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Howie is being so soft with Sooch. He is a saint
It is sad that this is the first time someone has held and comforted him in a long time.
I say VOL. You say? No regrets but so many feels.
August 12th, 2018
This breaks my heart!
I love the soft and sweet touches. Intimate but not sexual.
Thank you to all the patreons! That was fun.
O_O ack! Got a feeling something's gonna happen...something ALWAYS happens <G>. But that's what makes it fun.
You need a new sexy cut when you are going to go sweep someone off their feet. Eli won't know what hit him.
August 3rd, 2018
my daughter had the basement room with a full bath and a mini fridge...
I was so excited when I saw an update! Worth the wait :)
that was slick...
lol. Kenneth teasing that poor boy. Someone has to teach Harvey how to live a little.
Ack! Poor puppy...maybe the little angel can melt his heart too!
Time for Nate to go get his man!
My poor son...hope he gets a comforting hug soon.
Mom is about to meet the soulmate.
Love Kenneth's soft look!
lol. Alive and intact...good state to be in.
update! :) my stomach turns every time this guy shows up!
Love this. I'm a big fan of R.U.