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I'm a huge fan of Survivor: Fan Characters and One Piece Grand Line 3.5. I decided to finally get an account so I can join the ranks of the commenters properly.
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Aw, yeah, it's time for Yessi to take that level in badass! I'm looking forward to her character development. ^_^
Please don't punch Kasai, he's delightful. Also, you're from JoJo's. Not every universe has people who're made of iron and gay.
Shin's a precious, nervous little booger and I hope he goes far.
Balanced tribe, plus a lot of the pairs I wanted to see interact are about to interact. This pleases me.
Nayla was honestly a pretty loathsome person for the duration of her stay, but this last Tribal Council went a long way towards explaining why she is the way she is and how she's going to go about improving her life. I'm glad she's going to try to do better. I'm looking forward to Nayla becoming Ernest, because then he'll have finally become who he was meant to be.
I'm still pretty sure Nayla is going. It's way too late to show off those strategic chops, plus she got caught out.
Ernest is an absolute bro, Frysk is channeling the fanbase with his intense hatred of Kitsunie, and E.T.'s getting some belated character development. This was a good one.
@DrMarble: He used his Stand. A Stand is a psychic manifestation of a user's fighting spirit, which can use special powers based on the user's personality. In this case, he has an ability-type Stand that allows him to channel light through his rings like an infinite-use flashbang.
Frysk had his day in the sun, Ernest had his House of the Rising Sun, Clarissa called the sun a cuckhole, this was just fantastic.
RIP tinfoil hat, you didn't deserve those years of pain. I'm still hoping E.T. gets voted out one way or another, but I'll settle for some character growth in the meantime.
Welp, at least we have a reason why Deimos has been underperforming. Even if it took frigging Nayla to pry it out of him.
Much as I like Clarissa (and don't care much about Sagittaria), that was pointlessly cruel. Props to the alliance taking the simple solution for once, even if it's probably going to cause intense drama shortly.
Wow. This comic makes me feel even more sympathy for Yessi, hatred for Nayla, and hatred for Kitsunie/ET in one fell swoop. My heart's broken right now.
E.T.'s proving to be fairly adept at his social game when he's not being poisoned by Kitsunie.
Meh. At least we've established that Nayla's a bit better of a person than Kitsunie, but she's still trash-tier. At least Kasai's alliance has their mitts on an idol so Nayla might well be going home soon.
In the words of a great man: "Thank you, f**k you, goodbye." I had great hopes for Kitsunie after that good showing at his first TC, but he's thrown away all that goodwill in spectacular fashion. This was the best thing that could have been done tonight, barring a Nayla/Kitsunie double boot.
Shin's best off going with the plan. He can solidify a strong alliance and neuter the other one in one fell swoop, and that's the kind of thing you want on your resume. Also, this plan targets Kitsunie and that's a hell of an incentive for it to succeed.
@Daves: 1. Clarissa's clearly being set up for a major downfall.
2. The term "Mary Sue" is bandied about so often these days to refer to competent female characters that it's effectively meaningless.
I'm still absolutely loving Clarissa so far. She backs up her abrasive attitude with competence. <3 And I would like to personally thank Frysk for deleting Kitsunie from his memory.
Clarissa's doing well for herself and I'm loving it. It's just a bonus if she does manage to get ET out.