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Future Awesome Ruler of Humanity who likes writing fanfiction and goofing off on the internet. May/may not be a skeleton trapped in a human's body. Loves cats and cussing out people in different languages.

"The only thing we have to fear is giant, man-eating spiders." -President Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III, Esquire.
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Ah, yes: the 'where do babies come from' talk.
Sooch: *doorknob jiggles* "HOWIE???"
*other roommate enters*
Sooch: "...You're not Howie." :(
Lol that girl's just plain weird--I get that she likes eating meat since I do too, but the way she's talking about it with such enthusiasm is borderline fetishistic O_o
@Aiyse: I honestly cried laughing, especially during the 2nd episode since it was so bizarre. But yeah, 'Bell Liberty Academy' still cracks me up 🤣
Reminds me of this one hilariously-awful yaoi anime I once saw where the school was literally named Bell Liberty Academy, or BL Academy for short XDDD
Our little emo bby needs better friends ;_;
That's the face of instant regret XDDD
I don't know why, but I'm getting serious Bro and Dirk Strider vibes from these two ._.
Aw dude, it's totally okay--we're just happy to hear from you again, and congrats on making it to summer vacation~!
February 27th, 2018
Jesus Christ--this guy needs to get a pair of pliers for Christmas, that way he can remove the ruler he's got so far up his ass it's practically his spine =_="
*cASUALLY SCREAMS INTO THE VOID* latest?cb=20150808000810
Why do I feel like he's going to kiss Wes and Kim's going to be jealous?