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Heyo! I'm a plain and simple person with set morals....just joshing with ya' but I do have some morals, I'm not very judgey.
Obviously I like pink!
Just an insomniac trying to figure out a way to process and apply all of my excess energy and creativity. Also I reeeeaaaaaaaallllllllly like bunnies (๑་ ༝ ༌๑)ෆ* bunnniiiess ૮( ᵒ̌ૢ௰ᵒ̌ૢ )ა eeeeeehe૮(⋆❛ہ❛⋆)ა
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I'm glad you haven't discontinued this, it's really adorable, though I just started it last night.
I hope to see more from you, and since it's been two years since an update I can't wait to see how your art style has grown!
Hope you're in good health. ヾ( ´。 •x• 。` )ノ”