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Black lucky cat
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We've graduated from calling mom a poopy head
Okay then shes a Shit Face
Aaaaw Blizz is precious!
Oh, so THAT'S why he hates blizz!
I couldn't access smackjeeves in the past two days anyway
Could you brighten the scenes in future? Its hard to make out the characters expressions. Unless that's what you're going for
@VictoryStarz : Dawn was the eighth egg the trainer hatched (the first between harmony and lem) I highly doubt they would be so close to each other if she met him after he had disappeared
@VictoryStarz : I mean, how would she not notice her brother was missing for an ENTIRE YEAR!!
How did dawn not know about this?
Thats adorable
That explains umbreon in this one
@FloofyFur: you are aware she works on other projects with higher priorities right?
Sora no! Dont give up!!
The web page looks lovely
I also like Lyra
Shes scares me