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I am currently in university studying animation. My stories are inspired by anime and manga. I love making my own characters and creating the backstories for them. You can get early access my comics on Patreon
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Sorry for the delay, I started uni this week. So, I was rather busy.
Sorry about not updating of Friday, I had uni work to work on. I'll try to update on Tues/Fri but I cannot make any promises. And colour is back! It looks better
Lucemon to the rescue!
I'd do the same thing too if I were her. He's so cute!
I went complete nerd for the digi-modify part.
Honestly, working with pen is so great for me. Digital lines are nice, but pen and paper is so much better for me
I really adore Lucemon! He's so cute!
Only crazy people talk to bats xD
Slaine - Hey Hyogamon, you couldn't tell it was fire based just by looking at it?
Hyogamon - No. I fail as partner! I'm so sorry!
Lucemon - What a drama queen...
They finally meet! Well, sort of.
This little digimon cannot catch a break! Yeah, colour just takes too long and I will be able to do pages quicker in grayscale.
You can view up to page 17 on patreon!
Ko-fi -

Patreon -…?

Commission -…
I'll try to keep a regular schedule for Monday and Thursdays
Pages 3 and 4 are now on patreon
I'll be updating a page every Tuesday! If you pledge £3 to my patreon you can get early access to my pages
So, Digimon has always been my favourite anime growing up! And the games are some of my favourites. So, this comic will take elements from the Digimon World games and off course, Digimon Tamers since it's my favourite season. This comic will be darker, so just warning you of that. But not until later. And I am holding off on Famed Wolf for now as I am currently developing that while doing this comic. I only own the human characters and the rabbit digimon you see on this page.
Unfortunately, due to uniwork, I won't be able to update as much. So there will be no updates for a while, but I'll update it a lot during summer.