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Said that he'll give him a pet on the head or somethin, but which kind of 'head' he touchin ;) dont know why but that came to mind XD

Anywway love this so much!!!
November 6th, 2016
'Whos the master there' so cute lol ^^
So happy^^....he finally realises ><
Shall forever love the mum XD <3 also day late but Happy Birthday!!!
October 19th, 2016
I find him so adors! >-<
So glad ur back! ^_^ Love this comic and these two r always perfect! <3 The wait is always worth it for ur work!
Glad ur back! Hope u arent too stressed from real life and cant wait for more!
@annann: We need a uke eyelashes XD
Love it and can't wait! Also just started crackin up laughin when remembering eyelash-kuns underwear indecent, it shall forever remain memorable! XD
So cute she blushed XD She knew and called it! Just waitin to see that perfect reaction! Sense a future fujoshi here XD
I love this work! <3 Sooo happy their finally together and non stop fangirling! &#65327;(&#8807;&#9661;&#8806;)&#65327;
Can't believe it gonna end soon, so sad I love it so much
XD Can't believe she was oblivious if it was me I would hav been squealing 'OMG my sons gay', and start introducing myself to the other guy while my son regrets havin a fujoshi for a mother
Damn the mum XD damn that cockblock
Kyyaa~ love it! Confession time!