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August 5th, 2019
And now all I am picturing are the soon to be dead journalists daughters pulling a Inigo_Montoya some years down the road...
I don't suppose Myu knows miracle eye...

Because that would be really useful about now.
Huh it says it is page 35 when the previous page was 32.
Tai is going to have start knocking sense into people isn't he?
@JimLad: Also build bunkers, traps and come u[ with conspiracy theories.

though come to think of that might more fit the great fairy from twilight Princess given she's hidden at the end of the cave of ordeals.
Great Fairy survivalist?
I don't know why but looking at this I half expect the voice of Zeus to Command him to "rise from your grave".
It is alive... I was almost certain this was dead and I am relieved to see it yet lives.
September 20th, 2018
God just looking at the rainbow hair and all I can think is how much of a pain that must have been.
They both have the exact same look that noise which says it all.
Well that is certainly a quick change around huh.
Oh dear, her little friend could come back any time now...

Or else a legendary encounter might be fortuitous about now...
June 5th, 2017
I know its a vain hope
But I hope that swirl of leaves means someone is about to get his comeuppance with interest.
Huh, the page seems to be missing.
Kill count classifed
And another reminder that the 'super heroes' come across more as villains with good publicity than real heroes.
Oh my...
Hmm so he is causing punmageddon... And here I thought if that was going to happen it would have been caused by Callahan's Salon.
Just, wow... That gives me the serious impression that inverse's government are a specially vile sort of scum.
Hmm it seems he needs some lessons in proper manners
At this rate Cystal might need to show up and use her special ability to knock sense back into this two.
@melaredblu: I say more from her mother/Stepmother? I mean her father the baron was abrasive and full of emotion but he was also being consumed with worry about his missing daughter which is understandable. If anything he was nicer than some people would have been in the same situation.

Her other parent however strikes me as the abrasive sort all the time with a heavy dose of cold bloodiness from what little we saw of her.