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@aKiraMarina: you should try out tapastic ! It's a nice website
@Nieidanine: woah chill i wasn't trying to force it on you, i just assumed you were prob broke like most of artists and would be interested in earning money for your work, sorry if i sounded a bit aggressive or something ! I understand you can not like tapastic
It has nothing to do with this guestcomic and I already said it but you really should post your comic on tapastic, you can earn money from this website!! It'd be a big help for you, don't you think? You just have to publish it and activate the ads, and then you earn money!!
OOoh things are starting to get real
Would you consider posting Transfusions on Tapastic ?
I agree, the first panel is gorgeous
@bruisewillow: Ah, i'm glad, thank you for your answer !
I would date metal Vicky
Are you on tapastic ?
@midgart: Sure ! It's hard to start a relationship and get it to be all perfect from the start
Well this still doesnt sound like a sane relationship :c
@skyangel: Yeah I've read that !
Oh, okay ! Thanks for replying !
The end of this is so sad.. But I guess it was for the best.

I assume this comic is autobiographic, isn't it ?
Ah this hair suits him so well omg
@aKiraMarina: Do you have submitted it on other websites? Like webtoon or tapastic?
Oh my god I love her hahaha
lmao is that a condom on last pannel ??