yourself. This is a fun story, but it has to be fun for you as well.
At least she didn’t order a small.
I’ve enjoyed every panel on this comic so far. Please know that the story as it is stands on it’s own. You’ve done a great job with it and let us feel and understand these characters. Thanks for what you’ve given us. Good luck for the changes.
And now we get to the crux of the issue, and the beauty of this page as a cliffhanger. Did Melissa come clean or will Hayden force the issue by asking Mars to be his trofy? I’m looking forward to seeing this unfold.
You’ve really given us a lot in a transitional page. In panel 4 we get to see Aya’s honest concern before she launches into her snarky comment. Then in panel 6, Briggs use of ‘time and headspace’ reminds us that he is pressed to his limit between the jobs and his responsibility for his sister. It’s taking everything he’s has to keep his head above water and he’s struggling. No wonder he snapped at his dad. Such deft handling the the characterisation.
And this looked like a blank page on the thumbnail. Good thing I checked. All that dirt on top. Hearing it hit one shovelful at a time. And then it’s only you screaming. Then you run out of air.
I’m really admiring that last panel. The expression on Beth’s face really communicates how fond she is of Buck. Which we already know, of course, because Buck is free enough with her to call her heifer. Which might or might not be a pejorative in a world where she actually *is* a bovine, but I digress. This panel. That face. The shadows from her hair that frame her face and draw us into those eyes. Really all the shadows seem beautifully done. The half smile about the mouth that makes me think she’s about to crack wide open and laugh but it trying to keep this serious. It all comes together.
*This* Maxwell, is the measure of how much I hate you.
Congratulations! It’s been a fun read. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Beth, how *does* one go about not thinking with their dick? I’ve been struggling with that for years.
So much to admire in the details here. The lighting on the hair in Damien’s panels. The scars in panel 3. The drapery and posters in the bar. This story lives in such a rich visual world.
The expression in that last panel is brilliant.
Selfie. The smartphone assimilation is complete.
Karla is such a pragmatic vampire. She’s the perfect foil for him.
We’re still here. Happy to see the update. Looking forward to the next part of the story.
Do what you need to drive the story forward. Colour is great, but it’s a huge amount of additional work. It sounds like a wise choice to me.
Long assed vacation on a deserted island...with Levka.
That last panel is really poignant. It gives a real sense of Briggs. A young man trying to be something between a brother and a father, while barely able to support himself. Having them huddled on the right side of the panel, leaving the visual centre bland, and having Briggs looking off panel to the right drags us that way and off to the future. Like the scene where he’s smoking on the car, it conveys a lot of emotion with no action or dialogue.
Clearly what happened after hitting the pavement was disappointment that he was still alive and still stuck with Maxwell. Avery has his own private hell with a personal demon for a roommate.
Violence clearly runs in the family. Briggs can’t catch a break today.