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Surprised Ben has the discipline to stick to a routine like that. Then again maybe not, judging by the 'results'...
Me, I'd pick "Things Can Only Get Better"
@DaBrokor: I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain the other minor characters have all had names beginning with different letters of the alphabet too.
Aw no, they're gonna blame it on Diego aren't they.
Makes seem a lot worse in hindsight, considering Ben doesn't seem fazed at being caught here.
I always like label gags, but I can't quite read that last bottle. Does it say "ho, ho, hope"?
I am wracking my brains trying to think of an amicable resolution to this situation! I don't know how this can possibly end well for Ben short of Jill choking to death on a crouton.
Gold. Also, like the new colour tone you're trying out, although it could stand to be a shade or two darker IMO.
Here's to another 100 suicide attempts! I mean, strips!
EDIT: nevermind I just realised what happened here
Looks like karma can get you even in guest comics.
This saga is going on a lot longer than I was expecting. Not complaining, mind you.
Can't quite make out the letters on the fridge - was Chel trying to summon the outer gods again?
Well they're not nudists, that's something!