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i hate frisbees
@WiispNightmare: he will steal ur money whilst u r distracted >:3
@LightEclipse: he will gladly break into ur house and start a party

Those r very wonddrful names aha
<img src="" width="185" height="105" />
me stupidd thoughts kep mme awake a t4

go to slepe for onece sutpifbrain
aer u my spirit anumal
aquamarne bald cat w
toxic and fire XD
@WiispNightmare: its in my blood

I c a n t g e t a w a y f r o m i t
@EeveeEon: thank u


how bout i offer u a lenny
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(might look distorted but if it isnt ur lucky lmao)
is it legal to marry yourself
fox with stick in butt fluff has to watch blu gremlin because he always runs away and gets lost

shes 100% done with his shit
July 5th, 2018
nothing better than to wake up to the sight of dead sheepos
my boi better not die
god u shade so well