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Violence clearly runs in the family. Briggs can’t catch a break today.
I’m in. You’ve done a fine job of writing here. It’s unflinching both in the subjects you’ve taken on and in showing people struggling in the aftermath. You have given us a supernatural kind of horror but placed it next to everyday ones. And the everyday ones hold their own. I shudder to think where you are going to take us, given where we’ve been, but I’m not going to look away.
I like the way you’ve pitched this as a power play between Avery and Maxwell. Avery isn’t driven by despair here, he’s determined to protect Callum and stay in control.
Decapitation is indeed a way to deal with suspected vampires, along with stakes through the heart and cremation. There have also been stories of people being buried face down so they would be headed the wrong direction if they tried to rise from the grave.
I was re-reading the first chapter and I now have to wonder if this related to a certain flashback Hukaru has while talking to Tomo. If so, it is beautifully and subtly done.
The picture is what makes this scene. It’s the perfect touch.
May 14th, 2019
I love little touches like Irina putting bows in the boys’ hair.
True confession time. Now we will have to see if Mars can turn the corner.

Thanks so much for keeping this comic going. I’m excited to see every single update.
That is a great closing argument. I’m sold! And laughing.
May 3rd, 2019
This is a nice touch. It suggests that Ned has too small a view of himself. That he suffers in part because he thinks of himself as *just* Ned, instead of seeing that the is Ned+Doug. In this world, he was never alone; he was always tied, always part of something larger. But, like puberty, he couldn’t access it until it was time.
April 25th, 2019
Good luck on your course. Good nurses are a blessing that’s in short supply.
This is a masterful page.You communicate the way their relationship has unfolded in so few panels and with such tight dialogue. You use the dialogue to link panels 1 and 5 so it’s clear what’s going on. And the subtle detail that says everything: Damien living with Quinn’s family as a boy, Quinn and Damien, so comfortable together as young teens with something as transgressive as lipstick, Quinn embracing him from behind in the main panel, the beard that crawls down Damien’s neck. It is so rich. The art, the composition and the storytelling all come together.
It’s been a fine run of a story and one you can be proud of. Thank you for sharing this with us. I’ve enjoyed it.
That last panel makes me wonder what Brian did in the truck to warm him up. 😳
WooHoo! I’m always happy to see an update to this story. Thanks.
April 14th, 2019
I’m glad to see every update. I’m glad you’ve hit a stride with it.
Aya been waiting for this. ;-)
I love Buck’s closing line in the 4th panel. It’s perfect.
I was thinking about growing mine out. Maybe I should reconsider...
Yes, but we get to see those beautiful lashes. You could love him for those alone.