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if you're reading this, go on the quest of blank space to find the (SECRET) message on the bottom of this description.

Kidding. There's nothing there. you're time was just wasted.
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Long Time No See.

Kinda forgot about Smackjeeves, sorry. ;^)

May or may not post things here more often.

Got some spriting ideas so hopefully exam season won't be a pain in the ass!
right is the original, left is alt.
Combination of Team Fortress 2's Spy and Mega Man's Dr. Wily
I exist still.

I got feedback from other people and this is the result.
Hi sorry for being away so long.
Have my garbage self-insert k bye.
>End it all by jumping out the window. Life as
a protagonist wasn't satisfying, and it'd be better to put a stop to the shenanigans in the future that to go around on a nonsensical adventure.
Completely from scratch, mind you.
@ThatOneEnderMan: . j eeeeeeeeeeee ppppppppp eeeeeeeeee ggggggggggggg
Eddie's a socio.
@MegaBoyX7: A'ight. I'm not gonna verbally crucify you for what you think, but at least tell me what's wrong?
Buncha templates for later use. Well, except for the one in the middle. It's the first one I made.

This is the revamped version of Camo Man, Or maybe Private Man. The only thing I kept was the hat that originated from Search Man, but otherwise he's completely from scratch. You've probably never heard of him if you're not an author.
Did goten, my favorite character in DBZ in his super saiyan form.
I'm here too.
Heyo. I've gathered a bunch of some of the most recent and best sprites I've made from this year.

[From Left to Right] Ben Tennyson, Note (he used to be Proto Man MKII from the earlier pages) Mysterious DJ Guy, Steve Wozward (under him is an edit MegaBossMan made. Props to him.) Plumber Man, and Switchbot.

Starting from last year I've been a really bad spriter. But over time, I've improved thanks to this community. Thanks for giving me insight on the things I have ( yet to) improved on. See you in 2018. ;)
Buster Rod X Mega Water confirmed?
@Guest: I used MapleStory : Design
This actually took some time, because I had to extract some of the sprites into one group, then copy and paste those sprites on one page that I could fit them

Messy, I know.
Let it gooo
Let it gooo
I can't hold it back anymoore
@MegaBoyX7: Sorta rude but if I'm gonna be kicked then ok.

I mean Im really tired of all the drama and I don't wanna bother with this tension and yet somehow it always starts again. I'm not gonna put up any fight here.

also I'm not the guest, it's probably a troll.
@Guest: <img src=" ">