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I'm a huge fan of Survivor: Fan Characters and One Piece Grand Line 3.5. I decided to finally get an account so I can join the ranks of the commenters properly.
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Lester and Jeannie probably aren't leaving, so I'm anticipating Naomi's gonna be going. I'm glad Josh had a chance to prove his usefulness so he has some ammunition against Amadeus.
I think Derek just sunk to the bottom of my rankings for this tribe. Some of us LIKE lore and worldbuilding, thank you very much.
I appreciate Josh making a concerted effort to change the game. I also appreciate the fact that we have two perfectly viable ships in the same comic. :3
It's a poorly-kept secret that Survivor cuts down on costs by literally working their hires to death during setup for seasons. That's how a ghost knows the secret of the idol.
I really should've guessed this earlier, considering her name. It's honestly a pretty neat skill to have, provided nobody hits her with a fighting-type move during espionage missions.
Holy crap, he's actually Slash? Here's hoping history doesn't repeat, 'cause the last time he got taken out was hilarious/terribly sad. I'm glad he has more personality than he did. I'm sad that Mele's personality is obnoxious.
Huh. Looks like Ollie isn't as sure to be the first boot of his tribe as I thought he was. This could make for a very interesting alliance indeed. Also, Amadeus is still the second coming of Enter.
@EJ122: There are already Enter comparisons being made, and that's not a good thing.
Called it. Right down to the comparisons with Enter. Charity wasn't necessarily a bad character, but she was certainly a boring one. The fly-under-the-radar power player thing doesn't work out well on TV and it doesn't work out well here. I'm not exactly happy that Amadeus is still here, but I'm going to be happy when people finally take his tiny ass out. This is going to make for some very fun storylines.
I really, really wish Amadeus would be taken out quickly. With his bullshit-OP suit and his army of idol-hunting Pikmin, he could end up the new Enter in no time flat. Though it would be hilarious if he's so terrible at managing his Pikmin that he can't actually find an idol in time.
Here's hoping that Amadeus goes home. I usually like the hilariously jerky tribemates, but something about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's the truly insane level of selfishness.
Okay, this could be an awesome power duo in the making! With her power and his foresight, they could make an unstoppable duo. Until one or both of them start going mad with power.
In the meantime, I'm glad you found a way to make Lester even more adorable. And to give Ollie a smidgen of personality, even if Skippy might just be projecting.
I'm growing increasingly fond of Jeannie. She's pleasantly snarky, plus she knows how to put Lester in his place.
I'd make a joke at certain YouTubers' expense, but I don't particularly want to invite that toxicity into this comments section. So I'm just gonna wonder idly if Ollie knows how to skateboard and if anyone's gonna get this pun.
I'm really, really hoping they rally against him. That mech suit might win them a challenge or two, but he's still completely insufferable.

For a moment, I was confused as to why he wasn't sharing his food and drink with the rest of the tribe, but then I realized two things: One, the portion sizes are suited to his tiny body. Two, he's an absolute bell end.
Sorry I'm late on the comments lately! My work schedule has been so absurd that I've kind of fallen off of my usual webcomics schedule.
I hope Jenny can find her place on the tribe better than Bulma did. Even if she just has basic engineering skills, that's enough to make her an asset.
Quickscope's less of an asset, more of an ass.
Okay, Jeannie is just fantastic. Especially when she plays off of Lester.
Josh is a precious cinnamon Meowth and he needs protected. Raiza needs an actual medical consultation, because an improperly reinserted shoulder can cause loss of circulation. Tony's angling for one of the sleaziest showmances I've ever seen, and it's hilarious. Can't wait to see where this alliance with Charity goes.
Okay, I really love both of these focus characters right now. Parmesan is hilarious and Jahira's something akin to violently sane. I hope she doesn't get an early eviction. Or killed by Ollie when night falls.