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I'm a huge fan of Survivor: Fan Characters and One Piece Grand Line 3.5. I decided to finally get an account so I can join the ranks of the commenters properly.
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I am very, very happy to see this comic again. And not just because of Assuka.
@SWSU-Master: So it goes. I know full well the frustration of having to write a purposefully unlikable character to drive the plot.
@Haroldisgod: DIO.
@ChronoAlone: Sorry, typo! I'll fix that.
Doris was a really predictable winner, but I won't hold that against her too much. This was a very, very high-quality season, possibly among my top five overall. I've had a ton of fun walking through it with you guys, as always. Now on to my best and worst characters of season awards, among other sundry awards I feel like giving out.
Best Character: Bowser Junior. What can I say? He was a bit childish and impulsive, but he proved to have a good amount of strategic acumen and skill at challenges. Certainly a better competitor than his father, and just as good of a character overall. I'd love to see how he fares outside of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Worst Character: Sierra, not that you didn't see that coming. A wishy-washy moron foisted upon us by her far superior sister. She left her mark on this game, and it was by far the largest black mark on this season. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up this season's Scrappy on TV Tropes.
Most Improved: I really wanted to put Vinnie since he made it to third this time around, but I'm actually going to have to give this to Brandi. She finally managed to make some big moves and develop past her paranoia, plus her home life is about to improve a great deal. This is a pretty drastic turnaround, considering how much I hated her last season.
Best Curb-Stomp: No, I'm not talking about Angelo's date with a single mother, I'm talking about Izy's stunning showing in beating up basically half the cast. Even sweeter in retrospect, considering I hold a grudge against Thorne for foisting her dumbass sister on us.
Best Couple: Riley and Tia. I'm awfully fond of Tia, considering she's a sassy action girl. That said, I found myself surprised to be so fond of Riley considering he was never anything resembling a threat. He ended up cute and nuanced enough to win my admiration.
So that's it for this season, folks! I can't wait for more spirited comments during SFC17!
Who needs to waste your wishes on a genie when the producers can help them win the seasons directly? Griping about IRL Survivor aside, I see that Thorne is still delusional. I'm really, really hoping Vinnie is going to win here, but it's most likely Doris in the end. Shame. She was just so... obvious. Like, end of Game Changers obvious.
Interesting! This could be closer than I thought! Doris had a bit of trouble answering Jury members' questions to their satisfaction, despite Bradley acting as her hype man. Bit obnoxious of him, honestly, but fairly expected. But Vinnie... Vinnie shone. He provided pretty excellent answers to everyone's questions, even if they weren't the answers people wanted to hear. I think he just might win this by dint of impressing people enough with his rationale and strategic play. Sierra is a bad player and has no chance of winning this.
@Guest: Is there anything Jeff Probst can't ruin?
Doris is still a horribly obvious winner, Sierra's still going to lose and get an epic roasting, yadda yadda. What I'm interested to see is how Vinnie answers all the people who're going to grill him tomorrow. Can he turn their votes around and save us from a really predictable ending? Find out next time on Survivor Fan Characters Z!
@Blastoise_FTW: I just thought it through, and you're right. I was going to say that Melanie was the worst winner ever, but at least she did something in order to earn a victory. Sierra would be a cancer upon a truly beautiful season if that happened, and season 8 was mediocre even before the crappy ending.
It is going to be hilarious watching Sierra walk in confidently and walk out having been roasted by every Jury member save one. She's an absolute moron and a hindrance and I look forward to seeing her get her comeuppance. So it's down to Doris and Vinnie at this point. Doris probably has this (to my utter annoyance) but Vinnie might be able to convince people that his excellent strategic game outweighs Doris's mediocre strategic game and good social game. It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to go up to someone you screwed over and tell them you deserve the million. Sierra doesn't have an iota of it. Vinnie does, and that might carry him.
Uggghhhhhh. And from here on out, the season is a snoozefest, only broken up by every Jury member getting to chew out Sierra. Time for Doris to get all of the votes save Thorne's and take the title away from more entertaining players. I think I'm starting to dislike Sierra more than Melanie at this point, and I HATE Melanie. At least Junior got to go out like a champ. He was one of my absolute favorites this season and I really wanted him to make final three with Vinnie and Waste of Roster Space.
@Tailslover13: Personal bias is at play here, honestly. I love seeing the negative players win it all at the end of the day and I respect a strong strategic game, so I'm rooting hard for Vinnie and Bowser Jr. Doris, though, I think my reaction to her is simply because she's so unbelievably obvious as a winner that she's also unbelievably obvious as a fakeout. I enjoy her character development, I loved her interactions with Bradley, I just don't want her to win.
@SkySurfer: "Sierra" and "reliable" don't belong in the same sentence.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: This season has been so good so far. I really, really don't want one bad character to mess up what could be a very interesting Final Tribal.
@Yumichika Time: It's not going to change people's perception of Sierra. If anything, it might worsen the hatred since she's introducing uncertainty into the next Tribal and trying to enable a very boring winner. Plus she was doomed from the outset. She started out very boring and ended up embodying a lot of the most hated personality traits among Survivor contestants.
Sierra's gonna fuck this up somehow. Which sucks, because I was really rooting for Doris to go home. I'd love to see two worthy adversaries and their goat at Final Tribal.
Seeing Vinnie win Final Immunity fills you with DETERMINATION. I am so, so happy that he won this, you guys have no idea. I'm also laughing out loud at Sierra's indecisiveness working against her one last time. I'm pretty sure Doris is going to be voted out next time around. I'm hoping for it, honestly. I have been wanting to see Vinnie vs. Bowser Jr. in the finals with a side of goat.
I have a lot of fond memories of this cast, since this has been a very above-average season so far. I've decided to pick my favorites and least favorites for both returning characters and new characters. Favorites? Probably gonna have to go with Damon and Riley, though that was a very hard choice to make. I mean, there were so many great characters this season that it's legitimately hard to pick. Least favorites? Hard to say, really. Definitely Rosella, thought that was intentional. I can't think of any other players in this season I actually dislike, barring Sierra, and she's not on this list for obvious reasons. I've had a ton of fun so far this season and I can't wait to see how this Final Immunity turns out.