I'm more of a writer than an artist and I'm spending far more time developing my written works than anything I draw.

I kinda AM working on revamping one of my oldest projects, but I'm stuck for an art style. Nothing seems to fit, and the old story... the way I first told it, was more fun, it was on the fly, it was so badly drawn and paced I cringe looking at it.

I drift in and out of Hiatus a LOT, doesn't mean I'm not working on projects, it just means I'm incredibly slow and need a lot of prods and shoving before I stick with something. - I'm aware it takes effort to build up a fanbase so it's a catch 22 -

Now, when it comes to my screen name I'm usually down as Nolascana practically everywhere else. I started using it when I made a DeviantArt account back in the day and after I'd made an account on here.

I hadn't realised how common a name it was. When I came up with it it was derived from Mitsunari [After Ishida Mitsunari]- Mit-ari - Mitani.

Meh, either way I'll sign things as Mitani Hart, as like it or not peeps, it's part of my legal name.
@OtherworldsComics: I am a lurker, but definitely a recurring reader!

The change up of perspectives is a wonderful idea and it certainly shakes things up. It helps us learn their reasoning behind situations that would otherwise remain unexplored.

When writing I don't set anything in stone.I prefer to let characters make up their own minds, as such.

After a while things happen and characters grow apart, or together.

One of my protagonists so far is definitely not a virgin by the start of the story, has a male partner with whom communication breaks down and he cheats on. Has a partner who begins to transition to female, and that does dissolve the relationship as the transitioning begins (as the protagonist is definitely gay). Finds a cute and bubbly person to be in his life and gives no shits with their more gender queer moments...

While the protagonists father is Bisexual and adored his wife... His dedication to his job drove them apart and she walked out. Get him drunk and he'll blub like a baby about their relationship... Something his current partner is more than used to and just zones out on till he either passes out or sobers up xD
@wohdin: Seriously?

This comic is not a two dimensional romp through just one pairing of characters that barely interact with the world around them.

There's a whole cast of characters with their own motivations, their own histories... which are being explained gradually as time goes on.

How is character development and variety a bad thing?

I would go into a whole rant here, but, its derailing and yeaaaah...

Either way, what makes this enjoyable is knowing that there is more to the cast than meets the eye.
You know... the question everyone SHOULD be asking is -

Does it fit?

Cause, you know, that's the only reason he's gonna wear it. I mean, he did practically promise XP
@JabJaz: What browser are you using? (firefox opens them just fine)

Mobile or desktop?

What parental restrictions do you have? (Those might be messing with the permissions of the host site)
Are you using a public or private computer? (Some intranets and public services block image sharing sites)
@Luca: Seriously they might not be able to afford a beta, their usual person might have been busy.

It happens from time to time with esl (and native speakers [Ex Gf was one of the worst for it I swear. ALWAYS confusing tense mid sentence and mixing up they're and their]).
Don't be a dick about it.

@Skittsue: did it the right way, telling the authors what the errors were and providing help.

Not just being an ass and going HURR DURR MISTAKES KTHXBAI.
@Vilani: I just... of all the things to rant about.

I mean, people that complain about any other sexual pairing than gay men just confuse me. I mean, good lord it happens, and it's not like you don't put warnings up.

I usually find myself fascinated by unusual pairings and the mechanics that people create.

My favorite obscure pairing is a centaur and a felitaur. The height difference alone is fun to get around... and the thought of barbed penis just, well, my characters work through it xD
@Vilani: They stole my trick, I'm usually a nitpicker for terms and defend myself till the bitter end xD

Also - I might steal 'boiking' for future use X3
*almost dies laughing*
@Fathom: Hence "Chain and Hakakku in their feral/animal forms".

Meaning, take whichever definition suits your needs.

Anyhoo~ Semantics indeed.

(I am often invested in Etymology and pride myself with that... and even I don't give a rats arse xD)
@Anon: Actually Mark -could- have descendants, could be one of the reasons he took off before Joa was turned for all we know.

If he ever donated sperm anywhere, or opted to be someone's surrogate (turkey baster method or natural), he could well have been a father at some point, sexuality aside.

(Just thought I'd point that out, as hell, he's a big ol mystery ^^)
Hm... Come to think of it I'm not sure.

The art updates used to be on the profile page, but crossmatching the upload dates they seem to have vanished.

I periodically check back here and there to catch up on anything new, but linking to them on the closest comic update would be for the best, maybe?

