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i like vidya games also writing i like pokemon and i have MANY MANY CHARECTERS
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still amazing comic .... although i was expecting an april fools (cause every sites doing it) meh
i found a thing?
hey pink eevee (mind if i call ya pinkvee?) i think i found a youtube channell o yours i just dont know if its ... yours... mind if i get a yes or no on this question?
i got nothin ta say but HYPE FOR PART 2 i like this comic
lkd and da mistake
even though you likely wont see this just wana say i love the little levin kevin and devin hidden in there also pannel 9 theres a spelling mistake ( even though im pretty sure you saw it allredy ) LOVE THE COMIC DOE
welp im late ... usual
i know im sorta late on this comic ( very late ) but i am totally like dusk that is exactly my face in math on the second slide