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Loki Coyote
Hey, I'm Sam, a 16 year old Catholic school girl with so many stories in her head that if she doesn't get them out her mind may just explode! I enjoy writing, reading, drawing, art, and science (I'm kind of a geek, if you haven't noticed). Most of my time is spent reading large amounts of books and webcomics, as well as watching way too many animated movies. I also like coffee. If you give me coffee I'll hug you! And that is saying something, because I don't like to touch people;).
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    Samantha W.
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I love this dialogue! "Does this mean you'll actually pay rent?" And I love the last panel...I can't wait to see the next strip!

I'm glad you're updating again:)
Ha ha, oh my God, a normal Peter is more frightening! What happened to him?!
So far this comic looks pretty interesing; I love your style, and am intrigued:).
LOL, her expression is priceless! Great page;)
Those dots are hypnotizing...LOL, anyways, good page! I really love the detail in the first panel. And good luck on the project:)
*laughs* Does Peter have relatives?
Aw, they're both so cute! I hope Bo finally wins him over.
A very wrong children's story...LOL, that's a pretty good description of this page! I love the last line...makes me wonder where Peter is...did Vince do something to him?!
You're comic is just awesome, there is no other word! The humor just cracks me up, and oddly brightens my day:). And that last panel is just gold!
*grins* Who's scarier, Vince or Peter? This page cracked me up!
This is an interesting comic so far! I loved the sequence of him rushing to class; man, I could so relate. And the introduction of Void is cool; it adds an extra creepy element to it.

Anyways, fave:D
He he, I hope Peter's just happy...
Loki Coyote
April 25th, 2006
*rolls over laughing* The dialogue is great on this page! I shudder to think what shall happen next;)
I low the idea in this coimc, and Bo is so cute! It looks like something interesting's gonna happen:)
This comic is really interesting so far, and I love the art and the character interactions! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens:D
LOL, that's up to l'artiste, who is lazy!
*laughs* Uh oh, what is Lucinda up to?
I've been following this comic for a while, and it just keeps getting better and better! I love your style and characters, and Lucinda cracks me up:D