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I'm a huge fan of Survivor: Fan Characters and One Piece Grand Line 3.5. I decided to finally get an account so I can join the ranks of the commenters properly.
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Kade probably has a contingency plan set up, sadly. Even more sadly, that probably means Ollie is going since Parmesan and Josh and non-entities right now.
Ollie's definitely going full Ertfelda. Maybe he can do what the real Matthew couldn't and take home the cool million!

I also enjoyed the "shutthefuckupachu" line more than I should have. Hope that gigglesnort didn't wake up my parents.
Uh oh. Mele's making herself a very visible target. I worry that she's going to attract Kade's attention along with the eleventy billion votes that will follow.
I'm so glad that Parmesan and Ghost Bro are working out their differences. I hate to see them fight, and hopefully this spat will improve their lives post-show!

Ollie continues his run as my favorite character of the season.
Josh is going to be screwed if he doesn't take some time to calm down. He's whining like Raiza and that's definitely not a good thing for his long-term prospects.

Ghost Bro is increasingly unstable and prideful. I'm worried that he might try to strike out against his alliance in a more substantial way and burn all of his remaining bridges.
Oh, Tails is going to lose their sh*t when they find out about this.

Raiza, Raiza, Raiza... To be honest, she definitely wasn't one of my favorites this season. Whiny, overly reliant on the Ex Machina for the longest time instead of her own natural abilities. She developed some depth over time, but I'm not particularly sad to see her go. I'm more interested in seeing Josh go on the warpath.
Yeah, it's definitely going to be Josh or Raiza. Besides, having one of them leave will produce character development in the... survivor. Sorry, realized what I did there literally as I was typing this. Smart money's on Josh leaving, because there's no way he wouldn't take the bullet for Raiza.
Ollie was magnificent and I can't quite stop laughing yet. Three cheers for our otter! Now let's just get him out of that tree. And nobody tell him Haunter has Levitate!
Whuh oh. Ollie's played his Matthew card too early and now he's become a legitimate threat. If it wasn't for Josh's showmance and historically terrible luck, I'd be more worried.
Alfredo's little outburst could cost him standing. If he's not completely simpatico with Parmesan, then he's a liability to his alliance. The pair of them are interesting character with a lot of potential to sow chaos and I'd hate to see them taken out this episode for something as petty as jealousy.

Also, props to Derek for keeping up the convincing Jenny hate. I'm honestly rooting for their two-person alliance/potential showmance.
It is a good thing that Raiza is an idiot, otherwise Jenny's game plan would've been sunk in an instant.
The Ex Machina is gone for good, so let us rejoice! I've been wanting to see that hunk of OP metal gone since Amadeus first showed his true colors.

I appreciate that Kade's actually trying to let his alliancemates in on his plans. Maybe he's starting to become more of a person and less of an obstacle in this game. As for Derek and Jenny, I'm pretty sure they'll be pegged pretty soon as less rivals and more spreaders of belligerent sexual tension.

Did Ollie take my place in the Discord? I never thought I'd be so attached to a sh*tposting robotter.
It honestly makes me happy that less tragedy was involved with Ollie's construction. Maybe he was built at the Sister Location, considering he has no supernatural component.
I love that all the major characters in this alliance are showing various degrees of character development. Kade's finally showing just how fragile his plans truly are, Jenny's being kind and selfless, Derek's not being obstinate, and Jeannie's being a scene-stealing covert pervert. All is right in the world.
Eh, it's just as well. CutieCat's story was finished up after her character development on the island. Plus she never really did anything of note other than screw up publicly and make LP jokes. It is what it is.

As for Kade, I'm continually impressed by his ability to worm his way out of situations like this. It's a shame he's never going to win the game, considering his mission goal of burning every bridge he ever built and forcing big moves at every Tribal Council he's in.
This is going to be extremely chaotic. I still think that Jeannie's going to be leaving one way or the other in the near future, if only to spite Kade. But if that doesn't happen, who's going home? Derek's having trouble with both of his potential alliances, Jenny's looking for any (energy) resources she can get, and Kade is about to tell a lot of horrifying truths. All I know is that this is going to be entertaining.
It's slightly annoying that this challenge was literally designed for Raiza, but it's whatever. It was funny overall and I'm moderately satisfied with the results.

Time to watch Kade scramble for once. It's too early for him to be voted out, but miracles may happen. Besides, Jeannie could always quit if he gets too uppity.
It's been a long time coming. I'm so happy to see Josh and Raiza get together. :3 I'm also glad to see that Josh agrees with my views on the Ex-Machina. She never needed it.
It's a shame that Josh is going this episode.
I'm glad Jenny's got a little insurance set back. I'm even more glad that Jeannie's got a backup plan. They've both been getting a ton of development and I'm happy for them. :3