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It may not have been necessary, but it was good fun. Thanks.
November 20th, 2017
The last panel gives the next plot twist away. Ian is an alien lizard man with his tongue tasting the air wondering when he can finally devour Courtland. That explains the snake motifs we see on all the pages as well.

Unfortunately for me (and probably all of you) I cannot not see this now. I'm sorry, Emma.
It is in no way run to ask for fan art. It would be rude of us not to return a little something for the great stories you watercolour for us every week.
I have a feeling that Briggs is having a 'This sh*t got real moment' about how fast the new relationship is moving. I mean, I had to go back and find Aya's name, which I think has only been mentioned once. And, of course, the mental ticker is running on the ice cream test. Yeah, Briggs has lots to think about.
And now I have an excuse to re-read Baldy. Thanks, for that.
I'm drawn to the way Hiro takes his affection for Takashi and runs it through a can do, team spirit filter and comes out with a perfect inversion of the normal understanding of manly duties. It fits perfectly with the fist pump and subverts (perverts?) the normal guy think. It's a hilarious commentary on guy culture.
Those eyes in panel 3. What a perfect touch.
November 15th, 2017
What a great collection of art and an insight into your process as well. Thanks for posting this. I'll have to take some time to study these, but what strikes me right off the bat is how well studied the baseball scenes are. I really like Quinn's intense expression when he is at bat in the montage with tentacles.
Aiden's situation has several dimensions. He's discovered in this little experiment that it's not just sex with guys. He want Wyatt. Now, is that because Wyatt is Wyatt or because he's an incubus. Given that there's another possible incubus character in play, Aiden may have a chance to find out.
I, for one, am perfectly happy for you to continue drawing scenes like this until you master your, erm...technique.
The heart shaped mouth on Luca is a nice touch. His mouth loves food too.
November 13th, 2017
What a beautiful way to build the tension for the big reveal. You give us four pages between Cort's surprise (and presumably working out who Cail is in his world) and Cail coming to the same conclusion about Cort, with Ian prattling on in the foreground thinking his righteous anger is the important conversation here. Reading over those pages makes me wonder if Cail has sussed to the nature of their relationship. He mentions expecting Milly when they first meet and then on this page obliquely points out that only family would come see someone in prison and he looks at Cort with that piercing looking panel three and suddenly gets personal.
Welcome back! I'm looking forward to the story.
So, they appear to be linked somehow. Talk about bad dreams.
November 7th, 2017
Well now, *thats* an interesting tie in to the prequel. I took that as purely metaphorical, but it may have been much stranger than I thought. If Lewis was on meds, perhaps he was delusion and that's how he saw Simon. At least, I'm hoping he didn't knowingly keep Simon as a pet.
November 6th, 2017
I like the way Stephen is dealing with menu overload and cost impact management. I read that as him being unsure of himself in this new world and not sure how to take his somewhat over the top guide.
You've done a nice job conveying the intensity of the light in the bottom panels. People in northern Europe would kill for that much light.
Good luck with NaNoMango! Fill the buffer!
November 2nd, 2017
And we have the rich metaphorical implications of panel 4, wherein Gabs creams all over himself at the sight of his demon lover (to be).
November 1st, 2017
I have a feeling that Simon was his moment of clarity.