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I am currently in university studying animation. My stories are inspired by anime and manga. I love making my own characters and creating the backstories for them.
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Unfortunately, due to uniwork, I won't be able to update as much. So there will be no updates for a while, but I'll update it a lot during summer.
I wanted to practice my colouring!
3 pages per week should do it
February 27th, 2019
I wanted to go back to the normal page format
@NitroBro12: Thank you so much!!!
I have a good bit of chapter 5 done. I'm busy with uni classes at the moment, which is why I haven't uploaded in a while. But I will update every Wednesday. Hope you're all looking forward to it :D Once again, the style will change throughout the chapter (I'm still trying to figure out which style I like best). So far, traditional is my favourite.
It really is a great feeling to have another chapter done!
Whoops, just realised I skipped a page....
Can I even call this a page at this point? xD
Hehe! Here's our protagonist of this fan-comic
I have modified the pages for webtoon. Since I'm at uni now and very busy, doing it this way is easier. I also don't have to worry about laying out the pages this way.
Thank you!!
@NitroBro12: Oh my gosh! I'm so happy you like this and sorry that I keep on changing the style all the time. I just can't decide how this comic should be! But thank you again! :D
Hey all! Well, I've been a huge fan of YYH for a long time and I thought I would adapt my newest fanfiction of the same name.

I adore Botan so much, so why not make her the main character? This comic has been modified for webtoon because I love the way it is laid out. Also, sense I am currently studying in uni, I will not be able to keep a regular schedule, but I will update when I have the time alongside Famed Wolf, which will also be modified to fir webtoon.

If you like this, please leave a review :D
Ooh, he mad. I was also thinking of making products on redbubble. If you want a particular character in this comic on any of the merchandise you can buy there, ask me and I'll make it! :D
University has started for me so I'm going to try and get some pages done before I become swamped with work. So, I cannot keep a regular schedule. I will update whenever get a page done instead. Also, if I do it in black and white I can get the page done quicker.
Yeah, backgrounds are hard for me
The pages will be in black and white after the next page. Sorry that the style keeps changing, but I prefer black and white over colour for my particular style and I prefer to draw on paper over the tablet.
After finishing page 1, I realise drawing cars is not fun... I tried.
I so love how the background turned out
Another Chapter done! Thank you for reading so far!