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I am:
- Stephy.
- Soon to be a college freshwoman.
- Socially awkward.
- Bisexual. <3
- Quite the pervert.
- Outside your window.
- A fan girl for 1827 (Hibari x Tsuna).
- In love with Katekyo Hitman Reborn and D. Gray Man.
- Editor and source of inspiration for Love Shine and Pop Princess.
- A sucker for guys and girls that wear glasses.
- Unsure as to what else to write. ]:

Uhm, yeah. Rainbows are the shiznit. And, I'm gangsta, yo. Peace out. <3
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[has been lurking for a while]

Stacy's drawing of Johnathan is made of win. xD

...*sniff* Aw, no Gregory for Johnathan? Dx

November 17th, 2008


Aw, poor Ash. He never gets a break. xD that Psyduck's butt sticking out of the bouquet? xD;;;

Anyways! Congratulations on 100 pages of an amazing fan comic. >3< *loves upon*
September 1st, 2008
...Look at that sexy thing! *waggles eyebrows at Voltrob*

Lawl! I can't stop laughing. xDDD

Poor Voltrob! Dx

PersianxMeowth FTW! <3
I'm so happy right now. ;3;
Awww! Pikachu kissed his booboo. xD

So cute. <3 Maybe this forming harem of Pikachu lovers will get Ash to realize his love for Pikachu. xD
xD I love Persian. And Meowth is so silly. I'm still hoping for Persian x Meowth, though. *blinks* Well, there goes my childhood. xD
I actually like Jesse x James, even if James acts pretty ghey. xD


Persian x Meowth sounds pretty good right now. >3< *dies*

God, I love your art. <3

Kyah! Like the others, I wonder if (and hope that) Team Rocket gets caught up in this wonderful mess? x3

Oh, Psyduck! xD And with glasses! SEXEH! << Nice pants. *giggles*
...*squeezes Danny and Rick again* xD

I'm okay now. Still on pain killers, though. D: Being sick and having cramps at the same time SUCKS. I believe I was screaming, "I WISH I DIDN'T HAVE A UTERUS" last night. :D And then I drank some juice and felt all better...for five minutes. xD

I blush every time I look at what I wrote. Dx This is my second time writing smut, so beware the awkwardness.

Spoilers? Uhm, I'll try. xD Everything is on my laptop and my USB doesn't wanna work on my computer. T3T; I may have to sneak unto my uncle's compy. >D

SOUP! *squishes* Gracias. x3
The cuteness! *3* *squeezes Danny and Rick*

And I finally got to work on the smut! So far, I have six pages typed down. I just started on the man secks but then I got sick so I was on drugs for an entire day. Dx Hopefully I'll have it done by Tuesday, since I may be busy this weekend. And still heavily medicated. @3@;;

How about a preview? Well, there's a slight dosage of angst, out of character-ness and a kitchen counter. And that's it so far. xD
xD;;; So, Stacy's a bit of a fan girl, eh? *gigglesnort*


I'll try and finish up that smut fic I owe you. D: I'm so sorry that I'm taking forever with it. ><;
Just let me beat my cousin into giving me the needed Microsoft Office program for my laptop this weekend and I'll get started on it right away. >3<

...I can't risk someone reading it on the family computer. o3o; *grins sheepishly* But I promise to get it done as soon as possible! I'll try and make it lengthy, too. <3
No problem-a. xD

....though I'll try not to make it uber XXX with a side of smut. Maybe. xD

Greg as uke, yush? *is already planning the secks in her head* ... *3*

I'll hopefully have it done by next week. >3<
xD got it then! I'll try and write it as soon as I can. >3<
...I wanna write fan fiction for this now. Johnathan x Greg = <3

But, knowing me, I'd turn it into smut. xD;;;

But yeah. <<;;; *coughs*

Loving it even more~
Awww, Greg! x3

....more Johnathan x Greg, please? <<;