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I'm a huge fan of Survivor: Fan Characters and One Piece Grand Line 3.5. I decided to finally get an account so I can join the ranks of the commenters properly.
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Sagittaria: Oh, something bad's gonna happen to her and I'm gonna be a sad panda.

Shin: I'd make a Kuroto Dan joke, but nobody would get it. So I'll just say that he's never going to play a perfect game of Survivor because Survivor isn't a perfect game and you can't account for everything.

Sprinkles: Early boot if I ever saw one. Doesn't seem like she'll be much of a strategic player, too positive for her own good.

Yessi: Smol bean will grow into large smuggler bean. More at 11.

???: ???
Lady Bit: Is her superpower microtransactions? I hope they vote her out quickly. And that she finds a hidden Immunity Idol in a loot box at some point.

Nayla: Interesting. She became her own antithesis in the end. I'm overjoyed at our new trans bean. :3

Nolaa: I'm an absolute sucker for Twi'leks, so I hope she goes far. She's got the personality/skillset for it.

Ria: She needs headpats and maybe a hot drink.
Ethan: I identify a little too strongly with Ethan. I hope he goes far. :3

Frysk: Swole fox is swole. What happened to turn smol bean fox into this massive physical threat? Charles Atlas fitness program?

Kasai: I'm getting massive villain/ubermensch vibes from this guy. I hope he has a pet chicken.

Kitsunie: Seriously, what happened with this smol bean to turn him from hippie to space marine?
Claire: I'm certain that she'll make it far in the game on the strength of her awkward charm and naivete, in the process becoming more like her future self.

Clarissa: Oh, she's gone long before the merge. People don't appreciate personalities like hers on Survivor, especially when you're faced with the prospect of having to deal with it for over a month.

Deimos: That's a big boi. I don't see him making it to the merge since he's an obvious physical threat, but I could see him being entertaining in the meantime.

E.T.: Hard to say. I'd love to see him meet Al, but I feel like he's comic relief at best.

I'm extremely excited about this twist, guys. There's so many opportunities to watch characters slowly become their own evil counterpart in real time! Plus this means that effectively everyone in the season is twice as likely to win.
I was kind of hoping for Minecraftia, but I'm entirely okay with a season set in Aperture Labs. This is gonna be great!
The end is almost upon us. I will be sad to see this cast go, but I will be tremendously happy to see the setup for the next season.
I still ship it really hard. Also, I love the idea of a JigglyKade.
Lester's still a truly awful player, Jeannie's still a beacon of sunshine, seeing Amadeus getting screwed over makes my day, and CutieCat and Jahira are totes BFFs.

And Quickscope? I dunno lol.
Can I have the chainsaw arms instead?
This was a truly amazing season! I haven't been this invested in a season or the fandom for a long time, and it's been soooo refreshing!

Jenny: Jenny was a pretty good character overall, but her performance at the FTC doomed her utterly. A good character with an understated story. I'd like to see her return in a future season.

Josh: An absolute blight on the season in more ways than one. Constant whining, immense angst, and one of the most terrible FTC efforts I've ever seen. Even if his creator wasn't who he is, Josh would still be a subpar, unlikable character.

Ollie: What can I say here that I haven't already? Our beloved walking meme has finally come into his own! I've followed Ollie's character development closely and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope his burger joint takes off in the interim between seasons! I'll have my burger with extra FDA inspector. ;3

This is definitely ending up as one of my favorite seasons. It had a very good cast, a lot of unique story threads, and one of my favorite series as a theme. I'm going to be writing about this season for a while yet. See you all at the Reunion!

Speaking of which, I do have a question for... Jeannie! What do you plan to do with yourself after this season is over?
Ollie's got this! My head is spinning, I could not be happier right now. :D

Also, I think I like Kade more than I did, because that was a truly amazing Final Tribal Interrogation. Josh got called out by almost everyone on the Jury, but Kade called out Jenny even more than that during his one section alone. I must give him kudos.

Also, I honestly can't believe Raiza still voted for Josh even though he labeled all the time he spent with her a waste. Maybe I just take things more personally than she does.
@Guest: It says something that the murderer is still far more sympathetic and more likely to win than the sad sack.
Jenny: Basically just took a steaming dump in the middle of tribal. She handled the Jury worse than Amanda!

Ollie: Unrepentant about his prior attempts at murder, but oddly enough the most sympathetic one with the best long-term plan for the money.

Josh: Holy crap, how did he get that much worse so quickly? Personal attacks on the other contestants, constant whining, devaluing the time he spent with his so-called "one true love," outright attempts at BRIBERY... He's getting a Scrappy entry on TV Tropes if I have to write it myself.
Sorry I'm late, I was having computer problems last night! This was honestly a tire fire. I feel like this is going to be a pretty close vote, considering both of the contestants are absolutely horrible at this.
It's cute how Josh still thinks he has anything resembling a chance to win.

So it's between Jenny and Ollie. Both of them raise pretty legitimate points. This could be closer than we think. Our wonderful walking meme could win this yet!
@Blastoise_FTW: Mele shits on him in-universe, we shit on him out-of-universe, it's all a big happy shit family.
This was a predictable boot, but a welcome one. Mele was second only to Jeannie in the Final Five in terms of social play, so she was an incredibly obvious finals threat. Jenny made the right choice and we still have hope for a Ollie victory, so I am content.

Mele started out too out of focus for me to get a read on her character, but I really started enjoying her when she relieved Kade of Jeannie's ring back in the day. Plus her whole passive-aggressive shtick never failed to make me snicker. I'm gonna miss her.
Hmmm. I'm pretty sure Jenny wouldn't be able to resist the fearful symmetry of taking her own creation to the finals. Mele is a pretty big threat no matter which way you slice it, so there's two compelling reasons to vote her out. Josh is the goatiest goat to ever goat, so he's pretty safe.
So Mele's going home this round. Now it's just down to Ollie to put in an amazing Final Tribal performance. If he can't do it, I'll be happy with Jenny winning. She's done a ton of good work and made some good moves this game.