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@DrMarble: Montana was great, she was my favorite winner. If Hogan had won in season one, he would have been my favorite.
@arv0908: While I don't think Dustin is nearly as bad as you say, their is some merit to what you're saying and as for Coolkyledude and I_Like_Blondes, Ky isn't really an idiot. He's hyper and doesn't care about the strategy aspect of the game. He's more naive than anything. Doesn't make him stupid though.
@coolkyledude: I too like Dustin, and I absolute find him hilarious. With that said, the unnecessary hate some people get for liking a character doesn't make sense at all. I think it'd be hilarious if Dustin won, but I honestly want Ky winning. Still, hating on another user because he/she likes a character is lame.
@Tailslover13: Let's just hope that doesn't happen. I mean, if one of them had to leave, I'd prefer Taro just for story sake as I feel Ky would be a more appropriate winner.
@arv0908: Hogan was awesome, and Wendy was great too. But, it was pretty obvious with the way things were going, he would have won quite easily against Sky. He had to be eliminated. Regardless, I'd love to see Hogan in one last All Stars.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I'm sure if Ky is leaving tomorrow, SWSU has his Flame Shields up just for an occasion.
@Blastoise_FTW: Dustin winning does leave Ky vulnerable though.
@anime9001: He might screw up using his idol, it's happened to Dustin, and Brandi's move of using her idol on Dustin caused her downfall... Then again, anyone who seems to have idol business in relations to Dustin ends up biting themselves in the butt later.
@Sonofhades: This is true. Let's see how far it goes.
@DrMarble: Understandable. Can't say I'll miss her.
@arv0908: Are the writings really on the wall that clearly for Leah?
@Tailslover13: While I can agree to that, I found others (like Brandi for example) to provide just as much for this season (at least for me) this season. But I admire the fact that the two haven't changed much this season. People put a lot of stock in how character's develop as if it's a necessity. It isn't really a necessity if keeping the character the same works in context. In the context of this season, Ky and Taro being the same throughout is a strength they both have that has made this season quite enjoyable.

As far as winners go, while I liked Taro's strategy, I just don't feel he deserves it as much as Ky. As for potential matchups at the Jury, I feel Ky/Taro & Sylvia/Leah are the more interesting ones (in Sylvia/Leah's case they'd be a bit more unpredictable than other matchups).

As for favorite characters as I've mentioned before on another comic, Hogan is my favorite, but I can understand why others may not like him.

I'd wish to see some characters more, but aren't there like popularity polls for some of that?
@ChronoAlone: I don't know if I can say I like everyone left, but I can say everyone was quite enjoyable in this comic.
@DrMarble: It's true. Even Brenton wasn't this dumb.
@SWSU-Master: An insurmountable curve that Marie couldn't overcome.
@Tailslover13: Yeah, I mean we already had Dai's elimination. That was pretty obvious one. While I like Brandi, I honestly want her gone now.
With Leah safe, I'm guessing either Brandi, or Ky are on the chopping block... Hold on, Dustin as well.
Taro or Shae might turns things up. This isn't going to get hectic, and I love it.