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Zero don't you dare say what I think you're about to say...
Someone better have common sense AND super strength because Addie isn't the only one that wants to beat the frick outta them...
Addie wait up I want to give them a B-Slap too!
(Btw by common sense I mean by being calm enough to see that the beat up won't be worth it. I mean I would be the one to tell that it isn't worth it but there are some things that I will not stand!)
Don't smack her
Don't smack her
Don't smack her
*takes a step back*
Gengar! :D ^_^
WOOO! Team Elementals Unite!
Jadedia-test and see what the hammer can do in the room that is safe
This comic is going to be really good! I am so exited for an update!
Things are about to get
Are you going to continue this comic? Your art style of everyone is so amazing!
@jade 7w7: Well it has to be something that is dark and matters to the story!
Plot twist
Baku Shen'Nin
Awww. That was sweet of him to help out the old man with his daughter. He doesn't sound like a bad guy in my opinion. At least not yet.
April 10th, 2018
Please be alive!
Kiki what are you doing?!
You had that joke for a while didn't you?
Also I would so be Max if I just fought a ghost as well. I don't believe in them so when/if I fought one and lived... I'd be freaking out too. lol.
Kirby does have a point there. Who are they fighting and why specific abilities? Who is that threatening to the whole planet if not the universe?
Happy Birthday!
Honestly I know who you are talking about and it is definitely going to make things really interesting for the Kirby universe. Which is why I love it so much, it's like each game is a story arc of an even bigger adventure, with new mechanics and character development!