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June 5th, 2017
I know its a vain hope
But I hope that swirl of leaves means someone is about to get his comeuppance with interest.
Huh, the page seems to be missing.
Kill count classifed
And another reminder that the 'super heroes' come across more as villains with good publicity than real heroes.
Oh my...
Hmm so he is causing punmageddon... And here I thought if that was going to happen it would have been caused by Callahan's Salon.
Just, wow... That gives me the serious impression that inverse's government are a specially vile sort of scum.
Hmm it seems he needs some lessons in proper manners
At this rate Cystal might need to show up and use her special ability to knock sense back into this two.
@melaredblu: I say more from her mother/Stepmother? I mean her father the baron was abrasive and full of emotion but he was also being consumed with worry about his missing daughter which is understandable. If anything he was nicer than some people would have been in the same situation.

Her other parent however strikes me as the abrasive sort all the time with a heavy dose of cold bloodiness from what little we saw of her.
I sort of feel sorry for those monochromes...
Well I saw that coming...
Yah, Tiamat isn't exactly known for being reasonable god when it comes to matters of family if its the same primordial ocean goddess from Mesopotamian mythology...
I wouldn't be too worried, Crys seems quite good at dealing with such outbursts.
Hmm time for a dance of dragons I think...
Yah but there is something deeply amusing about that, I foresee a humorous interactions incoming.
Soul was ready to put gold in his place there.
Camping is always good for getting away from the world and relaxing.
Well to be fair any species that eats members of another species shouldn't honestly expect that said species would be morally accepting of it and even less so when said species is made of former members of of the target species.
Oh I am certainly enjoying it and I still love the Baron as a character though he has been left behind. I am certainly looking forward to the next chapter when it eventually comes.
Admittedly I never cared much for the oddish line but then I've never been one for plant or normal type Pokemon in my parties in general with exceptions like Eevee.
Well that was a turn of events he likely didn't expect.

As a side note none of the character profiles seem to be showing for some reason.