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Trans amateur who's learning some stuff slowly. Not the kind of guy that'll hold grudges or tries to make a big scene. I'm a gamer, and I like anime and Adult Swim and stuff.
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Buster Rod X Mega Water confirmed?
@Guest: I used MapleStory : Design
This actually took some time, because I had to extract some of the sprites into one group, then copy and paste those sprites on one page that I could fit them

Messy, I know.
Let it gooo
Let it gooo
I can't hold it back anymoore
@MegaBoyX7: Sorta rude but if I'm gonna be kicked then ok.

I mean Im really tired of all the drama and I don't wanna bother with this tension and yet somehow it always starts again. I'm not gonna put up any fight here.

also I'm not the guest, it's probably a troll.
@Guest: <img src=" ">
Still a rough WIP. I tried, I guess.
@ThatOneEnderMan: you hella bet I have
Watch and bask in glory

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
-insert much shorter fresh prince style rap intrucing BaM here
The most you'll get right now.
I tried my hand at Sonic the Hedgehog spriting, and made a guy. Not that good, but meh.
Over a year ago, I made a horrid sprite of Caped Baldy from One Punch Man, and it was horrible. I always had thoughts about giving it a second try, but I never got around it. Fortunately, Shiver and MBM gave me advice on it. So I guess it's okay.

I failed.
I uploaded PMK2IA it to be a short-mini series to an upcoming webcomic, but I kept taking hiatuses, The plot was wack, and although I really don't want to, I'm gonna have to kill it off. It may have had, potential, but I didn't know how to use it.

I don't have the skill to make and continue a webcomic, and until I do, there won't be any consistent series or mini series from me.

BUT, when I do improve, I'm gonna be uploading comics to this.
secret plot
bass is so overcome with joy, that soon when he comes to know rock better, he falls in love, with roll becoming suspicious. bass tries to woo rock into a date and soon realizes that he genuinely loves him, and starts to feel the same. rhythm joins the yaoi love triangle, and at the 1337th comic it is confirmed that this was the original plot all along

also roll dies
@ThatOneEnderMan: fr i c k

well at least give me my last <s>maymay </s> paycheck
still waiting for that raise
it has obvious flaws, but I'm satisfied right now.

oh and here's a bonus thing

<img src=" 264/WW_Base.png">
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: There are a lot of things you don't know.

Like how the krabby patty formula is crab meat.
Still better than my current content.