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The painted toenails make that panel.
July 17th, 2018
Thanks for writing and sharing this story. Whatever faults you see when you look back, please remember that you succeeded in making us fall in love with them both.
July 13th, 2018
Trying to hide that string, Ned?
July 13th, 2018
I’m always happy to see an update. Thanks for the pages.
He still thinks you’re crazy. He just agreed to wake you up.
June 8th, 2018
I love the dialogue on this page. The line about fighting the undead cracks me up. Ian is deflecting, of course. He knows this is serious but he doesn't understand why until panel 4. Even then, Cort seems to be trying to show Ian what he can't tell him. Someone is buried here but the trauma around that isn't dead. Cort carries that with him every day. And this is a touchstone as well as a tombstone. And then we have the last two panels. You have eloquently captured the tension between fathers and sons: fear and love on the cusp of adulthood. Cort is safer here. Even in prison, a coming out conversation with his dad isn't something to take lightly. Cort's touch in the last panel marks the transition to them truly being a couple. They have a shared experience with difficult fathers, but more importantly, the conversation shifts. Cort using the word 'us' while reaching for Ian's arm is a profound change.
I like this page but I really like the second panel. There is a rich ambiguity in the dialogue. Is he thinking about what he should do about Luca, what he might do with Luca, or is he thinking about his larger life and suicide? The setting is equally intriguing. I first read it as a panoply of stars viewed from a space ship but the realised that it was a snow storm seen from the plate glass windows at the school. We associate both stars and winter with loneliness and Drew seems alone and small before them.
I love the way you've been showing us Christine in the background of the scenes. The main action is with Leonard, but Christine is there, watching. And she is struggling, but, with what? Grief, anger....blood lust? Yet she is still...preturnaturally, calm?
I get the feeling she doesn’t miss him very much. Her concern seems to be more about the social norms and then her total dismissal after saying the proper thing about not staying away makes me think she sees Hukaru as an ornament that doesn’t quite go with the dress she’s wearing.
Ah, the train setting man of mystery at last.
I really like this page. You've given us a clear emotional transition for Rago. From his shy glancing away in the first panel, to his disappointment in the later panels. There are two disappointments, I think. The first is being turned down when he'd finally worked up his courage and the other I think is realising that he had kind of sold himself out in pushing forward just now. Tomo, on the other hand is radiant in panel 3. He keeps contact with Rago to show his affection but plays within the ground rules and calls Rago out before he can change them. And the last line of the dialogue is perfect. That sums up Tomo's story in so many ways.
Reminding him that he’s alive and desirable is probably helpful. It. It may give another voice the one in his head that says he’s a failure and now useless.
I think the fire inside is burning hotter so he's less worried about being burned by the one outside. Or rather, now that he's decided to do this, it will be harder and harder to tell himself, no. He may have to run up to the fence and stop short a few more times, but he's definitely going to jump it.
I love the contact photo of Briggs smoking.
Well, we now know why Briggs moved out and why he’s so keen to get Lain out of that house.
What's important is that he's beginning to understand that Hayden cares for him in a way Nate can't. And his remorse may open him up enough to see Hayden in a new light.
February 22nd, 2018
The most important thing is that Alex doesn't start thinking. That's when he gets confused.
Or because they are the reason the horse was spooked?
February 19th, 2018
Surely there’s no foreshadowing in the poster?
February 14th, 2018
I would certainly buy that cactus.