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I like eating sweets, drawing and reading webcomics <3
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yeeeeeeeees :D we are back baby
oh dang O.o
aaaaaaand...... it's gone!! :D
@boiseboo: ikr :D :D
toilet paper - the most useful thing in existence
what a skillful bot :D
Hello! :D please don't let other people discourage you. Your comic is amazing and it is only yours to create.
yes........ my life is now complete
December 31st, 2017
love the colors :D I love me some NewRetroWave
nooooooooooooooooo not the kid
does Kim perhaps have a..... BONER?????
December 21st, 2017
THIS is how I like my men - dominant and hungryy ;) ;) shame the perfect ones are only in yaoi or gay in real life :(
does he know what is is??
October 28th, 2017
Vrabec means sparrow in czech :D
I don't really mind this pairing (pls dont hurt me :D)
oooohhhh :D savage
September 18th, 2017
what a sexy tuug
so cute :3