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fall forever
A poem for you.

Fall has name, it's Fall.
Fall will speak in third person.
You may now shoot Fall. C:

-shot to death-
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GRRR, I was lazy. Drew this in maybe 15 minutes. xD
Sorry! It's been over a week! If I had known I would have updated sooner! Sorry, sorry, sorry! Next time that I don't update for so long, bug me! Message me! I've been working on other fun things, so I'm sorry. Dx

Yeah. They saw Ike and Ruby Tucker making out. D:
And then Craig is like, "lol, I'm staying for dinner, frick yew"

I kind of find it funny that every page I draw is like... a cockblock moment. LOL OTL
Oh goodness. There are so many things I could lead this page up with. xDDDD <3
Same with saying lisp with a lisp. :[
Cute comic. :3
Tomato head is wonderful. xD
Pfft, no, it's totally cool.
I didn't know how to deal with the situation, and I recently got into Cryle. >u> I know, shameless.
I felt bad for not updating yesterday. End of the school year is getting close, and it's crunch time for me. Sorry if it's a terrible page, but I have a half done painting due tomorrow at 3. I don't finish, I fail. LOLZ. Later dudes. :D

Edit: Can't make sense of the lower section of the entire page?

<They're carrying boxes for a Southpark event downstair. Kyle chose to carry the two heaviest boxes. Ohnoes, he trips, and Craig saves him in the last second.>

Craig: IDIOT!!
Kyle: I-I'm sorry.
Craig: What did I say?!
Kyle: ...
Craig: Whatever... At least you're okay, right cutie?
"Nope. I feel like I got pussy slaped. It's kind of like a bitch slap but LAMER."
She's a gold digger! Don't fall for her! D8 (jkjkjk)
It was a sex gift, obviously. <shot>

Sucha cute comic. :]
This makes me soooo happy. XD
Cat molester.
Definately 5 years old.
Not giving you much to work with? I thought I was starting an actual plot. j-j

It's cool stuff, I'm glad you're part of the crew now. :] First SP drawing~ <3

K2, staig, style, creek, cryle... SP fandoms are love period. ;D
OMG, I'm so excited for the new chapter! <3
I changed the direction of the comic to traditional manga style because it seemed like it would have been a headache for readers to go back and forth.

At first while drawing this I was going left to right even though I told myself, "traditional japanese manga style." I ended up having to flip the page. XD

Happy: I love coloring hands. juj <3 Stan's hand makes me so happy, and I love drawing Kenny; he's such a cutie.
Angry: RAWR RAWR RAWR. Kyle needs to stop being so... orange. xDDD His hand holding his huge phone was a total PAAAAIN. Kyle was not kind to me this page. Oh, also, I tried to stuff a load of panels into this page because as I started getting closer to the end of the page I was all, "Oh shoot, no more space. Ummm. I can fit 3 more panels. >_>"

Edit: If you're wondering why the text says, "honed," it was a t9 typo where <3> was clicked too many times. I've actually received a text that said that from my mom before, and I thought it was cute. Quiet you. >_>
I love the robotic-ness of him. xDD
It's simple math:
plans + missing clothes + girl = the nasty
(That's what my friends and I call it when we're making jokes.)

PEOPLE (if you have time, even just <vaguely> know Southpark, can draw) JOIN.
Seriously. And you don't have to do all out color like it's going right now. We just are because we feel like it. >_>

Radom comments: Stan is going anime on you with blue hair and eyes. stfu...
Last panel with Kyle is my favorite. What a sinister face. <3

@Michu: I switched back to text. Writing cramps my hands. XD
His shirt is angrryyyyy. D:
...or some other STD.
That's right, sickness will fuck Stan and give him AIDS. That's what you get for dressing so lightly, Stan.

Btw, is it cool with writing by hand? I hope you can read it. >_>