I like eating sweets, drawing and reading webcomics <3
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omg look at what that mouth do.... this is too hot for me to handle *fanning myself vigorously*
a perfect moment for realisation....this is going to be awkward :D
omg... that face that Hiro made.. i'm dying :D :D
Coke is gonna be sooo sore after this. You better be gentler Wolf. And omg Coke is so cute.
looks pretty comfy for being underground
it's getting hot in there :D
can't blame him tho :D
say yes say yes :D
This is too perfect :D i can die happily now
the chandelier is so beautiul <3
I can't wait for an update :D also poor Jamie... being rejected and also having a ball hi him in the face??
oou - Wolf is in trouble, also who is Rhett? I can't wait to find out :D and holy shit Coke is creepy af
good thing he has such an amazing brother <3 i love them so much
I came for the side project, bu I didn't expect this to be so funny and amazing :D I love it thank you
ahh this is amazing :D
Calli is a smart cute cookie
oh my god - this is just too precious :D
Ha :D cant deny your inner homo now Wolfie :D but yeah - the second panel looks goddamn beautiful
aww I love puppies :D