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lmao the first thing I thought, 'why are you paying so much attention, my dude.'

1. California
2. Kuroo/Kenma and Keith/Lance are my ultimate favorites.
3. Idk really tbh
Gah I'm excited to see the next pages.
How can Wyatt resist that gaze t b h
Aiden's face made me crack up omg.
Focus on the politics bro, that's a sure boner killer.
Wyatt's face is so cute here! Do yourself a favor and keep reading into it pls.
I'm a fan of the new art style A+++
I spent too long staring at that 4th panel, too perfect.
I hope Wes is a Good Guy because he's so well-mannered and ugh, I love it.
Daaamn I thought for a sec that was his older brother. What a looker.
This page is so cute!!
This whole conversation is so great to see tbh I would've thought it'd go in an unsavory direction, but it was handled so well.
February 28th, 2017
Hooray, I was hoping you'd post this to tapas since I've been using that far more often.
Pretty sure straight dudes love talking about dicks more than anyone else.
Welcome back!! Just keep at it Aiden...
Oh my god... cuties. Guessing that blonde will give them trouble later?
@JKHoganBooks: Vkusnooo!
This poor kid... God help him if he wound up stuck in the wilderness.