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Goodbye, Brandi. I absolutely loved your character arc in this season. If you'd told me the last time around that I'd be rooting for Brandi on any level, I would have given you the stink eye. That said, she's left a favorable impression on me. Now that she's gone, however, I'm pretty sure my preferred alliance is in the ascendant. And Angelo's baby face is hilarious.
Oh, this is not going to be good. Machinations are colliding, nobody trusts anyone, and Sierra is being a wishy-washy moron. Again. I hate that the fate of some of my favorite characters comes down to one of the worst character archetypes on Survivor.
Thorne is safe so we're losing an alliance head tonight. I hate that everything comes down to Sierra at this point. Considering her track record, we're probably about to lose Vinnie.
*Wilford Brimley voice* Diabeetus. The Staggs now have it. As for Sierra, I'm glad she gets one chance to relax before the entire game turns on her.
Vinnie, you are magnificent. I thought he was good in season 2, but this is a new height of magnificent bastardry. He's swearing on Angelo's name and Damon is eating it up. It's like what Russell was doing in Heroes vs. Villains with that cross necklace, but it's actually working.
I don't think it's going to be that easy to give Vinnie the Boot. He's probably going to get somebody idoled in his stead, most likely Brandi. Should be easy enough, given the way Brandi and Tia are devoted to the cause of voting out Vinnie. Either way, the next Tribal won't be boo-ring.
Today we have witnessed the succ. And it was good.
Awwww. :3 It's a shame that one of these three is going next, considering these boot flags. Brandi's gotta come forward with that info quickly if we want this awesome group to go further in the game.
It's really jarring to see Brandi making multiple competent moves at the game considering how she used to be. Bradley's making me think that he's going to go home soon in order to save Doris from a vote, Riley is adorable and fluffy, and Sierra is still a moron.
I've gotta give props to Bowser Jr. for properly reading people's reactions and diverting the blame onto the most relevant target. He's gonna be a fine manipulator if he doesn't overplay his hand. I'll put my two cents in on Sierra real quick. She's a very nice young woman. Too nice for Survivor, and she apparently has a massive calcium deficiency in her diet if she still hasn't developed a spine at this point. I'd say she needs to pick a side, but it's probably too late. Nobody trusts her at this point thanks to Junior, not even her own sister, so even if she did pick a side she'd be the most expendable one on that side. TL:DR, Sierra is too wishy-washy for her own good and her game is probably torpedoed.
I take a break for two days and Angelo is gone? Crap. At least he took Bradley's idol with him, but I'm still pretty upset about now. I don't really have time to do proper rankings about now, but my top three are Bowser Jr., Vinnie, and Thorne.
Seriously, Sierra is a gigantic moron and Tia was right for outing her. Wishy-washy actions are a good way to paint an enormous target on one's back. It's a shame she isn't really a viable target tonight. Angelo's probably tonight's target, given that Bowser Jr. just had to go and intervene. I do appreciate his willingness to cause chaos, though. He's far more subtle than dear old dad.
Sierra is going to get voted out so fast her head spins. She just spilled EVERYTHING in a public forum. Vinnie's alliance is going to drop her like a hot rock and probably split the vote to boot just in case Bradley's feeling merciful.
Okay, this comic was just glorious. I'd provide some insights or predictions, but I'm kind of distracted by the first showing of "Were-Riley vs. the Dudebros."
@Slicer37: Sierra is a Sean Kenniff. She's so determined not to hurt people's feelings that she's completely unreliable. Recall in Borneo that Kenniff's strategy to avoid hurting people's feelings resulted in Tagi sweeping the season. Also recall that this strategy made him a laughingstock at best. Now do you realize why she is disliked?
You know, it's weird to see someone referring to Brandi as "incredibly reliable" considering her track record. Sierra, though, is incredibly stupid. Even Tia knows full well that Sierra's going to be a wishy-washy annoyance who disrupts plans left and right because she won't vote with her head. Sierra's going to end up the Sean Kenniff of this season, ruining everyone's long-term strategy because of her need to not hurt anyone's feelings and incurring hatred as a result.
Oh, this is going to go poorly. I'll give Thorne props for voting with her head instead of her heart. The weak link here is Sierra, though. Sierra's going to spill the beans and this alliance is going down the drain like one of Angelo's byproducts.
I do love the team name. And really everything about this strip, honestly. Thorne's honesty is refreshing, Angelo's rules are kind of crap, and Riley's gonna wreak havoc tonight.
Oh, yeah, all the power couples are back together. This is going to get chaotic in short order as blocs are formed and reformed. It's gonna be waaaaaaaar.