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If I had someone as adorable as Shay abouy to leave me, I wouldn't want him to leave either! But lets not go into some sort of Yandere mode..thats the Semes job.
This is going to be some twisted yaoi version of the Hungar Games here..between bith the Semes and the readers voting for them...Im excited
Shay looks too cool in this cover!

@Mirror_Heart: Okay, okay, Thank you for that power by the way, choosing which seme and getting to vote three times.
I realized too late I liked Kovu secondly, but already spammed the Cloud button (T.-.T)

@Froggy_King: I came across your webcomic on Tapastic one day, and it took me a minute to realize the art seemed familiar. Ive been out of wack as well for a few days now, so I wish you the best in your future works (both in art and in life).
Cloud, by far, is life.
His entire behavior towards humans is completely altered in less than six panels.

Yes, Cloud, you are cute too..He needs to be showered with some human Shay love.
I will not lie, Cloud looks so refreshing in that second panel...more than likely becauae there is a breeze but for once, he seems peaceful.

Iris, of course, takes notice quickly. Im excited for more of her appearances later on.
For a minute there I thought the man's shirt in the first panel was a speech bubble for Cloud. (/)//-//(\)

Cloud is completely spiteful towards humans..Im curious as to how he'll take it that a human is his mate..

...Rejection at first/In disbelief...
Curiously spies on Shay...
Then later on, comes to terms with his emotions and fights in the (Lustful) Hunger Games!
August 25th, 2016
The Splurge is finally complete!!!

I found this story and it instantly hit me in a trance.
The light colors and all the dark emotions are contrasting, but the fact that Koko is an insanely adorable potential serial killer makes me crave the next pages all the more!

...Although Lett....please piss off....
He's going to be up to something, and as far as I can tell, he already caused some damage.



No Im not...
-When you go deeper into a message that didn't exist-
@Mirror_Heart: Honestly, I saw the sudden black & white coloring as a loook into Cloud's look on life outisde of himself and those precuous to him, since he despises people and the city so much. ( ^-^")
@Zoal: True, True. But I think we all saw how frantic Lucien was over Shay at the imagine Shay AT THE BAR.

Unless King was holding his hand the entire time, I would feel safer.
@m_celeri: Exactly. Everyones eyes are on the bar, but what kind of irresponsible werewolf allows a chinchilla into a bar?

Nature logic.

@Mirror_Heart: The scenarios this Chinchilla can cause is drastically increasing.. now we must see if she is to be our FFF (Furru Fujoshi Friend), or not to be..
So an almighty sexy Werewolf, adorable chinchilla, and a surprisingly non-virgin Uke walk into a bakery....
@Mirror_Heart: Honestly....if only that "You win." speech bubble in the last panel would move down an inch....
Flowers are not the only things blooming in this prologue, that's for sure. ={3
Complete Random Thought:
The one thing that always catches my attention is Shay's braid, and now I can't help but wonder if one day one seme will cut it off.

Baine's the perfect tsundere for the job, but then again Lucien has some yandere potential.
I love how Baine is the one who closes his eyes to yawn while walking, and still calls out the other person who he bumps into.

He's still so....perky...perky jerky.
Yay! I've been waiting patiently for Cloud! Ah, I should finish up about Baine before another man, huh?

Baine's wolf color is many words, but with my simple vocabulary I'll state this:
I like it. ♡-♡

@Froggy-king I'm sorry I can't praise your work much further, but thank you for all the hard work you've put into it.
@Mirror_Heart I see. So this is the one that threatens the LucienxMirror ship... although I can't say he's bad either.
Hehe, I'm sure Baines quirkiness will get him brownie points despite.

I'll never be tired of your chibis. I'm glad to have them back again and full of emotion \(^♢^)/
I like Baines eyes. They seem to have a sort of "fresh light" to them.
I honestly love this child, Kovu. How can such a timid Virgin be blessed with a rockin' layered with battle scars?

What could possibly make Kovu so previously innocent?