I think in one of the Smackjeeves updates certain things have been streamlined and the displayed updates are from the most recent chapter folder (which makes things a colossal pain in the backside for me if I ever get around to working on older projects again).
@Vilani: Aye, I feel some people honestly don't understand what it means to be a patron... or someone who has gained their support.

Anything that the patrons get in return is just an added bonus. Like being able to read a little ahead for example.

There is nothing wrong with that at all. I feel that people that complain about early updates and all of that have no idea what a paywall actually is.

I feel that they also fail to notice that a lot, and I mean a LOT of webcomic artists need to put their comics at the bottom of their priority list as most of them do not generate high enough incomes to ensure financial stability.

Hell it's one of the reasons I keep abandoning the one I want to start. I don't have the time and energy to sink into it without dropping a shift at work... which... is not happening.

I have loved being able to follow this story and sometimes I admit I am surprised when I realise how many years I have been doing.

You are a dedicated, hard working, and honest person. Don't let anyone let you think otherwise, and definitely don't hold the punches for those that don't respect you for you.
@Vilani: I honestly can't believe somebody complained about you having a patreon... It's the absolute same as having a tip jar and accepting donations when possible.

If you can get any financial help atop any income you already have... Good job I say! Every little helps, and if you manage to get at least a couple of hours worth of pay a week extra, it saves on any overtime you might have already had to put in...

And so on and so forth...

For those that are lucky enough for them to be financially sound because of Patreon, great! It's good to know they can make a living doing what they love (even if they have a second 'day' job that they also love).

I would rather see a webcomic author financially stable and in a good place, than struggling and burning themselves out emotionally and physically.

I honestly wish you all the best going forward, you are always upfront and honest with us with scheduling and personal updates (when necessary) and that should matter more to people than them nagging about upload frequency and you trying to make a more comfortable life for yourself.
Do what you need to and above all else, look after yourself ^^
I think I'll weigh in here and say...

I really don't mind that you're offering the nsfw pages for money. It's just the same as people offering explicit side comics, or wallpapers, or whatever, for set amounts of money n all that.

I come to Smackjeeves to read comics in my spare time. And yes, I am happy to be able to read them for free.
I am happier to learn that the artists can make money from ads, or indeed from people that do have the money to donate, or buy extras etc.

I would NEVER hold it against any author, of any varient, for doing as you do here.

@DotE (Guest) Sod off, with that attitude you won't be missed.
Seriously, the story is still going to be posted on smackjeeves. You're just missing the smut - which frankly is not the soul purpose that all of us are here for.
@Mccull61: Out of sheer interest, does the saying have routes in beacons at all?

To tell the truth the way Arco says it did throw me a little too, but hell, if it's the way he says it, it's the way he says it.

I use very archaic phrasing of things sometimes and I love throwing people for a loop when they don't expect it.

I can't think of anything specific at the moment as it's second nature to smirk at confused looks then explain it later xD

Hell, I said epitome as epi-tome until recently myself xD
Hi there, I thought I'd mention a lil possible typo in one of the bubbles I think it should say "It's super weird when it's only you and another person" instead of "use another person".

Though, hell it could be both ^~

Poor Chain, honestly, how would one deal with a brother like Gengi without going crazy xD
That is one awesome defense mechanism. I mean, things about to turn to shit and Poof! outta there!

And, well, quite the awesome interpretation of the welcome/unwelcome thing with vampires. Makes the whole needing permission to enter thing far more viable ^^
Ok, why the Angie bashing?
Woah hell's bells people are turning on Angie?

Telling them to leave isn't the end of the world. She needs space to process what she's just been told.

She's not overreacting as far as I'm concerned. She seems to be the tranquil fury part.

She cant' stand the sight of someone that's been deceiving her (not disclosing something important kind of deception)...

HOW in the HELL is that her being a bitch?

I'm sorry but have the people in the hate corner ever been in a similar situation? (- supernatural elements)

She needs space, they all do.

It's all about how the story goes from here. And that, is what we will find out in time.
@abyssdoor: I was using 'your' as a generalisation.

The main point was 'you won't miss anything' if you were to always check a few pages prior, just in case batch updates do happen. With any author of any webcomic.

It's always better to make sure you're at the same part you left off of. Even when there's a batch update from an author the comments are usually sitting under the page anyway.

Though... I will say I was lost with your analogy a little, to argue a point you'd be better saying that it's like picking up a pre-order comic book and realising it's an issue ahead. Then having to go back and buy the correct one before the story makes sense.

Either way, I'm not the only one to do it.

@abyssdoor: When any comic is released on even a bi-weekly schedule it's always better to read a few pages prior to the time you think it updated, that way your memory is refreshed and you won't miss anything xD