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I'm very sorry...

It's been a while since I updated this OC ...

Oh well I decided to change this first chapter I'm sorry about that....

Hmmm I "changed style" Yes and no ...
Yes because It doesn't look like the last page I did ...I know I know

But it takes too much time and ...I don't have Time at the moment, so I'm posting some rough pages..It's better then nothing I guess. So please bear with it ^^; I'll be continuing this comic like this I think.
reply to Dark10
oh yes I am sorry for the spelling being wrong, I will correct It right away ( and at the same time clean a bit more the pages ^^; kinda dirty when I look at them again ) :)

Hmm this is not really going to be a comic or a whole story,
I will update little stories with lots of different style from rough sketching to whole CG pages : )

Like written in the description.
Angels don't fly they crash

Poem written by LEULIER Matthieu
Translated from French to English
Angels don't fly they crash
First comic: [cover]

doodled this when i was on the bus while looking a the road and after I saw something particular on this same road.

Remade this morning pretty fast and modified it a bit on PC.

Number of pages + cover: 3
Cover - I.001
New project

-comics (short stories)

Illustration - Lion
reply to suicidollxp
for the moment i'am workin on it with a friend and making it a Webcomic, but i might try to publish it once it is allmost done.

and the address is right on top : )
New comic of mine,
little "ad" : 3
come read it at
lost, and found
I found my sketch book, it was under my chemistry book in my locker.

oh well, I'm happy to have found it so fast.
here's the newest page ^ w ^
I'm sorry once more for uploading late... I had problems with this page, and it didn't come out as good as I thought....

Uploads will be suspended for a while, since I lost my sketchbook where most of my sketches for the comic are in. I am still looking for it, and hope to find it quick since i don't really want to make the sketches again.....

Oh well, about this page ....I'm really not that great with rooms and stuff ... : / lucky me ...=.= have much more to do.
December 16th, 2007
=.= ..hmmhmm I..didn't color is properly because .. I didn't want to ^_____^''
^^; I'm so sorry, i didn't post any pages for a while.

I'll try to catch up fast.
i love your style ^^ this sort of sketchy style is just..arg XD don't know what to say : )
hope to see more
October 8th, 2007
man how i hate coloring pages. ...=.= hopefully this is the last one ^^; ....normally ...=.=
reply to izumi kojima
thank you : ) , i used corel painter 7 to color my cover.
But the drawing is originally a hand made drawing that i scanned.