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January 19th, 2018
I'm always chuffed to see updates to Ofia. So know that you still have fans.
Yes! My excuse to reread the comic. Again.
Actually, I think I like this better than a more explicit rendering.
I love how you handled Charlie's reaction in the last two panels. Charlie's wings drop and then suggestive line of his sweat pants suggest he's going to be perky too.
Welcome back!

I'm just now considering that being locked up in the asylum might not be such a bad thing, all things considered. Assuming of course that Daniel can't track her, which, given the apparent link is far from certain. Still, gates, doors, locks, other people to be killed and drained, erm, protect you. Insanity might not be the worst choice.
Always glad to see an update here whenever they come. Looks like we are going to explore the demon side of things for a bit, which is an interesting curve ball to pitch at Aiden. I’m looking forward to this.
That last panel is great. Briggs totally cool and a bit smug at “catching” them, Rago embarrassed, and Tomo still half asleep and out of it.
December 22nd, 2017
I've been sitting with this page open on my desktop since it posted. I've been trying to work out how to respond to panel 4. Because 'I couldn't be' is the crux of so many of the challenges people face in coming to terms with their sexuality. I'm a <religion>; I can't be gay. I'm a <sport> player; I can't be gay. Gay is what happens to other people, not to me. And so we ignore what is and act out the fantasy until something happens that holds up the mirror and we can no longer look away. We have to come out to ourselves, first. Then you look around and have to choose about how openly to live or how deeply to hide.
December 21st, 2017
Assuming there's no sugar in hell (it is hell after all) that coffee is awesome!
December 20th, 2017
First, there’s the issue of your capacity and health. If drawing this comic takes so much effort that you have to choose between the comic and the rest of your life or an injury, the comic will eventually lose and get dropped. That would be disappointing, because I’d reallly like to know how this works out. So, if scaling back the work makes it easier for you to keep telling the story, line art is fine by me.

For me, regular updates keep the story moving forward and keep interest. When the updates are slow I have to go back and re-read several pages to get back to speed with where we are.
If I have to choose between the story and the art, the story wins every time. I mean, I even read some stories that don’t have any art at all.
I think there’s a typos in the last panel: “I’m not the one living here...yet.”
Your timing with the interludes is perfect. Maddening, but perfect. The fact that the interludes are compelling stories in their own right hooks us into Jack’s world until we are whiplashed back to Avery and Ritchie. They both leave me wth so many questions and wanting to know more. Well done.
Everything about this is wrong.
Perhaps you are concentrating on the wrong thing, Rago.
December 11th, 2017
It's great to hear that you are doing better. It's got to be hard to do less of something you do well, particularly when you so clearly enjoy it.

This page, for example, is another beautiful partnership with sly humour and subtle suggestions. Hypersentive Cort, who'd rather fight than be laughed at. Reality intervening before we get to man hugs and uncomfortable conversations about feelings. And then that last panel, with a vulnerable, almost sheepish Cort letting the cat out of the bag (again). Which, I suspect will create a bit more drama. With Cort coming out the ticker is running on how long it take word to spread and other people to put two and two together. Ian might be ready for the relationship but he's not been willing to go public just yet.
December 11th, 2017
@Ralend: Perfect timing! I was just asking myself that question and about to post it when I saw yours. It looks beautiful but like way to much work to me.
I take it from this that the undead can't stand Christmas. Not because of the holiness of the holiday but because the flames of hell are less garish than the lights and the quiet of the grave is preferable to the endless rounds of carols and Christmas music.

Enjoy your hiatus. I hope you don't wake up...hungry.
@Snowwater: Reversible? I don't see Hiro volunteering any time soon and somehow I doubt Takashi is going to want him to.
December 4th, 2017
I keep coming back to panel 1. This whole prison trip has been traumatic for Cort. He knows full well that he should be in prison and he fears it (look at his perception of going through the metal detector; it's like the gates of Hell). But now, he's seeing his alternative life first hand in Cail and seeing what it can do to a man (I'm thinking of the scars on Cails' wrists). And, at a gut level, he realises what Harvey has done for him and wants to make amends.

His unplanned coming out stems from that, but I also think Cails' comment about learning to move on plays into it as well. Cort has been keeping secrets for years and it wears on him. He takes this chance to drop one so there's one lie he no longer has to keep straight, if you'll pardon the pun.

Finally, there is that background that looks like a 3 point perspective drawing of a tall structure of bars. It doesn't look like the kitchen floor but it looks remarkably like the grid under the metal detector and the unpanelled background two pages ago where Cort is looking back at Cail, but also the prison. That one background sets the context for the whole page. For me, it's the prison that he has avoided and the prison of secrets that he's built for himself and he starts to open in panel 6.
December 4th, 2017

As seriously, I hope your schedule lets you rest your hands and recover.