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I've always wanted to do a web comic, or graphic novel, just not too sure on my ability to consistantly draw the same thing. I am a writer, though, and have stories online, on two blogs, and Literotica.

I do love drawing, cycling, cooking, watching movies, going to the mall, weapons, message boards, to name a few. I am the one and only Jax Rhapsody, the Rhapsodic Laviathan.
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Do like MTV did with Daria; end it at graduation, however it ends. Hell... throw in an epilogue. It would suck to see one of few still active trans webcomics end. But everything ends at some point. I don't really identify with being trans, but I do often feel like it, I do want to at least cross dress and question how good I'd look. Sometimes this comic makes me not care and can't wait till I can do it. That will probably be as close as I'll get. I really don't know what that would even make me...
November 29th, 2018
I've never heard anything original either. No worries. People like that aren't that inventive, they reciprocate(or more correctly regurgitate) the same hateful vitriolic diatribe. Hoping it had the same impact it had ten plus years ago, or whatever.

Like whenever I run in to a racist person; all they can say is n-word this or that. I'm like; "can't you be more creative than that?" I think their hate clouds their judgement and they just go for the same shit, looking for an impact. Like a child trying to think of a good come back, and only mustering something ineffective.
I don't know what you're talking about; this is the clearest page I've seen in like two or three years of blurry hell. However you "fucked it up," keep doing it.
October 16th, 2018
Three students? Who's the third...?
Bwahahahaha!!! Yes! That quiet rage.
Was just watching one of the new episodes of Shameless. Ian was getting a tattoo, stating he can take the pain. The artist said along the lines of emotional pain doesn't exist in any real spot like physical pain. I can't remember it verbatim.

Pain I can deal with, physically. Unless it's a toothache, at my limit, it pisses me off. When I got tboned on my scooter, I walked to physical therapy more than I took the free cab ride. Somebody hit me in the balls once, and I ran them through a card table. I cut too, but I haven't done it in a long time. As far as suicide, people who haven't been there don't understand how much strength it takes to do it. Ones natural will of survival is generally overpowering, to over come that takes a lot of mental strength. The closest I've came is writting a suicide letter and plan out what's gonna happen to my stuff. I often think about if I would make a facebook live will or whatever and what I would say. Nearly everyday all the strife I've endured plays in my head, like the death of Nick Cages daughter in Drive Angry. The only real solace I had from it was when I was allowing my sociopathoc nature too take full control, despite the cost. Often I jusy find myself wishing not to be concious.
Earlier this month another friend of mine died. I had to tell a friend of mine who doesn't have internet access. She had a bloodclot in her leg that went to her lung. I was trying to find out a wake or funeral, but all I was told was she was getting cremated. Nobody had anymore information.
@torirox011: Judging by her track record, her throat being fucked up even more, might keep her from singing, which is few things she takes solace in, possibly permanately.
@GreenKrog: It's a bitter reality that people need to face. I have a story that is pretty much a rise and fall and drop, with little closure in the epilogue. Ya gotta have nerve these days for this kinda stuff, gotta see the real world like a big daddy, not a little sister(Bioshock reference). I get it though, depression kept me from writing for like 5 years, other than small things.

Even though it's not bad as this; Charles Shultz drew Peanuts till he died. Stril after strip of Charlie Browns perpetual bad luck, losely based off his life, with bits of Snoopys adventures in between. Annie just has to get over this hump. I know life is often shit and writers write this stuff all the time, it really moves people far more than the good. Much like with me, I'd love for things just to get a tad bit better, not like Rain better, but just a tad more consistant. That I know of; there's not too many still active transcomics, you have few responders, there may be way more readers who don't. I know I never comment on Rain. I'd hate to see this cliff hang like Venus Envy, Closet Space and that other one that never took off after introducing the cast.
@GreenKrog: She spent months getting clean off heroin was about to get her daughter back, get a job and an apartment. Then some ex wanted her to shoot up one last time and he gave her, her usual and left her in an abando to die. I was on her team, I was falling for her. She kinda looked like a fat Kat Dennings. It was on the news and people were trying to find her family. I went to the vigil and her mom said she told her all about me. I never cried so much over a persons death.
I am still curious about how hard white people hafta be beat to turn green.

Also two years ago I dealt with something similar A friend of mine died of a heroin overdose, because somebody shot her up after she had been clean for months. I didn't realize how much a loved her until after. The text box glitched and all I typed got erased. I can't bring myself to rewrite it all again. A death hasn't fucked me up so bad since I was a kid. I'm generally unmoved. I just can't write it all out again. maybe later or something.
@Bandana_girl: Things like this is why I'd recondmend this comic. Everybody nowadays is placated with feel good stories and how everything just works out, shit like this is what people need, need to face to learn how to deal with it. Sure it's kinda extreme, but life isn't somber and it's in a way realistic, as the things to overcome, or the strife isn't dealing with something more fantasy, like seven evil exes, or the toils of dealing with the mutant registration act. I think sometimes things need to hit close to home and hopefully bring a bit of perspective. Pain is unavoidable, and some of us deal with it more than others in various ways. I already knew years ago this comic would never be anything close to Rain. Those soft of heart and mind can go and read Rain, where so far the worst thing to happen is she got a bad haircut and her friend expelled.

In a way; this story is almost like Peanuts if it went deeper than just simply Bad Luck Chuck. Even I have had many what the fuck moments and aww hell naw moments, holy shit moments reading this. I think that anybody who can write like this, in this day and age, without covering it up under fluff, is commendable. It shows the very things that people nowadays are running to safe spaces to avoid. For those who's trigger points it hits, allow it to be sorta like outside looking in. I know there are things here I can relate to. Even if I'm not trans.
I'm proud of her for taking on those two goons.
Ha! Wendy really is a coniving bitch. Yeah that's somebody you want in your pack. Loyalty don't come easy in this world, and few know what honor is.
Ericas human is showing...
It's not unfortunate. In a way, it's like when the bands sound chick, producer, whatever gives her sage advice. It's just kinda unsettling coming from Bree, in a way it shouldn't be.


Cindi: Bitch, wha?!
Who didn't see that shit coming?

Still makes me mad my comment on that chapter where Annie told her didn't post.
Those strange heiroglyphics aside... at least you don't live in the ghetto like I do. My chance to move out was fucked. I want a motorcycle sooo bad, like a Honda Shadow or build a cafe racer. Below 70° is too cold for me. I'm Mr. Heat Blister, I'm Mr. Sun, the names Heatmiser, Mr. 101.

I used to have a 150cc scooter that I loved to take up curvy roads and drag plastic, it would run about 63mph flatout. I was gonna trick it out until I got tboned. I still have the scooter bug, but I gotta get a bike.
Yep. I always ended up helping my friends and neglecting myself, wether they needed a ride somewhere or were having some mental break down. Ended up signing the death certificate on my cars transmission. Matter of fact I think I talked to you more about my issues than any of them.

Not too long ago I got to a point where I couldn't take it, me and a friend were leaving another friends house and I had to pull over because I broke down crying with no real answers to give. I hate the fact that in todays world it seems less okay than ever to show any kind of unwell emotion that isn't anger, when even the women are basically telling dudes; "fuck your feels." I was depressed for a really long time, even had a small manic moment when I got a flat tire. My best friend basically went Lexi on me, because he was wanting to help, but also tired of seemingly everybody being depressed on FB, especially since going through turning 30. Then he wrote me off on my birthday. He knocked me out of it, though. I feel it lingering, waiting for the next Jenga piece to knock the tower down again.