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oh shit! I just figured out the little lizard is Connor!! OMG...so funny! Run little guy run!!!!
Hmmm..will Howie take a chance with a very hesitant Sooch? He would spook so easily...this would crush Howie...and I think he knows that, but love is a bitch...my feels hurt again...maybe they can just stay high for the duration ;)
spaghetti is the ultimate food...

I love how he is in denile.
His complexsion with those freckles and red hair is just beautiful!
Enjoy yourself! Putting up these pages while on vacation is a gift for us and we are thankful...no go holiday!
thank you! Poor little insecure boy.
aw, how sweet. Trying to be so brave/grown up...but not quite <G>
Great positioning of the characters in panel two! They look so relaxed together.
Thank you!!! This was lovely and fluffy and...*happy sigh* Love the first panel! And of course his hair is on point! I leave here with a smile.
The pay off! After going through all the angst! I love how fast he moves into his arms :) Tears!! *sniff* I'm so happy.
lol! Cain is all about this! I wonder if his little heart is going to be all aflutter!
Well, here's his chance to get to know Cain better ;)
Oh, bitch no you didn't go for his life! Eli has had enough of her salt...Nate doesn't seem happy with her attitude either...bitch gotta go! <G>
I am so curious as to hoow they are going to try this...sorta dating...I bet Howie will sweep him off his feet! I think Sooch is attracted to Howie on an emotional level but never thought to put a lable on it...this will be an important character development for him! Can't wait :)
Now he just isn't playing fair! Grinding on the poor boy in a public bathroom!
The boy found the perfect fit, even for the shoes! :) Great expressions. I love Transfusion!
Oh no! Hang on, you can make it! Well, Taka could call Hiro...
Damn...I got to agree with Hendrix...Jules is beautiful. That fourth panel is...just...yeah...
Are they like winged fuqboys? <G>