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Lol! Do it!! Nice to see them laughing
thanks! I don't need fancy colors and stuff. I just want to know how the story will end... :) Welcome back
June 14th, 2019
He's not going to be there when he gets back...aaahhhh! I got a feeling Gray pushed her away and told her he was with Mel now, but it will be too late...
They ship it! :)
This might make Ulii rethink their fuck-buddy relationship...might have to face those feels.
lol! If you stick it near his mouth, he's gonna suck it... I guess <G>
bwahaha! That response when realizes who spoke to him. This has to be my favorite page so far...
Good! Now it's time for a little communication boys...
This is probably where it's gonna get ugly.
That picture is priceless! lol.
Oh my! I was hoping he'd find happiness :) but another redhead? hmmm...
OMG! Hertz needs to give him a hand...too soon? ;) I hope he can grow that back...
They're bonding!
Brian! You have his dick in your hand.. he doesn't care about the phone! Don't be dense.. SMH. Lol
He notices our boys...
Looks like someone will have to decide for himself whether or not Asoro is delicious!
June 5th, 2019
I felt my heart break right along with Mel's! Please don't leave us hanging too long... *sobbing in the corner* I'm hanging onto hope because she kissed him...he looks like he might push her away...but the damage to my son has already been done and he'll probably run away before things can be explained... *goes back to corner to cry some more*
I've waited so long for these two to give each other a chance! Loving the updates:)
please be Haize at his dor!