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@glassbird: plus Howie is his best friend...he's lost that constant in his life...heartbreaking for both.
How can every update be a cliff hanger?!? Ack! This is killing me and it's going to get rougher? Sooch's expression is definatleyan OMFG one, but for what reason...he either can't beleive he just did that or he kissed a boy and liked it... glad you get to move on to more exciting pages for you...don't want you losing interest! :)
I think Kim will try to steer the conversation elsewhere...he doesn't want to see Kylee kiss anyone...and agreeing to do it would out him...and there is no way he could kiss some random dude at this bar...he'd get punched...
bwahahahaha! Kylee has obviously dealt with this reaction before...and Wes, bless your heart! Don't worry Kim, Kylee would never out someone...
boyfriend shirts!!!!
oh no...maybe Eli will realize he isn't the only one hurting...time to get over his self? Poor Nate...he is trying to so hard.
Owen's looking a bit rough around the edges...will he let anyone near him...emotionally?
Find people you can talk with...don't hold those feelings in. They are normal and there are others who have gone through this, you aren't alone... I hope you find peace soon :) Sending healing thoughts.
Where is Gawain!? Isn't he going to resuce him? Or will he kick this guy's ass on hi own? Either way...I'll be happy.
Cool! Wonder what kind of gift Ren will give him ;)
oh! Now he behavior makes sense...he's been seeing and talking with Anwen...psychotic break from reality...
Time for Nate to use some tough love and call Eli out on his behavior...I think he will feel bad once he gets over his own selfish needs and realizes what he's been doing to Nate...
Sorry you are having a ad time right now. Your comic brings a little joy into my day. Can't wait to watch their dynamic!
August 12th, 2017
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...I don't think I want to play anymore! (just kidding...no way I'm not going to see what happens...but this hurts)
lol, Rupert is a determined boy...Max needs to lie back and enjoy the ride...
Lol, girl you ain't getting any of that...

Poor Logan...alcohol and confused feelings never works out...end up with your dick making drunk texts ;)
Glad to see an update! Been missing the boys :)
Wow...you've done such a great job with this sex scene. It set and sensual. That's okay Hendrix, we are just as distracted by Julian'so beauty. That look on Hendrix'a face in the beginning. How will he be able to treat Julian cold when they get back to school? I'm so worried for Julian's feelings!
August 9th, 2017
That face in panel two!!! Perfect :) Those two in the background look smitten.
Don't like mean Eli...he's gonna feel bad when this is over. glad you're doing okay!
August 9th, 2017
@MiaBeecraft:*giggle, snort*