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I like eating sweets, drawing and reading webcomics <3
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does he know what is is??
October 28th, 2017
Vrabec means sparrow in czech :D
I don't really mind this pairing (pls dont hurt me :D)
oooohhhh :D savage
September 18th, 2017
what a sexy tuug
so cute :3
noooooo wayyyyyyy xD xD xD xD
RAMMSTEIN <3 <3 <3 Paul, your friend is right in everything but don't you DARE change your ringtone - everybody needs some oldschool Rammstein in their lives
I can feel Wolf dying on the inside xD and holy shit Coke can be scary if he wants to
omg I'm dying xD xD DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT
the boy speaks truth... go get yourself some of that Ehart xD
ha :D I know what you mean... I hate household chores and cleaning, but man.... if I have to write like a really important essay I'd rather go and clean. :D anyways - I'm going to a university in a month and I hope I don't get a roommate like Chris... poor Riley - I hope things will get better between them soon :D
Cuteness overload... better save your soul Commander, and save this lil cutie
omg look at what that mouth do.... this is too hot for me to handle *fanning myself vigorously*
a perfect moment for realisation....this is going to be awkward :D
omg... that face that Hiro made.. i'm dying :D :D
Coke is gonna be sooo sore after this. You better be gentler Wolf. And omg Coke is so cute.
looks pretty comfy for being underground
it's getting hot in there :D