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kay osse
I am short. Like, really short. 4'10 and a half feet short. Please tell me any short joke that comes to mind. no seriously, i need to chew on some to make up good comebacks for them.

I'm a manga artist. (no shit)
I curse. (sometimes)
I've been drawing since i first held a pencil, but I have to thank my friend, Liandra, and carpcaptors for my introduction to manga.

I like writing fantasy. Inuyasha is one of my original inspirations, and Death Note is my artisic inspiration. I'm still trying to find my style.

On the contrary, i read everything, but I like action best. As long as the story's good and the art is decent, it gains an instant Fav. don't be afraid to ask me to look at your comic, I will tell you what i believe needs work(you have been warned).

If you need a place to vent, I'm you girl. go nuts.

i like anime and manga in general. watching, reading, and drawing. ive got many ideas that have not come to paper yet. i also like reading regular books. and i like supernaraul.
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AWESOME chapter pic. i love the R/B/Y borders and the pokeballs. theyre nice touches :)
i like your icon.

oh and last page: pfft theyre both ten year olds deep inside, where it really counts. lets gloss over how many years have passed since they were both born...

kakashi is the last good thing left on the translated version of naruto.
what is your definition of comedy?

if its like shakespeare, then no thanks. weddings are NOT funny.

knowing u, this may be what u mean.
i love your style! eyelashes are prety :)
i LOVE this page!!! my favorite picture of Arynn ever. i love her pose!

Kumo, however, looks just terrible.
im rather proud of this one :)

the smily top panel is pretty.

can u find three different sound effects?

hint: one of them is in those actiony lines :)
stubborn woman, eh?
i dont like this page so much... but it was neccesary.
Last page! the multi uploader confused me at first, but i got the hang of it.

so what do you think? ive been leaning towards a less traditional comic version with little to no comic panel lines. my favorite page of the bunch is 19&20 (Back here, ) i just love it :)

so ... um yah... sorry this is a text only thing.

chapters done, and i think our update schedule will be fridays.

my goal is 5 pages a week, but ill probably only make two or three. everytime i reach my goal, SOMEONE congradulate me. please?

and if i dont, yell at me till i do.

BUT i wont update till i finish the cover. i wanna get it over with.

oh wait i have a page of intro done... lemme scan that now.

WAIT il make that this fridays update! along with a bit more ~

and i really need to change the incentive...
Thanks, Some_Unknown_Dude!

so i have a few pages done.

ive had them for a week or two.


just... sorry.

but on the bright side, i finished the chapter :)

im gonna set them for 1 every few minutes kay ?

so yah.

lol i love stupid puns.

and the teeth came out good! im getting better at this ~
all done!

i meant for this text to be on the last page, but it felt better to put it here. at least with this page, i'm almost caught up. i need todays page and im good.

ANYWAYS! if your not sure where the mega updates begin, try HERE

If you're a new reader, welcome! i dont bite :)


you may also have noticed that i am drawing in pure black and white. i didnt like the way the grey markers scanned, so i stopped using them, but if a few people think i should continue with them, then i shall.

i do plan on making more detailed linearts now that theres no shading or toning.


I added next/last buttons. it was starting to bug me, too.

i wasnt feeling it with that page. also, the paper was just horrendus quality (i fixed that)

Theres a reason that i havent really mentioned those: first off, neither are the type to really want to announce their names, and second, they will both have something to say about the others name that would just be wierd while theyre fighting. so ya. next chapter. names.

And thank you! that i do :)

rainysidewalks: Thanks! but i dropped the greys.... im still trying to get the shiny look, cuz i love shiny hair.
ok i lied last page, one more page (but its simple)
only one more (i miscounted before)

i'll answer comments later.
3 more coming up!
sorry for the delay, my dads annonying.

hmm... i gotta go back and add some titles to these things

Ive had these pages for a few days, just finished few yesterday, but this is the first time ive been able to get to a scanner! not much to say in my comments.

7 updates total today
6 updates left
total pages drawn (counting doubles each as two seperate pages) 9
u know what would be messed up? if he was a phycology teacher.
kay osse
March 6th, 2010
i love your coloring! so sturated ~ :)